What Will Australia’s 2022 Election Mean For Climate Policies?

When Australia, long considered a climate policy laggard, heads to the polls on 21 May, the outcome could be significant for the planet’s future. Still reliant on coal for most of its electricity, it is one of the dirtiest countries per capita – making up just over 1% of global emissions, but only 0.3% of the world’s population. It’s a massive global supplier of fossil fuels, and once that is factored in, it accounts for 3.6% of the world’s emissions.  What are your thoughts LiveTribers? What will Australia’s 2022 election mean for climate policies?

Posted by on 19 May 2022

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    for real

    Australia was only considered a 'laggard' because we didn't commit to a 2050 target like other countries. In truth, we have exceeded our Paris target and are doing quite well compared to other 'committed' countries. If Labor can keep pushing their target and ruin our prosperity, but it won't put a special protective shield over Australia. We will always have floods and bushfires.

    Posted by for real on 08 Jul 2022

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    Dorothea McKeller, "I love a sunburnt country, a land of sweeping Plains and ragged mountain ranges of droughts and flooding rains" Or something similar, nothing new move on to the next emergency declaration.

    Posted by Francis on 22 Jul 2022

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    Labor will have a more ambitious target to lower emissions as well as phase out coal fired power stations and embrace the green energy economy.

    Posted by Mozziegirl on 27 May 2022

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    I am hopeful for change and acknowledgment of the situation we are in globally

    Posted by Emma on 26 May 2022

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    Climate change policys will be a disaster for the economy and change little. China and India are building and opening coal fired power stations dozens a year, what little Australia does will be ineffectual in a couple of months. China and India get unlimited power and we cripple ourselves for no benifit. If Australia stopped all emmissions now it would make no difference to the temperature of the planet. Fact, read the latest scientific data

    Posted by Brett on 26 May 2022

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    I am hopeful now that Labor has been elected we will see more changes, even slight changes are better than nothing!

    Posted by AlexCath on 26 May 2022

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    Now that Labor has won, we are seeing some quick action regarding climate change and I think that there will be a lot more

    Posted by gerb on 26 May 2022

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    ace bowler

    Follow the money.....It will illuminate you about the "Science"

    Posted by ace bowler on 26 May 2022

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    The new Government will expound a tighter policy, but the real movers & shakers are in industry where escalating costs are forcing them to new technologies which, in turn, are no or low polluting.

    Posted by Rosscoloco on 26 May 2022

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    It will mean that when Labor wins we will have real action on climate change.

    Posted by WILOLANE on 26 May 2022

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    I’m hoping that it means better for climate change and that we actually might be in line with other countries in the Paris agreement (Hopefully increasing our commitment to emission reduction) but it’s hard to know when politicians make promises and whether they going to keep them

    Posted by Meagie84 on 26 May 2022

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    grey eyes

    All promise and no action garnered

    Posted by grey eyes on 25 May 2022

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    I do not foresee much change to the existing policy. It is okay to promise the world just to get elected. To produce the promised goods will prove to be a costly exercise. It is not feasibly possible to replace electricity produced from coal with electricity produced from renewables in a quick short period of time. It may happen eventually, then agin it may never happen at all due to the cost.

    Posted by petron on 25 May 2022

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    Climate change policies are costly initially, it doesn’t make money so I doubt the new govt will help with it. They over committed with all their promised spending as it is

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 25 May 2022

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    It a hyped topic

    Posted by Sunil on 25 May 2022

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    Climate change should mean jobs and that is they key to make it work for Australia, fingers crossed.

    Posted by Skerat on 25 May 2022

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    Australia needs to get on with finding these rare earth minerals and keep them to provide more renewable energy in the future.

    Posted by Alex!20 on 25 May 2022

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    Albo promised investment in the grid. This would provide greater flexibility and reduce dependence on a few large generators (I used to work for a state-owned generator and distributor). Our grid is badly outdated, built on the model of a few large generators feeding energy out to the tips of the grid. We need to re-design the grid to cope with many small generators (rooftop solar, wind etc) feeding in from the tips of the grid. Exciting times ahead!

    Posted by KevinW on 23 May 2022

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    Australia's prosperous, stable future will be sacrificed on the altar of the new climate change religion. Too many people have bought into the climate change lie and we will all pay for it. Mark my words.

    Posted by ozDillon on 23 May 2022

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    It a fact the earth cools and heats up we have had ice ages. We are flood and fires and droughts In Australia over my lifetime and only till recently have started the hoax of climate change activists Climate Change policy will affect jobs in the coal and gas industry and will effect our economy

    Posted by nige on 23 May 2022

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    Our politicians will pay lip service to Climate policies but there will be no practical changes.

    Posted by Bob on 22 May 2022

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    Nothing, it will be business as usual, yes they will pay lip service to the need to act, but no politician will want to upset their donors/bosses, ie 'big business'.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 21 May 2022

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    Writer Steven

    Australia's leaders are addicted to money and there is money in fossil fuels. Economics before anything else - look at the way COVID was handled and the whinges from Palmer et al when they lost some money - is the way governments think. There needs to be a way to monetise renewables better and maybe climate change will become important to the powers that be. Because we're bleaching the Great Barrier Reef, seeing sea levels rise, seeing more catastrophic weather events, and doing other things and none of that has changed the minds of those in power because money talks, humanity walks.

    Posted by Writer Steven on 21 May 2022

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    As much as I would like to see the end of fossil fuels, at this stage it is not realistic, think about all the manufacturing in the world and how much power they need, never mind everyone else who is addicted to having instant electricity for everything. There is not enough rare earth minerals to power renewables and China has 90% monopoly of it. Australia needs to get on with finding these rare earth minerals and keep them to provide more renewable energy in the future. Some kind of planning needs to be done. Then we can move forward. No one talks about how much pollution from fossil fuels is killing people either. No one will be able to afford electricity if things keep going the way they are with cost of living rising and wages not. Especially for low income earners, those on welfare and pensions.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 21 May 2022

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    Apart from banning our clean coal exports to big polluters NOTHING Australians do will slow down so called Global Warming. When in God's name will the voters finally realise this. You can flog a dead horse until it dessicates but it will remain DEAD!

    Posted by mact on 20 May 2022

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    The Greens will use their power to get Labor to move a lot faster than it is safe to causing power shortages, and wastage of money on more of their loony ideas. "Me too" Albanese will lick their boots to maintain his new position causing general hardship and discontent Australia wide.

    Posted by ere on 22 May 2022

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