Why Is Australia’s Capital City Canberra Severely Underrated?

Canberra has thriving arts and food scene, with the bush just a short drive away. Home to a new wave of ambitious restaurateurs and emerging artists, Canberra is capital in more ways than one. The evolution of the culinary landscape in Canberra is quite extraordinary. There are some restaurants here that could punch above any in the other capital cities. There’s this new energy and exploration. In Canberra, you’ll also find Lark Hill which is one of Australia’s best wineries that is also biodynamic. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Why is Australia’s capital city Canberra severely underrated?

Posted by on 22 Mar 2023

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    Great place to visit. Museums, galleries, great restaurants. 48 hours maximum, in, out, done!

    Posted by Rossrooster on 18 Apr 2023

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    It is not underrated. Nothing such special there.

    Posted by Guntis on 07 Apr 2023

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    It is a lovely city with first class museum, galleries and library. On the negative side is that 1) the people are not friendly; 2) the climate; 3) NO beach!

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 29 Mar 2023

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    i have not been to canberra for a long time. long ago it is so quiet. I think the city is better now.

    Posted by eric on 28 Mar 2023

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    I haven't been to Canberra for a looong time. It sounds like it's changed a lot. Maybe people are like me and just don't know how much it's changed. I tend to think of Canberra as a place people live if only they're working for the government in come capacity.

    Posted by EmmaLouise2023 on 28 Mar 2023

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    Canberra is an excellent place to raise a family and have a career that does not have lots of unpaid overtime. But if you're young and looking for more rowdy night activities and city culture then it's not that great.

    Posted by Kaede on 28 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    It isn’t underrated, it is soulless. A contrived city too far from the cultural capital Melbourne.

    Posted by Vote1pedro on 28 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    Been there twice and not impressed. Very small motel rooms and not for families when I was there. I prefer to be beside the sea side to be honest.

    Posted by coaster on 28 Mar 2023

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    I lived there for a couple of years as a kid and loved it. Easy public transport, felt safe, nice shopping centres.

    Posted by nk_amara on 28 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    should be sydney

    Posted by Reznor on 28 Mar 2023

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    Country Girl

    Have only visited there once and certainly would not like to live there. Went there in January and it was crazy weather hot one day cold the next and I only had summer clothes with me. Some lovely places to explore but no I would not like to live there permanently.

    Posted by Country Girl on 28 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    The suburbs reminded me of Adelaide when I last visited. I could live there.

    Posted by smurfgirl on 28 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    I think it’s best to leave Canberra to the politicians. We’ve got the rest of the country.

    Posted by SagoLeo on 28 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Canberra has a reputation for being boring, but there are lots of things to do when you are there.

    Posted by merryl on 28 Mar 2023

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    All of Australia is a great place to be for me.. We have the best country in the world!

    Posted by Anna on 28 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    I have worked there twice back when I was in the Navy and enjoyed it both times, I had plenty to do and it was a nice place. I think the problem is that when people here Canberra they just think politicians and I do now. There is a lot to offer and more so out and around ACT then just in Canberra.

    Posted by Glenny18 on 28 Mar 2023

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    It's great for a short stay but would not want to live there. I like the wide open countryside myself.

    Posted by sulter on 28 Mar 2023

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    Canberra is not with a lot of fun. Friends moved out from there a lot. The safety is also a problem to concern there. But the overall environment is highly recommended.

    Posted by XIAOYANG on 28 Mar 2023

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    The only things I know about Canberra are Parliament House, the museums and Floriade.

    Posted by Paula on 27 Mar 2023

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    It's not underrated, it's a dull dump, much like the pollies there. Too cold in winter, too hot in summer. Too expensive to live in unless you are a protected public servant. Very little to do there after you've visited the usual tourist spots. Better wineries in SA, Vic, and Tassie, plus more to and see and do in those places.

    Posted by ere on 27 Mar 2023

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    Don't like it at all, it's a roigh city, not fun.

    Posted by Tab on 25 Mar 2023

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    Lived there for 4 years great place to raise kids…and great places to visit particularly the snow fields…

    Posted by Brian on 25 Mar 2023

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    Always liked Canberra for its layout and historical places to visit ie War Memorial and Duntroon.

    Posted by Lyn on 25 Mar 2023

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    Great place to visit, with plenty to see and do, but the climate is harsh - very cold in winter and hot in summer. Air fares to Canberra and accommodation are expensive, especially when parliament is sitting.

    Posted by Joy on 25 Mar 2023

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    It's been a while but I thoroughly enjoyed visiting Canberra and would love to go back. Perhaps most Aussies think it's just a place for pollies and we already see enough of them in he media!

    Posted by sandra on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    no idea really

    Posted by Michelle on 25 Mar 2023

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    Tara Rata

    Not enough goes on there so people don't want to travel there

    Posted by Tara Rata on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    I don't seem to see a lot of advertisement enticing me to want to go to Canberra. I wouldn't even know what's there. Its not exactly a destination I've heard anyone boast about. It sounds like they need to push some more advertising to spread the word about Canberra.

    Posted by Jamie on 25 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Lots of things to do and everything is close by.

    Posted by David on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    Canberras great! Just find it more expensive to travel to compared to other cities that have more to offer

    Posted by morganbrianna19 on 25 Mar 2023

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    Market guru

    Canberra is a dull place to visit and cold weather.

    Posted by Market guru on 25 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    I don't think it's underrated. It's just not that good!

    Posted by Kittykato on 25 Mar 2023

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    Visiting Parliament House is also a reason to visit - the tours give a fascinating insight into how our Democracy works.

    Posted by Ana on 25 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Because of its not in close proximity of the coast and the king's Highway from Batemans Bay is uninviting

    Posted by Jason on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    Who and why said - Canberra is severely underrated? There are different advantages to living there.

    Posted by Guntis on 25 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    The circular roads are a good recipe for getting lost. There are a few good small shopping centres with a variety of different offerings.

    Posted by Debra on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    Cold area, also unfamiliar with it, maybe not much things to do there.

    Posted by Dominic on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    I do like spending time in Canberra and have worked there before and I have to say the people are a different breed there must be all the crazy politicians polluting the water

    Posted by Turbotom on 25 Mar 2023

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    It was looked upon as a cold boring place which I agreed with when I visited more than 10 years ago. I have no doubts though it has vastly improved since then though.

    Posted by Jibberman on 25 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Canberra has a reputation as boring. Until this changes, Canberra will always be underrated.

    Posted by merryl on 25 Mar 2023

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    I like Canberra but you often don't think about going there but each time I have actually really enjoyed myself.

    Posted by Seshachalapathi on 25 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    I’d only go to Canberra if there is something on that you wasn’t to see. Any other time it’s dead boring. I wouldn’t miss it if I never had to go there again.

    Posted by SagoLeo on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    The only thing I've heard some people say is it's boring, but I don't really know anything about it like Sydney or Melbourne etc.

    Posted by Ally42 on 25 Mar 2023

  • [0] [0]

    Probably because of the freezing winds that come off the mountains? I wouldn't like to live there as I hate the cold.

    Posted by cazzle on 23 Mar 2023

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    I have visited Canberra many times, mostly for the folk festival there which is a wonderful contrast to the rest of the town. Canberra does have a thriving bicycle culture and great tracks to cycle on, has plenty of trees and beautiful Autumn colours. However, there is a bit of a sameness throughout Canberra and almost sterile feel. It is also seems to be more expensive, and is a better place to live if you are in a relationship. Not so good a place if you're single, it seems.

    Posted by Lee1 on 23 Mar 2023

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    It is a nice city. I have been there twice, It is not promoted and marketed enough. It is known as where all the federal politicians and federal public servants are. You can go the parliament there, the national mint (where they make coins) and the national war gallery museum. They have a tower there. Other attractions should be highlighted more.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    Canberra is an expensive, climatically challenging , elitist waste if public money, invented by an American Walter Burley Griffin, an overrated American so called architect from the pre war lets ' suck up to yanks ' period ! Canberra is an isolated , protected over administered political cabal that should NEVER have been built. The original Australian Parliament should have remained in Sydney. Regardless of silly state parochialism! Would have saved Australia billions.!! Canberra is an out ot touch public service utopia! That arguably hokds the Country's progress BACK!

    Posted by mact on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    Canberra is seen as a place all the politicians hang out, so its really overlooked. to me it sounds boring and dull. theres no attractions i really know of there.

    Posted by Megan on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    Idon't think Canderra is under rated by those who know and app[reachiate it

    Posted by mid on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    I think it's due to its population and area size?

    Posted by Elva on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    Canberra is underrated due to its population and its distance to beaches, I suppose.

    Posted by bmlglp on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Perception is everything. It has the image of being boring and only politicians hang around in the capital.

    Posted by Chin on 22 Mar 2023

  • [2] [1]

    Because the capital should be Melbourne or Sydney. It was a wrong decision to pick Canberra in the first place.

    Posted by Zi on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    I love Canberra ! There are some decent culinary delights and gems in Chinatown that are able to hold their own against those in Sydney. Perhaps their tourism body can do a marketing refresh to market their city,

    Posted by samsterchan on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    I have been to Canberra several times, and found good food there - even in the early 2000's. Is it a surprise?No. We like to travel and all of Australia's capital cities have good restaurants. And should.

    Posted by Miro on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]
    wrestling collector

    I always think of politicans when Canberra is mentioned.As a destination it has to overcome that stigma.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Have been and stayed on at least four different occasions but not in recent years. It is a bit out of the way and definitely not promoted enough, particularly new'ish' tourist destinations, like the zoo, dinosaur museum and the winery as mentioned above. I think it is seen as the political mecca which for most Aussies is kind of a turn off, and it definitely suffers compared to the profile of its closest city rivals, being Sydney and Melbourne. I think it needs to harness a less stuffy, more vibrant laid-back vibe.

    Posted by Dei on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    It's in the middle of nowhere

    Posted by maplex on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    Never been, no comment

    Posted by Shea on 22 Mar 2023

  • [0] [1]

    no idea . i did not know it was underrated

    Posted by Michelle on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]
    Tara Rata

    I never hear enough about Canberra to ever be that interested in it.

    Posted by Tara Rata on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [0]

    To be honest you never really hear much about Canberra like you do with other places like the Gold Coast. I've never thought about going there and didn't even know anything about what it offers. Maybe it needs to be promoted more.

    Posted by vlee on 22 Mar 2023

  • [1] [1]

    It is too small, not enough to do there so people don't just visit there often enough as people would rather visit the bigger cities instead, such as Sydney.

    Posted by TonyLT on 22 Mar 2023

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