Why Do Spring Onions Come In Such Big Bunches?

Buying a bunch of spring onions (sometimes known as shallots) can often feel like a race against time. The bunches are big, but recipes generally only use a sprig or two. If you’ve ever wondered why spring onions come in such large bundles, the answer has to do with two things: the ideal size of a spring onion and the size of an adult’s hand. Spring onions are harvested by hand, and the bunch you see at the markets and on supermarket shelves is the result of one hand’s worth of spring onions being pulled from the earth and bound with a rubber band. What do you think LiveTribers? Why do spring onions come in such big bunches?

Posted by on 07 Sep 2023

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    Not big enough for me, love them in my daily salad. I grow them too, only buy them while waiting for mine to get bigger.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 13 Sep 2023

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    Bunch size is great as i always add more , but i also use it up in a frittata, soups, casseroles. Easy solution is to grow your own, then you use as much as you need and if you cut it above the roots, a whole new plant grows, so you can have a long supply of fresh spring onions. Easy to grow in a planter pot too.

    Posted by T33 on 10 Sep 2023

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    I think the bunch size is ideal. After using in cooking, they are great to cut up and add to a salad sandwich.

    Posted by Janice on 10 Sep 2023

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    I do not think that the bunch is too big if I cook often. It can be used in many dishes I cook. People can put it in a pot with soil or in the garden to grow it a bit for future use.

    Posted by bmlglp on 09 Sep 2023

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    For my household use it is a general size. And we use it in quiet oftern in many dishes, most oftern in omelette. Also we cut and freeze the remaining, to use it at next cooking that require spring onion.

    Posted by topa on 09 Sep 2023

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    I think this reason makes sense, I also think it's more financially prudent for sellers if they sell in big bunches

    Posted by Jidonskii on 09 Sep 2023

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    It forces us to buy a big bunch since it is relatively cheap. It is also because it won't last long for harvest season. It is not such as big problem for the Chinese, because most Chinese dishes use spring onion heavily. but it is going to be wasted if you only use one or two with your cooking.

    Posted by Jay on 09 Sep 2023

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    Yes, Spring onions/ shallots are too big a bunch and often go to waste! I don’t know why they sell in such a large bunch but maybe they grow abundantly and they can charge more to sell big bunches! I have often replanted the excess after using what I need! Some are successful to replant and you can then harvest more later when you need them again instead of buying more

    Posted by Abi on 09 Sep 2023

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    Easier for suppliers to transport and easier for supermarkets for storage, presentation and higher profits….

    Posted by Brian on 09 Sep 2023

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    No idea but this is why I tend to not buy them as I won't eat them all in time

    Posted by TonyLT on 09 Sep 2023

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    I don't know the answer to this, but I've never purchased them either. We usually just have brown onions

    Posted by sarahjane82 on 09 Sep 2023

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    It is really frustrating that there are not single product choices and if there are you are charged more, Being on my own I cannot buy in bulk as I do not have the storage and perishables go off before I can use them up

    Posted by Av58 on 09 Sep 2023

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    I always only use a few stalks and the rest shrivel ! I wish they would sell them in smaller bunches

    Posted by Jigsaw on 09 Sep 2023

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    In my house hold we eat spring onion a lot we eat it raw with lunch or dinner. I have an idea for you when i buy a bunch of spring onion i cut the roots and i plant it in a pot or if you have a space in your garden and when i need some i harvest the green part and with that I don’t have to buy it anymore

    Posted by Sally on 09 Sep 2023

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    You can freshen them up by trimming them a bit, placing them in a glass of water and putting them back in the fridge. Works well for a few days.

    Posted by jeeves01 on 09 Sep 2023

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    It annoys me as I live by myself and never use them all. I loved the problem and now grow my own. Once growing, don't rip them out, cut them off and they will grow again from the stem!

    Posted by Miro on 09 Sep 2023

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    Didn’t know this before. I’ve never really thought that they were big in the first place, they are easy to use up in any dish really. Rather have more than less for the high prices we pay nowadays!

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 09 Sep 2023

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    Interesting fun fact. I didn't realise it had to do with the size of the pickers hand. I do wonder why they don't trim them down, but maybe that's because they are to be consumed as a whole.

    Posted by Kay on 09 Sep 2023

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    Weird Q. Because they can. It's probably easier to bundle, transport & sell. & bigger bunches would equate to less damage & wastage so the producer would make more money

    Posted by AJEM on 09 Sep 2023

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    Very interesting indeed! To use them up I usually just use more than the recipe asks for. Or add them to any dishes I'm making up. Soups, casseroles, egg dishes. They go well in almost anything!

    Posted by sulter on 07 Sep 2023

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    You can plant supermarket bought spring onions in your garden and just pull them out as you need them. No need to waste any! Don't forget to keep them well-watered.

    Posted by madcrazyartist on 07 Sep 2023

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    An excellent tip madcrazyartist. Thumbs up for you :)

    Posted by ere on 07 Sep 2023

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    Who thinks up such weird questions? I grow my own spring onions in my veggie garden so the care factor is zero.

    Posted by ere on 07 Sep 2023

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