Smoking in Public: Should It Be Banned Entirely?

It’s already been banned in a number of areas, like in establishments where food is served but should smoking in public be banned entirely? Second hand and even third hand smoke (smoke that is from clothes, hair etc) is known to cause health issues. So, LiveTribers, should smoking in all public places be banned?

Posted by on 15 Oct 2019

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    Yes. Passive smoking is a danger to health - particularly damaging to babies and children.

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 12 Nov 2019

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    The amount we have to pay for them we should be able to smoke were we like , you like wine and you can drink it every were right equal rights, acceptance

    Posted by Jodie on 09 Nov 2019

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    Yes, it should be banned to smoke in public areas... Smoking around schools, children areas, in public transports, shopping malls, offices .... etc should be banned strictly. For smokers convince.. there must be some areas or rooms made available where they can go and smoke...

    Posted by JASPREET on 30 Oct 2019

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    Purple Survey Seeker

    What really peeves me off is the people who smoke at the doorways of supermarket/shops/offices that you have to enter. Dont they know they can walk just down a bit so their toxic shit doesn't effect ; people who choose not to smoke. Yes, ban it

    Posted by Purple Survey Seeker on 27 Oct 2019

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    If smoking is banned then where is the government going to collect the revenue it is going to loose from the tax on smokers .

    Posted by socker on 22 Oct 2019

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    I gave up smoking 9 months ago and it has only been easy because I used a vape to help me quit,I have not touched one cigarette since but I don't think it should be completely banned because one that is just going to cause more problems like increased crime and two,you are taking away someones right to do something that they enjoy,as long as there are dedicated smokers areas and it is not done around others there should not be a problem.If you haven't smoked before,put yourself in their shoes and then think about what it is like to have something taken away from you.As for vaping,best thing I ever did to quit smoking and it is the ONLY thing that has kept me of the ciggies.I am now also down to 3mg of nicotine instead of 10ml when I started.

    Posted by katzeye on 21 Oct 2019

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    I’m an ex smoker and I cannot tolerate the smell of cigarette smoke one bit, however I do not believe that a legal activity should be banned in public. It’s taking away a person’s personal rights! What’s next banning perfume, aftershaves or wearing certain fashion in public?

    Posted by mandachic on 21 Oct 2019

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    Im a Smoker,its all fine by me if its banned or its not banned.I dont smoke around childrens areas,indoors and i carry a handy ashtray to put my butts in. No Im not proud of been a smoker,its been my hardest battle the last 40 years. No matter what you throw at the smokers,nothing has succeeded to stop me.I have tried every way to quit except hypnotises.

    Posted by Jannette on 20 Oct 2019

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    Absolutely ban it everywhere except in the confines of their own home. I hate walking past smokers in the streets, near cafes, at bus stops etc - none of them abide by the No Smoking rules - they just dont care. I am glad I rent in a block of units that has a total no smoking ban for all units, including balconies and common areas. When I pointed out a No smoking sign to a person in North Sydney - he said - well I am on the other side of the sign so I'm OK! With morons like these you will never ban smoking in public areas. And yes - I used to smoke - gave it up in 1986 and I have an auto immune condition that could be aggravated by passive smoke - and dont even get me started on vapers!! Grr!

    Posted by madmax on 20 Oct 2019

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    We have no smoking in city centre thank goodness hate the dam bad habbit

    Posted by Carole on 20 Oct 2019

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    Yes. Smoking should be banned in all public spaces.

    Posted by Stephen on 20 Oct 2019

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    I agree. Smoking should be banned from all public spaces.

    Posted by Stephen on 20 Oct 2019

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    All smoking should be banned from all areas where non smokers are exposed to passive smoking.

    Posted by Stephen on 20 Oct 2019

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    Everyone goes on and on about smokers who are using a legal product. They are treated like 2nd class citizens by people who drive cars, fly in aeroplanes, spray chemicals in and around their homes constantly and who think nothing of these carcinogenic products. I do not let people smoke in my home or car and I agree restaurants should be a no smoke area as well as where children or old people are. Actually, I cannot stand the perfumes and other smells people swamp their bodies with and trying to eat or even breathe with these odours polluting the air is more revolting than someone smoking and I am sure are just as unhealthy as cigarettes as these again are chemicals. So, no I think the bans have gone far enough. I think smokers need to be aware of the disgusting messes they leave just throwing their buts on the ground. They need to be a bit more considerate as it is not hard to carry a small ashtray type container or to put the buts into a bin.

    Posted by coaster on 19 Oct 2019

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    Yes smoking should be banned in all public places.

    Posted by Lester on 18 Oct 2019

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    lord mayor

    Yes providing who will pay the taxes that smokers currently do?

    Posted by lord mayor on 18 Oct 2019

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    Outside smokers should not be banned as long as they are not in Close proximity to children

    Posted by Karly on 17 Oct 2019

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    Purple Survey Seeker

    To everyone, not just children. Cancer doesn't discriminate with age.

    Posted by Purple Survey Seeker on 18 Oct 2019

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    Yes Smoking in public should be banned because it is impossible to contain the fumes. This causes an effect in a larger radius than people realise. Perhaps, instead of asking people to go outside to smoke, there could be some sort of smoking or vaping den that those who wish to do so could visit.

    Posted by Mary on 17 Oct 2019

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    No it shouldn’t. When we smoke in the patio outside with other smokers. They don’t care about second hand smoke

    Posted by thor1776 on 17 Oct 2019

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    No. It's already regulated and legislated against fairly well. Continuously eroding the personal freedoms of Australians is not as idealistic as it may appear. Education and awareness are better tools for improving society, rather than punitive approaches by the authorities.

    Posted by DMartin on 16 Oct 2019

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    Yes. The smoker cannot prevent other people being exposed to the toxic compounds in the smoke, so smokers should be banned from smoking in public.

    Posted by KevinW on 16 Oct 2019

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    We should always have a choice. Make special areas for smokers to kill themselves but make sure we non smokers can't smell it or come into contact with it. We are slowly losing our freedom to choose and more should be done to keep our rights intact.

    Posted by froghollow on 16 Oct 2019

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    No I don't think this is necessary as long there are clearly marked off areas that smokers are allowed then it's fine.

    Posted by Abbey on 15 Oct 2019

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    Until smoking is illegal as long as they don't indulge in their habit in confined areas or food eating areas there is no reason why they can't have a smoke. I'm a non smoker but I see no reason to force my beliefs onto others.

    Posted by ere on 20 Oct 2019

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