Should Toddlers Use iPads?

You would be hard pressed to find a kid these days that doesn’t know to manage a phone or tablet, but how young is too young? Phone games have become a normal parenting technique used to keep kids occupied when parents want a break. LiveTribers, how young is too young? Is it okay for toddlers to use iPads to play games or do you think that’s too young? Should parents rely on technology to keep kids entertained?

Posted by on 12 Jun 2020

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    No too young so many "natural",games and more for coordination and learning. Tech. Isn't going give em the chance of learning kid things.

    Posted by Dalamar on 30 Jun 2020

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    dizzie di

    No. There are so many books and games to play without having to use devices that strain eyes, promote poor posture and hand strain.

    Posted by dizzie di on 30 Jun 2020

  • [1] [0]

    No, they should learn about life first

    Posted by Neil on 30 Jun 2020

  • [1] [0]

    No. They are to young. Only need touch the wrong thing and who now's what could happen on the web these day s. It's not a toy . Regards

    Posted by Tania on 30 Jun 2020

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    No as they are to young to realise what they are sending into the internet for anyone to access and as they are so young they don't need to get addicted to the ipad as it puts strain on the eyesight and lot's of other negative health problems.

    Posted by Darryl on 30 Jun 2020

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    There are a lot of great games for toddlers such as matching games, puzzles, tracing, counting and story games. I believe it’s up to the parent to choose games that stimulates a child if they are going to let them use a tablet of any kind. I do think that a toddlers time on a tablet should be limited.

    Posted by Kylie on 29 Jun 2020

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    They need hands on play and learning. Outside fresh air play, sensory play not screen play

    Posted by Tannles on 29 Jun 2020

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    No, let them be toddlers and enjoy family time

    Posted by Roma on 29 Jun 2020

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    Electronic devices will be the tools used by future generations so starting early is an advantage. Provided parents see its balanced with other physical and outdoor activities.

    Posted by horton on 28 Jun 2020

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    If they should use it with parental control. If they're banned, they're out of a lot of things.

    Posted by Julieta on 28 Jun 2020

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    young children should be able to use it your iPad or a phone so they can start at a young age because the world is changing in 2020

    Posted by Diane on 26 Jun 2020

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    Old Man

    At Grade 3 (third Year), would be a good age for the tots to start to understand I.T. Better for them to learn ABC... 1.2.3.. Better for them to learn the Colours and what the names of Vegetables and Fruit. In this way they may read and count better,

    Posted by Old Man on 25 Jun 2020

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    No! has been prooven that the overuse of ipads, smartphones, consuming too much tv and playstations...takes its toll on eyesight health. Time should be strictly limited for all children.

    Posted by Karen on 25 Jun 2020

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    No I pad for little once, children can be occupied with many other activities like craftworks, fun playing with play dough , sandpit, bubbles , screening should be very less, talking should be high within family members keep kids entertain by sharing their stories to them it makes their life better, or else when we become old they give us tv control watch screening they won't sit back and speak with parents or give less importance. This is a stage to show them love and care not to give I Pad for getting relax. Thank you for giving me opportunity to share my ideas.

    Posted by Lakshmi on 25 Jun 2020

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    Most children are becoming computer literate at an earlier age these days and I think they should be given access to limited programs under strict parental controls and not a substitute child minder. .

    Posted by Barry on 25 Jun 2020

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    No far to young

    Posted by Nancy on 24 Jun 2020

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    No, too dangerous

    Posted by Fourskin. on 24 Jun 2020

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    I don't think it should be used to keep children occupied. There are plenty of other things that toddlers can be doing, Screen time should be limited.

    Posted by chocogirl21 on 24 Jun 2020

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    never okay but what are you going to do, technology has taken over.

    Posted by hardbags on 23 Jun 2020

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    Namratha Kashyap

    Definitely not. Screen time is extremely bad for kids. I would say no screen time till they are 4+. Till then, experience new things, learn to talk and interact with people. Those are basic survival skills that go a long way.

    Posted by Namratha Kashyap on 23 Jun 2020

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    No they need to learn real life not computer

    Posted by pinkf on 23 Jun 2020

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    No .. they should learn to be a human first

    Posted by BibbyKat on 23 Jun 2020

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    Definitely NOT. It's bad enough that adults everywhere can't survive without constantly looking at their devices. Let the toddlers have some normal life reading books, drawing, doing puzzles, etc. We don't want a generation of young ones who are all wearing glasses by the age of five and addicted to a device!! Sure I wouldn't be without my desk computer but I still keep in touch with reality by reading real (not EBooks) and doing word puzzles.

    Posted by Vonnie on 23 Jun 2020

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    in a word No, Lots of Parents can't be bothered parenting these days and opt for technology to keep the kids occupied (as far as I am concerned if you don't want the responsibilities of parenting, then don't have kids) Keep the technology away until near school age. No Mobile phones until around 16 except for security reasons (give them a phone locked to a few numbers & take it off them when they come home) Let them have a childhood free of technology (except for school related stuff)

    Posted by Acid-Rain on 23 Jun 2020

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    Children grow up too fast these days and there is plenty of time (the future) for them to learn IT . . . let them be children first ie. run, romp, play, interact, fall over, climb trees, jump in muddy puddles (thanks Peppa) and learn to be a person! ! ! Cheers to all the babes and caring parents . . . . j

    Posted by FijiCharlie on 22 Jun 2020

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    I think ipads are a problem these days Kids dont talk they dont read books. Some kids cannot read or spell as when they use an ipad it does everything for them Hold off let them enjoy being kids go find a creek and catch tadpoles or crawchie even do some fishing

    Posted by snakelady on 22 Jun 2020

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    I think they are too young but I can see how they will be left behind if they don't have Tech knowledge by the time they go to kindy. So I too am split on the subject

    Posted by kerrbear1967 on 22 Jun 2020

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    Too young, yes. To is a direction, whereas "Too" is a measure.

    Posted by Fourskin. on 24 Jun 2020

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    Blue light is very bad for babies development up to 2. After that age technology can be introduced sparingly and supervised but traditional play and natural interactions with other children are better learning tools. iPads should not be used as a babysitter play toy.

    Posted by Abi on 22 Jun 2020

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    I think it is good for kids to use ipads. It gives them good hand, eye contact skills and it helps them learn in a fun way. I still think it is good to stop them from playing sometimes and send them outside to play for exercise too.

    Posted by Donna on 22 Jun 2020

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    No, they are too young - they should be doing the things that toddlers do not confined to interacting with an ipad

    Posted by DJC on 22 Jun 2020

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    No it causes too many tantrums

    Posted by Kathleen on 22 Jun 2020

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    We are talking about toddlers, babies that have only just learned to walk so NO! Please people you are exposing them to radiation, ruining their eyesight and letting them learn from a device instead of real life. Very harmful I believe. What kids need is parents that want to be with them at all times, and I mean be available not a parent who sits on their device and just hands them an ipad to divert them or occupy them because you cannot talk to them, teach them and give them the attention they need. Not until they have learned to go to the toilet, change their own clothes and numerous other basics of life first, let them explore nature, the real world but most importantly get real attention and love from the people who say they love them. Get real people and stop making excuses that then need to learn about technology at 2, 3 and 4! You are wasting the most important development years of their life, especially emotionally if the ony rewards the get is from an ipad! Nip it in the bud early and restrict kids of all ages to how much they use devices, better for their health and well being in the long run. Wifi's all omit radiation and this is very harmful to humans but more so for children especially their brains.

    Posted by musicveg on 22 Jun 2020

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    I have been watching the current generation growing up , and have no issue with iPads or the capabilities of them. However every day I am more and more saddened by what children are becoming. in the main I would describe many of them as obnoxious , badly behaved ill mannered little creatures who know very little other than what they see and read on wifi, for which I blame their parents and other peers . To answer the question , NO I would not allow iPads. for toddlers , parents 'do your job , teach your children the nice things they need to know and stop relying on technology to do your job for you ! Although I am a grandmother of four ,and the mother of a daughter 52yrs & a son of 49yrs who is a large sight programmer and analyst I have witnessed his two boys standard of learning is very poor and of nowhere near the standard of his at the same age and to be truthful I believe if this continues the next generation will be brain dead .

    Posted by Horn on 21 Jun 2020

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    It is ok that they use ipads for a limited time but they need parental supervision at all times

    Posted by Fatoumata on 21 Jun 2020

  • [1] [1]

    Yes as long it is supervised. Also pending on the apps.There are some very good educational app's for them to use that help them learn to pronounce words, add and subtract, etc. They can be handy when used right, which is today theynshould not be used as a subs. babysitter.

    Posted by Robert on 21 Jun 2020

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    Sometimes it's all right as long as it's only 5 to 10 mins every 5 to 6 hours. Comes in handy when u need to change a nappy make a bottle or even go to the toilet.

    Posted by Drakeo on 20 Jun 2020

  • [1] [1]

    How pathetic you are Drakeo!!!

    Posted by Horn on 23 Jun 2020

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    No ...natural development is the best development. As we do not want our Grandchildren permanently plugged into Ai .

    Posted by John on 20 Jun 2020

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    In my opinion they should be still learned how to talk properly, develop their imagination and learn how to relate to other kids.

    Posted by queenb on 20 Jun 2020

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    That is up to the individual parent, however it seems most do these days. I myself think that at toddler stage, they would more likely throw it when chucking a tantrum. Expensive toy.

    Posted by angrymum on 20 Jun 2020

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    Yes, denying tech is a part of this world is just setting kids back and avoiding reality. My child is in yr 5, they have been looking at coding already. They were touching on it last year. She has had a tablet since age 4, she still chooses to play outside, to read, play with toys. Her kindy at the time had iPads. We have had no issues with her learning or moods and very few rules regarding screens.

    Posted by squeekums1 on 20 Jun 2020

  • [7] [0]

    No. There are other skills that they should be developing that involve motor skills, not merely entertained.

    Posted by Matty64 on 20 Jun 2020

  • [5] [0]

    No I don't agree Toddlers should not use any devise at all It plays with there mind

    Posted by Emine on 19 Jun 2020

  • [4] [0]

    No, they should be relating to other children, learning in parks, beaches & playgrounds, learning social skills etc.

    Posted by Rosie765 on 19 Jun 2020

  • [1] [3]
    Suzanne Day

    Toddlers are so ofay with ipads and there workings by the time they get to Kindy that it's second nature to them. As this is the way the world is going, completely digital, I don't think it hurts to let a toddler on the ipad with an age appropriate activity for a length of time.

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 18 Jun 2020

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    Who would know. One lot fewprs say this,and another lot say that. Believe the experts they say, again and again. A well adjusted child must have outdoor activities. It is the parents who thought children were a good idea at the time, now the times have changed and they want the peramitters to change, they want spare time, not child time. You made a committment to the children in the past, hold to it. They will thank you for it.

    Posted by David on 18 Jun 2020

  • [2] [0]

    Should not use iPad by babies

    Posted by Padma on 18 Jun 2020

  • [5] [0]

    No, let them play with real toys not virtual ones

    Posted by Tylendel on 18 Jun 2020

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    Hubble bubba

    No not at all and I think it's very very bad it's not very good for socialization they're not babysitters and I have seen children have tantrums when they're not allowed to have an iPad or phone or tablet I strongly do not agree really really bad and parents should not rely on these technical objects to keep their children occupied especially at that age it should be one on one

    Posted by Hubble bubba on 18 Jun 2020

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    Yes , they'll need to the way schooling and technology is going, it would disadvantage them starting Prep/grade one without coordination skills, however I believe their screen time and set up needs to be carefully looked into; at what point is it going to affect their eyesight or social skills and outdoor exploring learning ability/skills. Studies will have to be done first to find out but the way space exploration is heading and encouraging school children now, digital technology is a must.

    Posted by Irena on 18 Jun 2020

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    Who? Me?

    Toddlers should not be using iPads or any electronic device for that matter. It is purely and simply lazy parenting. Parents should be actively engaging with their children, reading to them and expanding their minds in other ways. Leave the electronics until they go to school.

    Posted by Who? Me? on 18 Jun 2020

  • [6] [0]

    No. Give them real books, they will have enough time in the future to use electronics.

    Posted by Ralph on 18 Jun 2020

  • [4] [1]

    I see children aged 3 and 4 who are given Mobile phone and a Laptop. They have put the mobile in a sink of dishwashing and smashed screen throwing it. The laptop I have seen it thrown also. I believe it is what type of children should be allowed occasionally is ONLY when the parent or parents HAVE TAUGHT THEM RESPECT for any HUMAN and ANIMAL. With technology the same applies. Thank You

    Posted by Kaye on 18 Jun 2020

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    Toddlers should not use iPad, if ever needed access to these, they will need guidance from their guardians or parents or older siblings

    Posted by Alyx on 17 Jun 2020

  • [0] [6]

    Yes little children to use a iPad because this government is making technology harder for our children

    Posted by Diane on 17 Jun 2020

  • [9] [0]

    Toddlers are too young to use a device. They’re not going to “miss out” by learning how to use a device later in life. There are plenty of other ways to entertain children and keep them occupied.

    Posted by Chrisoulla on 14 Jun 2020

  • [5] [0]

    As usual it boils down to commonsense parenting and School rules. Thus there will be doting idiot parents and teachers that once Pandora's Box has been opened and lack of self discipline on the part of all will result in some users dumbing down and living life by screen!

    Posted by mact on 14 Jun 2020

  • [1] [0]
    Hubble bubba

    Sooo true my granddaughter s now 15v16 not good it's the end of the world thanks to their dad

    Posted by Hubble bubba on 21 Jun 2020

  • [3] [2]

    As a primary school principal (recently retired) they are a useful learning tool, as a grandmother of a three year old who turns into a banshee whenever the tablet is taken off her I have split views on the matter. Children have to know how to navigate their world and tablets are part of that. My daughter and son in law had a no screens rule (when their children were born) until age 5. Let me tell you that didnt last long!

    Posted by Lesley on 12 Jun 2020

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