What Is Sexual Harassment?

Throughout the years, we have witnessed a great debate of what sexual harassment really means and where do we, as a society draw the line. LiveTriber’s, do you think the perception of what sexual harassment means has changed throughout the years? How would you define sexual harassment? Let us know in the comments. 

Posted by on 09 Aug 2017

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    sexual harassment is some one who as a sick mined and they should have there cock chopped off and fed the loins

    Posted by morph42 on 15 Aug 2017

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    Sexual harassment has changed over the years. Now women just accept some forms of sexual harassment as the norm where in fact some of these behaviours are harassment. Sexual harassment is unwanted sexual advices towards a person. This may include unwanted sexual comments or inappropriate forms of touching

    Posted by Keryn on 15 Aug 2017

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    Not really as victims are still frowned upon or are making it up so they keep quiet while others use it as a weapon to payback or cause trouble for people they dislike

    Posted by Kerryn on 12 Aug 2017

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    I don't think the perception of what sexual harassment means has changed a great deal throughout the years. It seems to be a bigger problem now because it is spoken about and reported more often. At it's worst, I would define sexual harassment as a very insidious and evil form of bullying, leaving the victim traumatized, possibly for life.

    Posted by Rose on 12 Aug 2017

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    Happens more commonly these day and people act like it's appropriate or normal

    Posted by Dannielle on 11 Aug 2017

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    Bull Ant

    Sexual harrassment ( Rape) is an invasion of someones space through uninvited physical or mental interaction. The mental scars normally last a lifetime and doesn,t permit the victim (if they survive) to either function fully mentally which can contribute to (in worst cases suicide) being withdrawn in themselves and lacking confidence to fully reach their capabilities. I would hate to think what the economic loss to society would be.

    Posted by Bull Ant on 11 Aug 2017

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    I totally agree with you, it affects the victims in such a terrible way, they are left scared for life and find it very hard to continue in their life with fear and distrust in it, it's never over for the victims.

    Posted by Karen on 12 Aug 2017

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    it is sex violence

    Posted by Danon on 10 Aug 2017

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    Sexual harassment is so life destroying for either man or woman it is a form of control wich dominates either male or female to the point of feeling helpless and also mind raped in this day and age sexual harassment to me is as bad and life destroying as being raped it is mind controlling also personally makes one feel like they have been wiped of there dignity I say no to sexual harassment and rape it can be life destroying and to make one feel invaded

    Posted by Peter on 09 Aug 2017

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