Why Has The Threatened Black-Footed Tree Rat Found Refuge In Darwin?

A leading small mammal extinction researcher is warning plans for more developments near Darwin could hasten major declines in the population of threatened species, such as the black-footed tree-rat. A Charles Darwin University (CDU) Research Institute for Environment director said the fringes of Darwin contain some of Northern Australia's most biodiverse habitat for mammals. "Black-footed tree-rats are the big one, they're a really cool native rodent that is not far off the size of the possums you get in Darwin," he said. What do you think LiveTribers? Why has the threatened black-footed tree rate found refuge in Darwin?

Posted by on 30 Oct 2023

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    Never heard of it!!

    Posted by Jigsaw on 11 Nov 2023

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    Why has the threatened black-footed tree rate found refuge in Darwin? BTW it's RAT, not RATE :) Probably because there are a number of national parks that are only a short drive away, or maybe they just like the heat up there.

    Posted by ere on 01 Nov 2023

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    A lot of wildlife is pushed to the brink of existence by man clearing habitat! Wow, that's a really big rat!

    Posted by sulter on 01 Nov 2023

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    Any native species that is threatened in our country is a concern. People are always put before the concerns of our wildlife. The northern territory is a big place and this should not be happening. It's always about development and money. People over there should be protesting in the streets. These creatures were put there for a reason and have a right to exist. Until humankind wakes up and stops being so selfish.. it will keep happening. We should all Lower our own great expectations and reduce our greed..and lower our own population so these native Aussies have a chance.

    Posted by MS on 31 Oct 2023

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    this poor little fellow is fighting extinction and loves to live on land and in pandamas of which Darwin area consists. It is found in that level from Kimberleys across to NT and has ovecome some of its enemies by stealth to become larger and more formidable.

    Posted by A48 on 31 Oct 2023

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    Where did it originate? It's probably like the Brush turkey who has moved to where ever it can get food.

    Posted by Paula on 31 Oct 2023

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    Humans always leave yummy garbage and pet food laying around and grow useful trees and gardens so any smart animal will take advantage!!

    Posted by mact on 31 Oct 2023

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