What’s in a Surname?

The percentage of women choosing to keep their own surnames after marriage has increased in recent years. Couples are also opting for hyphenated surnames, combining surnames and even choosing a completely new one! LiveTribers, do you think families should all share a surname? Would you keep your last name if you were given the option? Should men consider changing their surnames to match their wife’s? What do you think LiveTribers?

Posted by on 11 Aug 2020

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    I think it is a personal choice, I have never married so no issues for me. I spoke to someone recently who had kept her married name even though she was divorced and now with another man but did not want to get married to him or change her surname because two of her kids had the same surname, the third had a different name altogether from a previous relationship. So it must be confusing for kids.Why can't we be like celebrities and just have a made up name?

    Posted by musicveg on 24 Aug 2020

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    These days, nothing surprises me any more! I took my husband's surname when we married and still have it, even though we divorced years down the track.

    Posted by cazzle on 22 Aug 2020

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    My personal opinion is its absolutly absurd at marrage we join as one and in doing so accept husbands family name,, It just further complicates everything when there are extensions or reconfigured adds to a simple one surname ,,,,,

    Posted by Ken on 20 Aug 2020

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    I think if the lady Really loves her man she will change her last name for him and this is also not confusing for any children they might have, everyone has the same last name. But this also goes for the men, if they love the women and she is Strong about keeping her last name he will change his for hers. In any case it's just a name, I believe that the family should all have the same last name

    Posted by Gayle on 17 Aug 2020

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    Traditionally you take on your husband's name. But what's in a name. Compatibility . You are uniting. The name is immaterial. The quality of life is far more important. Trust and sharing. So share a name.

    Posted by Jillian on 16 Aug 2020

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    Definitely would keep my maiden last name given an option .. When I changed it ..at that time it was expected from us to change it to your husband's but things and the mindsets are changed my daughter will keep her last name after marrying..

    Posted by Rani on 15 Aug 2020

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    My partner and I combined our surnames - they were both long and fairly similar. Our parents were consulted so there wouldn't be hard feelings on either side. My sister has kept her surname, her professional identity is her name. I am grateful that in Australia we have options available to us. To some it is very important to change surnames, others not so much. I'm just glad that we were finally able to get legally married Ü

    Posted by aliotako on 14 Aug 2020

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    MR A

    I work at a School. It is so frustrating , when attempting to contact mother in an emergency, to grovel around trying to find her surname, if different from that of her offspring

    Posted by MR A on 14 Aug 2020

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    Now went I sent my kid to school, her name was top of the form, then a spot for both mine and my partners number, Inc our full name. They have never had an issue contacting me or my partner. I gather admin look HER file up,then look down to contacts list. If your school lacks a basic system, that's not the parents fault. That's on your school admin. Also, why not call the father, he a parent too, why is it always mum's who get called even if they both work or he is the stay at home dad?

    Posted by squeekums1 on 14 Aug 2020

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    Me and the Mr haven't and don't intend to marry, different last names Our daughter has his name cos mine shouldn't be carried on. Yet if by some odd stroke we did marry, id keep my name cos as much as I hate it, it's mine

    Posted by squeekums1 on 13 Aug 2020

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    All three of my daughters have kept their Family name. One of my three daughters in law has kept her Familly name, The others have taken Our Family name.

    Posted by frannymanny on 13 Aug 2020

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    It is more true and honest to adopt only your family name after marriage to a partner. More than a family name suggests to me a shifty person not trustworthy.

    Posted by Barry on 13 Aug 2020

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    I think when I got married back in the early 1970's and prior it was a given you would take your husbands name. I reverted back to my maiden name though when we divorced. I think it is fine to keep your name but it could get confusing for the children if any. Do they take the mothers or the fathers or a hyphenated name. I think these decisions are up to each individual to consider and decide.

    Posted by coaster on 12 Aug 2020

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    I think it was written into Western law long ago to enable governments of the day to trace lineage, help employers assess new workers and for individuals to have an identity or feeling of belonging. In China, the women keep their Father's surname. Other cultures are different. I can recall the referendum initiated by the Hawke Government on having our name replaced by a number... we quickly voted that idea out!

    Posted by vegandelight on 12 Aug 2020

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    Don't remember a referendum to change names to numbers?

    Posted by coaster on 12 Aug 2020

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    I don't have a problem either way , i would take on my wife's surname and she is entitled to keep her maiden name . Most celebrities use their original surname , unless your a rapper , i certainly wouldn't take on li'l Rob , 50cent , snoop dog rob , ice R .

    Posted by robert on 12 Aug 2020

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    Depending what your surname is or was. Mine was Smith, I loved my family but wasn't too keen on the name. Many females prefer to keep their surname, it's the modern world, and things are changing all the time and this is one of them.

    Posted by Elizabeth on 11 Aug 2020

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    I changed to my first husband's surname and then back to my maiden name as it is easier to spell and use. I kept my maiden name 2nd time around for the same reasons and my husband's surname is even harder for people to spell than the first one!

    Posted by trom2the4 on 11 Aug 2020

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    Maybe I'm old-fashioned at 60, but I was quite content to take my husband's surname after marriage.

    Posted by michb on 11 Aug 2020

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    Patriarchal Societies are a repression of females. Bring on hyphenated after marriage surnames. Makes sense to me and is fairer to all.

    Posted by mact on 11 Aug 2020

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    i think its a great idea i still use my own surname

    Posted by flyhigher on 11 Aug 2020

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    If it makes a person feel better about themselves, they have spelling issues, or they are ashamed of their new married surname go for it. Personally I can't see any real reason to follow yet another new trend for the sake of something that doesn't matter that much either way. There's a lot more important things going on in the world today that are a lot more pertinent.

    Posted by ere on 12 Aug 2020

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