Where Are The Best Places to Bike/Cycle in Australia?

From coast to coast, Australia’s growing network of trails are built for seasoned road warriors and those who are just beginning to spin their wheels. When one travel writer first got into cycle touring, he was struck by how limited the local options were – he then spent 14 months travelling around the country at the turn of the millennium. Twenty years ago, Australia was not really a place many people toured,” he says. Fortunately, Australia’s network of cycling trails has expanded rapidly since, and now caters for first-timers through to seasoned road warriors. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Where are the best cycling/biking places in Australia?

Posted by on 20 Jan 2023

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    I would have to say the bike path from Parramatta Park along Parramatta River that goes past a number of really lovely cafes and has some incredible views of the river and eventually Sydney Harbour is a pretty good ride. Nice to ride alongside a river and feel the coolness of the breeze coming off the river.

    Posted by Rochelle on 26 Feb 2023

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    We get cyclist where we live and they go from Clifton to Allora along our road and if some one is really keen they could go from Toowoomba to Warwick but I would not recommend because the highways are dreadful out here.

    Posted by possum71 on 13 Feb 2023

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    The Great Ocean Road is absolutely stunning, would suggest joining the Great Vic Bike Ride, you get to see some amazing sights

    Posted by Olivia on 30 Jan 2023

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    Sydney Olympic Park, fun and safe, generally clean and quiet too

    Posted by TonyLT on 30 Jan 2023

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    Off road or on a cycle track rather than on roads blocking traffic etc

    Posted by Turbotom on 30 Jan 2023

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    Any quiet country road

    Posted by yelsha42 on 26 Jan 2023

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    Tasmania, so many sights to see while cycling

    Posted by kendallx3 on 26 Jan 2023

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    Any near flat areas.!

    Posted by mact on 24 Jan 2023

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    I recommend the Fernleigh track (old railway line conversion) from Lake Macquarie to Newcastle, NSW. It is currently being extended: the Fernleigh Awabakal Shared Track (FAST) will be a shared pathway linking the end of the Fernleigh Track at Belmont with Blacksmiths Beach, creating a 27km active transport route from Murrays Beach to Adamstown. Once completed, it will be the longest active transport route in the Hunter Region. I have even seen Kurt Fearnley training on it! Great to hear of other safe and beautiful places to cycle: Thankyou Live Tribers!

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 23 Jan 2023

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    Victorian rail trails rock! Food and accommodation along the way, as well as interesting scenery. Vic is great - small but still has lots: beaches, mountains, farmland, rivers, wineries. (It's not even my home state)

    Posted by Casey on 23 Jan 2023

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    Enjoyed my childhood cycling the Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland, bike tracks along the beachfront around the whole peninsula. Beautiful

    Posted by mid on 22 Jan 2023

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    I agree. It is beautiful around there.

    Posted by Kay on 24 Jan 2023

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    Would love some great ideas cause I don't know any!

    Posted by Jigsaw on 22 Jan 2023

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    The path along Point Peron in Rockingham is a favourite of mine.

    Posted by Nikita on 22 Jan 2023

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    Morialta Conservation Park in SA is lovely to walk in.

    Posted by smurfgirl on 22 Jan 2023

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    Centennial Park Sydney NSW, beauitful scenery and a bike track about 7 miles long.

    Posted by eagles on 22 Jan 2023

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    The best places for me to cycle are out of the city where it's nice and quiet with hardly any cars and pollution free air.

    Posted by Jibberman on 22 Jan 2023

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    There are plenty of beautiful (and safe) places to cycle, but I am not a cyclist and never have been and way too long in the tooth to be interested or able any more.

    Posted by SandraH on 22 Jan 2023

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    I think it's great that there are so many more safe places to cycle these days and hope the trend continues. When my brother and I were young we used to ride on country roads on weekends and my parents never had to worry about our safety but with so many more cars and distracted drivers, by the time I had my children, those same roads were much scarier to negotiate. They built a bike track after my kids grew up and I moved away! But at least the new generation will have a safe place to ride :)

    Posted by sandra on 22 Jan 2023

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    I think the best and safest places to cycle in Australia are those where there is designated bicycling lanes. This is safest for both cyclists and motorists. There are beautiful places to cycle such as the Great Ocean Road, the Victorian country and in Tasmania.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 22 Jan 2023

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    Some beautiful rail trails and cycling tracks in the Scenic Rim in Qld

    Posted by laurab on 22 Jan 2023

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    The best places are trails that are away from traffic because they are safer for cyclists.

    Posted by merryl on 22 Jan 2023

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    wrestling collector

    I believe that around the lower Blue Mountains NSW,there are some bike tracks put in by the council

    Posted by wrestling collector on 22 Jan 2023

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    Where there are bike trails out in nature.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 22 Jan 2023

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    The best places are in Brisbane; because you can always count on the good weather. Catering to the cyclist and the pedestrian, is something Brisbane has been doing for years.

    Posted by ann.mee on 22 Jan 2023

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    We have some wonderful cycling trails around the Sunshine Coast in Queensland. Unfortunately so many people here on holidays who hire bikes or bring theirs with them, still choose to ride on footpaths or busy roads. If they go to one of our many tourism info offices or online sites they will find some wonderful routes including our beautiful and historic hinterland.

    Posted by Eileen on 20 Jan 2023

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