What Is The Ultimate Safety Road Trip Checklist?

There is more to consider than a spare tyre when it comes to a great Australian road trip. While some road trip essentials like a spare tyre, a favourite playlist are obvious, there are other essentials that you may not have considered. For starters, as well as a steady supply of car snacks, you should pack reusable coffee cups, a first-aid kit and travel toothbrushes, and long-cord charges for powering up the iPad for entertainment. What do you think LiveTribers? What is the ultimate safety road trip checklist?

Posted by on 12 Jul 2022

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    I also include a plastic bottle of water in the boot which can be used for the radiator if needed, or defrosting a windscreen if you are travelling in a colder AU state, or even for spare drinking water.

    Posted by Lee1 on 01 Aug 2022

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    Use Liquid Intelligence 500 in your cooling system it will never boil! And it's made in Sydney.

    Posted by Francis on 07 Aug 2022

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    Ensure you take an extra set of car keys along with all the other good advice provided in the forum!!!

    Posted by Brian on 22 Jul 2022

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    Normally, my dad will check car before going to road trip including car tyre pressure, mechanical warning lights, all exterior lights, petrol level(extremely important), oil and coolant levels and screens and wipers to make sure that we are ready for road trip and won't have obstacles while we were traveling.

    Posted by Somhatai on 22 Jul 2022

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    Always lift the bonnet and check oil water and windscreen washer then do a lap around the car checking all lights are working .

    Posted by Swampy on 22 Jul 2022

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    Besides all of the things mentioned by others so far, some other important things to consider, distractions from the likes of phones, do not touch your phone whilst driving if you want to live longer or want to avoid a $1,000 fine as it is in Qld. Read the road ahead and around you, not just the car in front, if in heavy traffic and you can see someone ahead braking, you can bet your bottom dollar the others between you and them will likely do the same, drive to the conditions, consider others on they road. As the Boy Scout motto goes, "Be Prepared."

    Posted by Feathers on 15 Jul 2022

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    Safe tyres at correct pressures, enough fuel, maps or digital aids, lights and signalling electrics working, brakes working, under bonnet fluid levels ok. Sober, even tempered and drug unaffected.!

    Posted by mact on 12 Jul 2022

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    Need a full safety check and service before any major trip.

    Posted by fisherman on 01 Aug 2022

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