Which Online Video Platform Stops You Getting ‘Cancelled’?

Rumble is an online video platform, web hosting and cloud services which was founded in October 2013 by Chris Pavlovski, a Canadian technology entrepreneur. While online video is still its main focus, in recent years it has branched into web-hosting, offering computing services for companies like Truth Social. Rumble's main website is based around short videos, very much in the same style of YouTube. Aiming one day to rival the likes of Google and Facebook, what makes Rumble controversial is its pledge to rally against censorship and allow freedom of speech as much as possible. What do you think LiveTribers? Which online video platform stops you getting cancelled?

Posted by on 22 May 2023

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    I believe in freedom of speech, as long as it is not hateful or inciting violence. If we don't have freedom of speech, we are becoming like a communist country.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 30 May 2023

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    If we have too much censorship we end up like a communist country, told what to do, what to watch, how to live. we will lose all our freedom for sure.

    Posted by Alex!20 on 25 May 2023

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    I have not heard about Rumble before today. It needs to be unique to compete with others, such as YouTube alike.

    Posted by bmlglp on 25 May 2023

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    Rumble is fantastic, without it I would not know the truth, you can pick and choose what you want to watch and what to believe. We are adults. As for kids, put blockers on their computers to stop porno etc. But it is things like snap chat that are the real problem. Kids rarely use Rumble. If we have too much censorship we end up like a communist country, told what to do, what to watch, how to live, etc etc. We will lose all our freedom.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 24 May 2023

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    If we value freedom of speech noting should be censored. We are adults after all so should be allowed to decide for ourselves what annoys us, revolts us or things we don't agree with. Pornography is something else, especially where children involved, but as for children being exposed to so called hate speech, where are their parents and supervision?

    Posted by Paula on 24 May 2023

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    No one should be allowed to write/post whatever they choose as they could post harmful content, dangerous to children, obscene or flagrant untruths. There is enough harm done to young children, those facing major personal problems, bullying or harassment causing suicide and self harm.

    Posted by Eileen on 24 May 2023

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    What makes Rumble think this will work for them? It hasn't worked for any other site!

    Posted by sulter on 23 May 2023

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