Why Have More Than 50 Pilot Whales Died In Western Australia?

More than 50 pilot whales have died and authorities are racing to save dozens more after a mass stranding on a beach in Western Australia. The pod was first spotted about 100 metres off the coast at Cheynes Beach recently, tightly clustered in what witnesses say was an unusual sight. Once the whales began beaching themselves on the shore, wildlife authorities launched an emergency response effort in a bid to save them. Some 51 whales died overnight, with authorities trying to return the surviving 46 out to sea the next day. What do you think LiveTribers? Why have more than 50 pilot whales died in Western Australia?

Posted by on 13 Nov 2023

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    No one especially knows why but it might be a similar thing to why birds fall from the sky, it seems like an instinct perhaps caused by distress, perhaps lack of food, and the end result is them hitting shallow water and not being able to change course.

    Posted by Monicag8 on 26 Nov 2023

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    I find this really sad as man power alone can't get them back to safety in the water

    Posted by Doug on 26 Nov 2023

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    There is probably one of those ugly and destructive wind farms thrown in the ocean that causes whale sonars to go off the rails

    Posted by Turbotom on 20 Nov 2023

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    Not enough food in the sea to eat and the marine environment is heavily polluted. Not worth living. Shameful.

    Posted by SagoLeo on 20 Nov 2023

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    It's a very confusing situation for us but if we know what the whales are thinking many questions could be answered.

    Posted by Jibberman on 20 Nov 2023

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    I have a belief that the 5G that nearly everyone is using these days, might be causing interferrance with there natural sonor,

    Posted by Gloria on 16 Nov 2023

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    I don't think anyone knows why whales beach themselves, and it's terribly sad.

    Posted by Paula on 14 Nov 2023

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    They seem to lose their natural direction. Maybe it's a bit like some birds..when their inbuilt compass goes off in the wrong direction. Something to do with the tides, maybe?

    Posted by MS on 14 Nov 2023

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    I visited WA once. I was that bored that I felt like dying. Whales have been beaching themselves for countless years. Science doesn't know why and I doubt if anyone on this forum knows either. Who knows, saving the whales might be doing more harm to them than good.

    Posted by ere on 14 Nov 2023

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    Blasting for oil causes them to leap out in huge pain!

    Posted by sulter on 14 Nov 2023

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    Despite many believing whales are highly intelligent, certain species regularly commit a type of group suicide and decide to beach and return to re beach regardless of the do gooder idiot and naive humans using angst and resources to futilely save them from themselves, proving humans have no bloody idea what the whales are doing!!!

    Posted by mact on 13 Nov 2023

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    Probably combination of heating water putting them off their usual paths & noise from drilling

    Posted by Sue on 13 Nov 2023

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