Should Women Be Paid The Same As Men In Sport?

The gender pay gap is prevalent in many industries, but it might surprise you to know the wage gap is also apparent in elite sports. Most people would agree that since they play the same sport, under the same conditions female athletes should be paid (in prize money as well as wage) the same as their male counterparts. Some on the other hand feel that female athletes don’t bring as many spectators so they shouldn’t be awarded the same money. What do you think LiveTribers? Should female athletes be paid the same as their male counerparts?

Posted by on 11 Jun 2019

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    Hell yes women should be paid the as the same as men in sport.they play the same game as men so why shouldn't they

    Posted by Stafsta on 29 Jul 2019

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    If women are doing the same job as a man, then they should receive exactly the same pay as a man!

    Posted by Debra on 21 Jul 2019

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    Of course they should .If it comes down to [spectators ]in other words ...bums on seats does that mean if ANY sport is less popular they get paid less regardless of gender ?

    Posted by Margaret on 15 Jul 2019

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    You should be paid market value no matter your gender. If you or your team produce 70% of income for that sporting events you should be paid 70% in wages/prize money. Conversely if you only produce 30% of revenue you should only receive 30% income. In business if you are doing the same job regardless of gender you should be paid the same wages.

    Posted by Anthony on 12 Jul 2019

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    Of course ! I think both of them take same effort.

    Posted by Nilufar on 08 Jul 2019

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    If the women attract the same amount of income (merch sale's, spectators to the venue, etc) to the sport then definitely.

    Posted by Monica on 02 Jul 2019

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    sport is the same as acting with respect to payment so if they attract the same following and sponsorship then they disserve the same payment. just as each male in a sport team attracts a different rate of payment so it should be for any sportspersons regardless of gender. the payment rates should be calculated on a percentage of income the sport attracts.

    Posted by geoff on 27 Jun 2019

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    Of course they should!

    Posted by Natasha on 22 Jun 2019

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    Yes and In Everything Else Also.

    Posted by EroView on 18 Jun 2019

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    Female athletes train as hard as any male athlete and by that alone the rewards /financial and or otherwise should be equal . Regards to the belief that women's Sports do not attract as many spectators...well if they paid less to the top male players and put some of that money into promotion of women's Sports then numbers would even out

    Posted by Lipsonstar on 17 Jun 2019

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    Yes I most definitely think so ,what a man can do ,a woman can do just as good I think

    Posted by Lisa on 16 Jun 2019

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    Yes. That's it - just yes. No bones about it. It's absurd that we even need to ask the question

    Posted by Anka on 16 Jun 2019

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    Of Course. Woman should be paid the same wage as their male employees. Why should it be any different from sports to mining ? Women are putting themselves at risk just as much as men .

    Posted by Tanya on 16 Jun 2019

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    Yes of course

    Posted by Sanjipanj on 16 Jun 2019

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    Of course. Absolutely no reason not to.

    Posted by catlover on 16 Jun 2019

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    Of course women should. They are just as talented as men in sport with some probably more so

    Posted by Heather on 16 Jun 2019

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    yes they should why not if they do same work

    Posted by Kerrie on 16 Jun 2019

  • [0] [0]

    Absolutely they should if they can do the same job just as well. It costs way more to just be a woman than being a man does with things like hair, grooming and clothing all costing more than a man Pays.

    Posted by Heych on 16 Jun 2019

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    This shouldn’t even been asked as we are human beings before male and female.

    Posted by Harleen on 15 Jun 2019

  • [0] [1]

    ofcourse they work hard at what they accomplish anyone should have equal value to what they work hard at

    Posted by sherie on 15 Jun 2019

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    yes, if a woman can do the same job as a man then they should be paid the same!

    Posted by taurisbull on 15 Jun 2019

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    Yes I believe women should be paid the same amount of money as men. They play the same sport and sometimes play it tougher than their male counterparts. I'm sure if we decided that men who work in an industry that is mainly staffed by women they should be paid the same as those women they would be the first to complain. Women have played similar/same sports as men for a long time with little recognition it is only now they are coming to the fore and their are tournaments being shown on TV of them playing. All This time most of them never were paid at all equal pay for equal work should always be the mantra no matterrrrrr what the job or sport.

    Posted by Fay on 15 Jun 2019

  • [0] [1]

    Women undure the same injuries and training schedules as men . So why not women should be paid the same money

    Posted by Little_lee on 15 Jun 2019

  • [2] [0]

    If they have the same following and the sponsors pay the same

    Posted by socker on 15 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    I believe everyone is equal,they should be paid the same as all sport players,

    Posted by Jannette on 15 Jun 2019

  • [2] [0]

    In the past most sports players and athletes had to work full time or at least part time in order to survive and support their families. For women this is still happening in many cases. This came as a real problem when travel was involved and only recently our women cricketers received a pay increase which enabled more of them to participate at top level. I think the same applies to our women netball, hockey, tri-athletes, cyclists etc. While so much depends on sponsorship of both the sports and individual players/competitors we have to be realistic about the popularity of some sports and especially in Australia there is still a very male domination including who controls the remote and which sports Dad will take the kids to watch. Payment does depend on ticket sales at venues and size of the TV audience. While our female athletes are rising in popularity especially in AFL and Cricket, there is still some way to go with equal popularity with the male teams. However in individual competitions which have huge popularity such as tennis, athletics, cycling or where women are competing with men there should be equality of pay as they draw similar crowds and TV coverage. However the outrageous payments to some individual athletes should be pulled back and that money put into encouraging youngsters who struggle to participate at the early and development levels because of the financial problems. The fees, uniforms etc to play in Junior Rugby, some AFL and Cricket along with swimming or tennis coaching means so many youngsters never get the chance to try out their talent. We see every single week, top Rugby and AFL players unable to cope with their huge pay packets, which has led them to think they are gods able to indulge in every illegal desire and their shameful behaviour off the field sets terrible examples for youngsters. Put most of this excessive money into the juniors both boys and girls, caring for their development as they progress, teaching them how to be great sports stars and role models and how to prepare for a very long life after sport.

    Posted by Eileen on 15 Jun 2019

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    What a great answer Eileen to this question , you like myself have probably been involved in sport either coaching or administrating at a junior level , it would be far better to see more sponsorship money spent at the grass routes . One exception against equal money for both sexes I think should be that women tennis players playing major events / Grand Slams . The Slams should be " Five Sets " for men & women , the winner having to win three . Under existing rules in can be all over for females at Two Sets . Same game same rules same money !

    Posted by Horn on 15 Jun 2019

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    they could be paid the same if they do the same amount of work ie: if they ply 5 sets in a grand slam tennis match same pay if they play 3 sets they get 3/5 60% pay easy

    Posted by LEIF on 15 Jun 2019

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    Yes, but all the top sportspersons should be paid much, much less than they are and the money saved given to children's charities.

    Posted by Tonyporritt on 15 Jun 2019

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    Yes the competition is as vigorous as endured by the men and training and equipment is equally required. The rewards should be the same. Good to see that it is now recognised by Tennis officials.

    Posted by Barry on 14 Jun 2019

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    Army vet 935

    Most certainly, women deserve equal pay. They train as hard as men and are subject to similar travel overseas for their sport.

    Posted by Army vet 935 on 14 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    The value of sport to sponsors should be the driving force. The sponsors will be driven by audience attraction. It doesn’t matter who gets more or less, but it does matter who brings in the dollars.

    Posted by Nowis on 14 Jun 2019

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    Yes it should be equal opportunities for all

    Posted by Lovelyn on 14 Jun 2019

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    If a woman does the exact same job then she should be paid the exact same questions asked. Just the same as it shouldn't matter what sex you are, if you have the skills needed for the job you should be given a fair chance to perform. Women's sports should also get the same notice and respect right from the local grassroots level to the top.

    Posted by tpw1961 on 14 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Yes, I believe in this day and age all should be paid equal.

    Posted by straight on 14 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    I am amazed that in tennis the men are paid the same as women when the play up to 5 sets and the women only up to 3 sets. The women are very much favoured above the men in tennis payments.

    Posted by Carsie on 14 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Yes... We are all equal

    Posted by Kristy on 14 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Depending on the job, yes.

    Posted by ConSA on 14 Jun 2019

  • [4] [0]

    They should be paid in relation to their crowd-drawing ability

    Posted by David on 14 Jun 2019

  • [1] [2]

    Men should be paid the same as women! Men get way too much money for what they do.

    Posted by musicveg on 14 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    Of course female should be paid the amount as male

    Posted by Lovelyn on 14 Jun 2019

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    I have only recently heard of  Barty. She seems pretty well adjusted and it would appear the most admirable of all current male or female Australian tennis champions. It depends on what is important to you, money, skill , strength, sportsmanship. You can find what you admire in a male or female. The battleground is in your own head. find What is important to you. Nadia Comonice got perfect 10’s in a sport where being a tiny female was probably a Competative advantage . If it’s all about money maybe it would be wise to make finance your sport.

    Posted by super88 on 13 Jun 2019

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    I have only recently heard of  Barty. She seems pretty well adjusted and it would appear the most admirable of all current male or female Australian tennis champions. It depends on what is important to you, money, skill , sportsmanship. You can find what you admire in a male or female. The battleground is in your own head. find What is important to you. My personal hero is Eddy the eagle ,  not because he was a great athlete or made a lot of money, but because I followed his story while he was inadvertantly becoming my hero.

    Posted by super88 on 13 Jun 2019

  • [4] [1]

    If they play five sets in tennis yes.

    Posted by Brettzky on 13 Jun 2019

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    Suzanne Day

    Is that before or after they push a baby out!

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 14 Jun 2019

  • [0] [1]

    Certainly. I had a responsible job with lives depending on me and was paid the lesser amount

    Posted by rosiehosie on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [0]

    It’s not about sexual equality.The way we assess categories should change, for some sports like horse racing the criteria is weight and ability . In boxing weight decides your category. Different sports have different requirements . Why would women have a seperate category for high jump. The task is to jump sex is not a factor.etc.

    Posted by super88 on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Yes! Skilled people should be paid the same rate for the same job! Besides/ Stay at home Dads are awesome for kids!

    Posted by Rosie765 on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    Yes women train and spend as much time as men training to compete

    Posted by Deborah on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Yes also more tv coverage of womens sport on television how can the women's sport get more spectators to their games and grounds if more promotional work isn't put into place by all women and men sporting groups. Some of women's sport is more spectator friendly and hard work in the games they play.

    Posted by Anthony on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    if woman do exactly the same job yes they should be paid the same as a man

    Posted by alderwick on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Yes, as they are already in academia and other professions

    Posted by Practicalist on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Only if the same parameters apply e.g. in tennis men play 50% more time per game - do women "earn" the same money as men?

    Posted by John on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [2]

    Totally. Woman are as good as men. When we put our minds strength into something. We can do if not better than men

    Posted by Peaceangel on 13 Jun 2019

  • [3] [0]

    Men should be paid the same as women.

    Posted by tilted_windmill on 13 Jun 2019

  • [3] [2]

    Absolutely and I don't know why it is still an issue.

    Posted by Maree on 13 Jun 2019

  • [3] [0]

    It depends on their ability to raise revenue to self fund the sport - why would women want the handouts we are seeing currently!!

    Posted by intrepidarts on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [3]

    I think female athletes should be paid at least 75% of what their male counterparts are getting paid.

    Posted by Deepika on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [3]

    yes woman must be paid in any game/work as the same as men. Mayb woman should be paid more for the carrying of a child Something men can never do

    Posted by Kaye on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [2]

    If they do the exact job why not

    Posted by Stuart on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [3]

    if they say they want equal rights and money because their equal let them compete gainst men

    Posted by Alan on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [0]

    sport is one of the big money earners now days with ticket sales , pay perveiw product endorsement ect a basic retainer and share of proceeds acording to the earnings they generated , would seem fair , but i still wouldnt want to be the one to tell that gem to Rhonda Rousey

    Posted by kiwitackle on 13 Jun 2019

  • [2] [3]

    Absolutely. Women train just as hard and perform just as professionally as the men do.

    Posted by Claybear on 13 Jun 2019

  • [1] [2]
    Who? Me?

    Why should women be paid the same when for egxample, 1, tennis, they don'tplay the same number of sets as men. 2. cricket, they play on smaller grounds and so on. They want the same pay, they put in the same effort.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 12 Jun 2019

  • [4] [1]

    People need to at least be realistic about the mentioned gender pay gap, especially with an issue like this. Look at the Williams sister's comments after losing to a male that other males wouldn't even bother watching, rank 203. Use your heads, not hearts. There's a reason the top athletes in the world are watched and that's nothing to do with gender fairness at all. Also, no offense ladies but stop expecting men to drop everything and just throw money at you when you hardly support it with your wallet yourselves. It's all business and life isn't fair at all, nothing is.

    Posted by 8181 on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [4]

    Yes, men and women both are equal,.

    Posted by Chanderlekha on 12 Jun 2019

  • [6] [1]

    Generally no, it is consumer based so naturally bigger crowds and greater fan support brings in more money and this flows on to athletes. Mens sports usually attract larger followings and advertising dollars so it's logical men will earn more in this area.

    Posted by jamiebeans on 12 Jun 2019

  • [4] [1]

    If they brought in the same crowd as the men, then yes. But they don't.

    Posted by bentley53 on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [3]


    Posted by ablaze on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [2]

    Definately, they play just as hard and train hard, as long as they do not get into as much drugs and scandal as the men do at this day and age.

    Posted by Robert on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [2]

    Of course they should, if a woman does the same job or sport they put in exactly the same as a man

    Posted by Irene on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [1]
    Who? Me?

    That's just it, they don't - women either play shorter matches or in the case of cricket, on much smaller grounds.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [2]


    Posted by Whizzard72 on 12 Jun 2019

  • [6] [1]
    Brinny 5

    Of course not!! The attendance at women's matches are pathetic!!! If they attracted as many fans as men's sports, then you can ask that question!! Lol

    Posted by Brinny 5 on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [4]

    Definitely! Why on earth not? How sexist!

    Posted by Heidi on 12 Jun 2019

  • [1] [4]


    Posted by MARTY on 12 Jun 2019

  • [4] [0]

    I think you just said that to get a rise out of people Marty. It gave me a smile.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 12 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    I am an older person and I have no problem with women earning the same money in sports. But I do have some reservations. If in any sport that female participate in, I do feel that we do have to give them time to develop a supporters base, that is, supporter attendance at the venues, and if it is televised, is the support worth the investment by networks. But in the meantime, I feel that most female athletes are worth more than the pittance that most are paid for the amount of dedication and effort put in.

    Posted by Garry on 12 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    I agree that women who play the same sport as men shold be paid the same amount

    Posted by Errol on 12 Jun 2019

  • [3] [0]

    It sorta depends on the sport I think. I'm an old sporty sheila who can still sprint ... not a long way, but I can. Some sports don't matter, Women's tennis is just as good as Men's tennis .... but maybe womens AFL doesn't draw people in as much. I loved playing my basketball back in the day .... but hey, we sat around after our matches, to watch the boys / men play .... they were sooooooo much better than us girls in almost every way. In other sports us girls are far more superior !! Equestrian .... we girls generally outdo the guys. Female & male athletes should be paid what they are worth, within their industry, and they should also be EXTREMELY thankful that they are doing what they are passionate about. Most people have to work at jobs they don't like for a living.

    Posted by Ulysses on 11 Jun 2019

  • [5] [0]

    It"s a commercial enterprise. If women's sports get the attendances and TV viewing to make it viable of course there should be greater financial benefits to those sports. Otherwise it it would be a business model failure and a financial drain on sports events that the general public actually want to attend or watch on TV detracting from the values of elite athletes at the expense of equality regardless of it's market value

    Posted by jon on 11 Jun 2019

  • [2] [0]

    Wages, yes, ideally. Prize Money is normally dependant on match attendance, no?

    Posted by vegandelight on 11 Jun 2019

  • [4] [0]

    If they play with same conditions yes

    Posted by Wisdom on 11 Jun 2019

  • [3] [0]

    Only if they play under the same conditions as men, ie best of 5 sets in tennis instead of 3.

    Posted by timbo5592 on 11 Jun 2019

  • [2] [0]

    If they earn it,yes.If they don't,no.

    Posted by Kevin on 11 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    If women played EXACTLY the same as men - ie 5 sets of tennis not 3, full AFL season length as the men do, and everything else the same in any sport, then possibly. In the work situation, ONLY IF women work the same hours over the same number of weeks, not having time off for maternity leave or anything else, then maybe.

    Posted by apis on 11 Jun 2019

  • [0] [1]

    Of course, they work as hard as many and entertain people just as much. It should not, in this day and age, even be a question.

    Posted by robbur on 11 Jun 2019

  • [1] [0]

    True they do work hard but how long could thier employer pay them as much if they don't fill the stadium. It would be detrimental to Women in Sport to think otherwise.

    Posted by bentley53 on 12 Jun 2019

  • [0] [1]

    Definitely yes...we are all human being and deserve to be treated alike....

    Posted by Poni on 11 Jun 2019

  • [2] [1]

    Yes if they do the same work as men they should get the same wage

    Posted by Morgan on 11 Jun 2019

  • [0] [1]

    I believe that they should be if they are at a professional level, they play under the same conditions as the men and put everything they’ve got into it. The have a great following now and they should reap the rewards as men do, we are NOT still in the dark ages where we’re supposed to be kept in the kitchen. YES they need to be paid the same, if they’re as good as the men.

    Posted by Kaylene on 11 Jun 2019

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