What Causes Brain Fog And How Do You Know If You Have It?

Brain fog is a symptom that can be caused by stress, sleep changes, medications, and other factors. It can cause confusion, memory issues, and a lack of focus. Doctors refer to it as "cognitive dysfunction". This describes problems with tasks such as concentration, information processing, memory, thinking and reasoning, and making sense of language. Brain fog is exactly what it sounds like: a feeling something like being shrouded by a thick fog, not quite able to grasp ideas, feeling confused or disoriented, and having trouble concentrating or recalling memories. Some people also describe it as mental fatigue. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? What causes brain fog and how do you know if you have it?

Posted by on 10 Nov 2022

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    Eliminating all processed food, prioritising sleep, limiting alcohol and getting sunlight everyday can help with brain fog.

    Posted by Lynsey on 25 Nov 2022

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    Brain fog can be caused by monotonous routines, lack of creativity, isolation from nature. When one finds it difficult to think in abstract, when the imagination gets limited, you can suspect a brain fog

    Posted by Uzma on 25 Nov 2022

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    Spending excessive time online, playing games, reading messages, general surfing the web, especially at night, in bed, extending way into the night, staring at that white light on the phone or tablet fools the brain into thinking it's daytime, so sleep deprivation leads to brain fog.

    Posted by Annbee on 20 Nov 2022

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    I get it when I have not slept well the night before, have been concentrating for too long or am driving for long periods. I will find myself at the end of a movie and cannot remember the middle or I will be on the highway and not know what happened to the last 20kms or more.

    Posted by BriBri60 on 12 Nov 2022

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    It can be caused from motorcycle riding. I have received more than 150 hours of brain surgery after being run over by a car running a stop sign.

    Posted by hoppy555 on 12 Nov 2022

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    for Me its narcolepsy at it highest

    Posted by Mum6789 on 12 Nov 2022

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    brain fog , can be caused by many things, age, ,[ general aging, dementia, alshimers, menopause].. medications,[ many cause fog brain in their side effects].. illness,[ fibromyalgia] and other trauma....

    Posted by betsy303 on 11 Nov 2022

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    Also vertigo gives brain fog,I have it!

    Posted by Francis on 11 Nov 2022

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    When I am very stressed I suffer badly from brain fog, which results in me having to read things several times in order for me to make sense of it

    Posted by Carol on 11 Nov 2022

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    Very likely lack of adequate rest and worrying about too much.....most of which you can't control!

    Posted by mact on 10 Nov 2022

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    Migraineurs are all familiar with brain fog. There is no mistaking it: thinking hurts!

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 10 Nov 2022

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    What causes brain fog? What are 6 possible causes of brain fog? 6 common causes for brain fog An inflammatory response. While we mostly relate inflammation to joints, did you know your brain can become inflamed too? ... Asthma and allergies. ... Anxiety, depression and stress. ... Cancer treatments. ... Hormonal changes. ... Sleep. Thank you Doctor Google.

    Posted by ere on 10 Nov 2022

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