Where Are Australia’s Best Oyster Farm Gates?

There’s nothing like slurping hyper-fresh oysters mere metres from where they were raised where you can take a trip to these farm gates and taste the difference. When it comes to Australian oysters, there are the two kinds: pacific and Sydney rock. Pacific oysters are prized for their sweet, creamy plumpness and they thrive in Tasmania and South Australia’s cooler waters. Sydney rock oysters are native to Australia and New Zealand and love temperate climates and they have a thick shell and a taut, briny flavour that puts them on equal footing with the world’s best. What do you think LiveTribers? Where are Australia’s best oyster farm gates?

Posted by on 24 Jan 2023

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    Condidering what oysters actually do and what you are eating I say eater beware.....Google what oysters eat....yukkkk!!!!

    Posted by mact on 23 Feb 2023

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    Coles Bay, Tasmania on the shores of Great Oyster Bay. There you'll find Freycinet Marine Farm that has some of the most succulent freshly harvested oysters in Australia.

    Posted by Martin on 13 Feb 2023

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    I love the Pambula oysters as well as the Coffin Bay oysters and I remember the oyster farmers in Tasmania saying that the best time for oysters was during winter as they are spawning during summer. Any oyster really are lovely.

    Posted by CILLY0 on 06 Feb 2023

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    Couldn't say, I'm not an oyster eater

    Posted by yelsha42 on 30 Jan 2023

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    I imagine Tassie would have the freshest

    Posted by kendallx3 on 30 Jan 2023

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    Batemans Bay oysters are the best!

    Posted by Vie88 on 30 Jan 2023

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    Posted by mehakdeep on 28 Jan 2023

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    Its nearby qkd and sydney of NSW niceof tge all us most ebjoyable i feel akso nearvy the Goldcoast its cery amazing tour abd particularly to inner part of iealabd itsmore enjoyable too.

    Posted by Imtiaz on 27 Jan 2023

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    Coffin Bay oysters in South Australia!!!! During our camping trip around a lot of Australia, we found these to be the best. Normally i drown my oysters in lemon juice, but these didn't need anything as they were so fresh and we shucked them as we ate them.

    Posted by T33 on 27 Jan 2023

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    Snot in a shell. Tried once and never again. Prefer scollops or prawns.

    Posted by ere on 27 Jan 2023

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    I prefer oysters cooked. That said, I cannot afford oysters.

    Posted by EmmaLouise2023 on 30 Jan 2023

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    Jenkins Oysters. Fresh and close to picture perfect tourist destination South West Rocks

    Posted by Airmed on 27 Jan 2023

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    ive heard that the ones in merimbula are rather good, but I dont like oysters. much prefer crayfish or prawns or lobster

    Posted by joye on 26 Jan 2023

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    Tara Rata

    I am not a fan so no thanks for me

    Posted by Tara Rata on 26 Jan 2023

  • [1] [0]

    Yuck ! No thanks !!

    Posted by Shea on 26 Jan 2023

  • [1] [1]
    Leanne B

    Not sure where but I certainly like sharing them with my partner with a ice cold beer while enjoying them with the sea breeze on my face!

    Posted by Leanne B on 26 Jan 2023

  • [0] [1]
    Busy Bee

    No idea as I am not a fan of oysters.

    Posted by Busy Bee on 26 Jan 2023

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    I think tasmanian would be the best. Good clean, cold water.

    Posted by JEFFUS on 26 Jan 2023

  • [1] [1]

    Just recently found I enjoy Oyster, would love to find out more about where Australia's best are to make up lost time

    Posted by alannahc on 26 Jan 2023

  • [0] [1]

    Never eaten oysters in my life.

    Posted by Farrukh on 26 Jan 2023

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    Oysters are far from any thought in my brain... The potential of aussie oyster farms is millions of dollars worldwide

    Posted by JASMINE on 26 Jan 2023

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    pink flamingo

    I had a similar experience as mid below ie going to the rocks of Redcliffe Pen in Qld. There is nothing like those fresh oysters IMO although as I grew up I grew less interested in oysters for some reason!

    Posted by pink flamingo on 26 Jan 2023

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    Not a gate, but as a child my father took me to the rocks off Redcliffe Peninsula in Queensland. He would harvest the fresh ,oysters straight off the rocks, chucking and downing them as he went. Me I never acquired the taste for raw oysters but don't mind a Kilpatrick.

    Posted by mid on 26 Jan 2023

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    I don't eat oysters myself. I think the best oysters would be in Tasmania because there is little pollution there,

    Posted by tassiegirl on 26 Jan 2023

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    Not a fan of oysters, bu I have friends who say the Barilla Bay ones in southern Taste are very good

    Posted by Miro on 26 Jan 2023

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    I have never visited an oyster farm gate and I do not know where the best ones are.

    Posted by merryl on 26 Jan 2023

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    I've never eaten oysters, so I'm not a good judge but reading all the posts I note that others are posting their favourite places, a wide and varied area, and great for all the oyster readers :)

    Posted by sandra on 26 Jan 2023

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    Not sure about the location but cavier gates that gordon ramsay visited may be guarded by guard dogs

    Posted by Dominic on 26 Jan 2023

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    I'm not sure where the oyster gates are but when I was younger, along the hawkesbury river at different locations there were oyster farms as such and along the way.

    Posted by Tillyn on 26 Jan 2023

  • [1] [0]

    I have no idea where any oyster farm gates are.

    Posted by Ally42 on 26 Jan 2023

  • [0] [0]

    I don't even know what the phrase "oyster farm gates" means.

    Posted by EmmaLouise2023 on 26 Jan 2023

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    There are several great places in Tasmania ,but my all time favourite has to be the oyster farm on Bruny Island . Grown in the bay just across the road .The sweetest and plumpest oysters .

    Posted by purpleshoes on 25 Jan 2023

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    Best place for Oysters is Ceduna, sitting on the foreshore eating them with lemon meters from where they were grown. Wonderful experience

    Posted by Ann on 24 Jan 2023

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