Why Has The Critically Endangered Regent Honeyeater Made ‘Record’ Flight?

A critically endangered regent honeyeater, released as part of a captive breeding program, has travelled a record 350 kilometres in only three months, delighting conservationists. Birdlife Australia's Regent Honeyeater Recovery Coordinator said the bird's long-distance travel highlighted that zoo-bred birds can adapt and survive in the wild. The regent honeyeater is one of Australia's rarest birds, with fewer than 300 thought to remain in the wild. There is an ongoing breeding and release program involving Birdlife and other organisations to try to ensure the species' future. What do you think LiveTribers? Why has the critically endangered regent honeyeater made ‘record flight’?

Posted by on 09 Nov 2023

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    The bird is probably returning to the place where it was born. Many animals do this and hopefully the bird will find a mate along the way.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 21 Nov 2023

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    It's not that simple as the birds would not know they are at risk. Animals tend to be territorial,or most.

    Posted by MS on 13 Nov 2023

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    I think if it's endangered it would be looking for somewhere safer to live

    Posted by Angieilyxxx on 11 Nov 2023

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    The bird is probably looking for a mate or trying to find its native habitat.

    Posted by merryl on 11 Nov 2023

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    maybe with so few left in the wild it has been travelling trying to find a mate?

    Posted by slaven on 11 Nov 2023

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    Tara Rata

    Fantastic news. If only we could look after all species in this way.

    Posted by Tara Rata on 11 Nov 2023

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    What good news. Let’s hope that further endangered species are also revived.

    Posted by Debra on 11 Nov 2023

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    I agree with Miro....trying to get away from humans that caused it's relatives to disappear in the first place....something that we are very good at in this country!!

    Posted by jeeves01 on 11 Nov 2023

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    Getting as far away from us as possible!!!

    Posted by Miro on 11 Nov 2023

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    That's awesome news for the honeyeater community

    Posted by Allan on 11 Nov 2023

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    Breeding in captivity doesn't necessarily limit a bird's ability to undertake long-distance flights. The record flight could be influenced by natural instincts, seeking suitable habitats, or responding to environmental cues.

    Posted by topa on 11 Nov 2023

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    Cannot walk cripled and beteriating a on a downhill run

    Posted by Leon on 09 Nov 2023

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    What a wonderful story!

    Posted by sulter on 09 Nov 2023

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    lilac willow

    A wonderful result for their hard work. On an endangered species.

    Posted by lilac willow on 09 Nov 2023

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    Are we meant to be experts? I have no idea tbh! I wish the bird all the luck and hope it's numbers will keep growing.

    Posted by MS on 09 Nov 2023

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    could this be that the care and attention they have received and that being zoo bred has made them healthier AND STRONGER TO LIVE IN THE WILD.

    Posted by mary on 09 Nov 2023

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