Should They Be Deported?

Their story has divided Australians, Priya and Nades came to Australia separately on boats and since made a life for themselves and their two Australian born daughters. The Biloela community has rallied behind the family who they say are important members of the small community. Scott Morrison refuses to intervene and his stance has been controversial. What do you think LiveTribers? Should the family be allowed to stay? How do you feel about sending two girls born in Australia to a country they have no connection to?

Posted by on 02 Sep 2019

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    They should have come here legally. It is not fair to say that the girls have to go back to a country they have no connection to, the girls have a connection to that country through their parents.The person who wrote the story to LiveTribe is already biased.

    Posted by Kaushalya on 15 Sep 2019

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    Thay should be alound to stay just because they are australians there kids birth place is Australia thay are sending Australian to there perant birth place what did that poor family do to deserve this to happen to them .wot there visa run out so are going to send every one who has Australian kids back to there parents birth place .were the parents first fled from in fear now thay have families thay send them back knowing bad things are going to happen but govoment dont care thats why scott Morrison sending them back but bringing all the African American in so there gangs get biger look at what is happening in Melbourne and Sydney all the gang's thay have formed why let them in our country and send inercent poeple who do good for our country back to hell thay say care thay dont care if thay did this poor family would be at there home to day and there not them poor children and parents i feel for them

    Posted by leigh on 15 Sep 2019

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    Australia is definitely a big country and we True Blue Aussies would like to keep it as a law abiding nation. We definitely do not like seeing our hard earned taxes being used for paying legal fees / accommodation / transportation fees,etc for illegal immigrants who have known all along that they were here illegally and who have children here in the belief that they can stay here because of their childrens' birth status. We live by the laws of our country and we expect others to also respect and adhere to our laws.

    Posted by kate on 14 Sep 2019

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    THIS IS NOT ABOUT 2 GIRLS BORN IN AUSTRALIA.. WHAT PROPOGANDA.. I was born in Germany as were many others and came to australia legally and our fathers worked from day 2 with no english, they learnt on job. THIS IS JUST ANOTHER UN sob story these girls will adapt, they look like their parents, so they will fit in.... THE PARENTS may not like the condidtion of their home country.. TOO BAD should not have come illegally. AND ANYONE WHO CAN BE UNBIASED ABOUT THIS MAYBE YOU SHOULD GO WITH THEM AND HELP OUT

    Posted by Not_A_DoDo on 13 Sep 2019

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    This is really a sad story for the wife and kids. If the Australian government has evidence of his activism and don't like his travel history then they have a good reason to deport him. My English friend came to Australia from living in Hungary to see her entire English immigrated family in 1991 and have her baby here. The government were happy for her to have her baby here but she was not granted any immigration rights and she was deported along with her baby back to England where she had not lived since she was a teenager (her father had been a British diplomat and she was born in a British Embassy in Spain giving her no rights to any country, but england took her) she had no family and no friends. So if they can do this to a british subject because she married a political hungarian activist. Yes they can do this. You have to be careful who you marry. He is the problem but because she has ties to him they are all deemed a risk. This is how we keep our country safe. Like it or not this is how it works because to break this rule for one sets a precedent and then we are vulnerable. And we don't want another Lindt Cafe!

    Posted by BerryBear on 12 Sep 2019

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    They should be deported, they came here illegally, used our hospital system and used our taxes to have their two daughters, They can not legally work here and if they are working, again they have broken Australian laws, People say that these two girls born in Australia have no connection to their country, well many Australians take their children overseas to live, and these children have no connections to that country, stop with the excuses and deport this illegal family

    Posted by Donna on 12 Sep 2019

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    Humane people are good people many are inhumane...they paid taxes had a job and good citizens, and the cruelty of our inhumane Duttons and the government want to bill them over a million dollars. All the world Authorities hate Australia's treatment to asylum seekers. There are 80000 come here on a plane and do not go home, that is more important cut.

    Posted by Gerry19 on 10 Sep 2019

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    Gerry19, do you have any evidence that ALL WORLD AUTHORITIES HATE AUSTRALIAS TREATMENT TO ASYLUM SEEKERS???? or just repeating USA/ISRAHELLS paid propoganda

    Posted by Not_A_DoDo on 13 Sep 2019

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    All the courts have determined them to have arrived illegally. So they should be deported , otherwise, our courts will be seen as not being able to uphold the law. A precedent cannot be set. No special treatment. The parents seem to be using children to justify staying.

    Posted by ak47too on 10 Sep 2019

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    I'm very soft, why not let them stay,, we are a big country

    Posted by Diane on 10 Sep 2019

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    I agree they were perfect citizens.

    Posted by Gerry19 on 10 Sep 2019

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    I believe they should be allowed to stay, the girls were born here and the family has settled into life here in Australia. If the decision is made to allow them to stay and it sets a precedent for others, then they should be looked at on a case by case basis.

    Posted by Karin on 09 Sep 2019

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    If you are an illegal then there is only one answer, deportation, but also with no chance of applying for re-entry as laws were broken, end of story

    Posted by DENRIC on 09 Sep 2019

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    Another cruel comment...if it was one of your family you would not say thoughtless things.

    Posted by Gerry19 on 10 Sep 2019

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    Let them stay. The children were born here .You would think the goverment would protect them. Whether they are here illegally or not ,they were part of the community and paying taxes is that better than the thousands its costing to deport them.

    Posted by morgo2 on 09 Sep 2019

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    Whichever way you look at it, they, the parents, are illegals so should be deported. Take their children with them as the children are underage to be able to stay here unless there are grandparents, aunts or uncles to look after and care for them. If we let them stay we set a precedent for other illegals to try the same thing.

    Posted by esoxlucius on 07 Sep 2019

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    Law abiding people, allow them to stay.

    Posted by tough on 06 Sep 2019

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    No they are not, they broke the law to come here.

    Posted by Graeme on 11 Sep 2019

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    i think they should be aloud to can't send the parents back without there children that's wrong they are Aussies and that's not the Aussie way.just remember where we came from England Scotland Ireland convicts so let them stay.

    Posted by Stafsta on 06 Sep 2019

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    What a stupid statement Stafsta, obviously you have little to no knowledge of the situation or of Australian Laws.As if you would send them off separately- they are a family unit & as such they should all go together. Get your facts right before you make wild accusations. They were unlawfully here - that doesn't grant the children the right to be a lawful Australian citizens, They should go back to their country of origin.

    Posted by tee on 15 Sep 2019

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    simple solution deport the parents as they knew they were illegal from the start. leave the children with friends, as then they will be able to return in about 1 year anyway

    Posted by 4242lucy on 06 Sep 2019

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    Let them stay. By UN law, it is not illegal to seek asylum and the host country is supposed to offer that asylum. Many seeking asylum are now coming by plane and our government makes no fuss. We have had many great asylum seekers/refugees, eg from Vietnam, who have greatly enriched our country. I fear there is a degree of (unconscious) racism in many of the comments already posted. The children were born here and, by UN law, Australia has a responsibility for the welfare of these children: any decision about there residence must take into account that welfare.Special consideration for this family will NOT open floodgates of asylum seekers/refugees any more than the MediVac law did. I am ashamed that so many Australians have become so mean-spirited and xenophobic. Most of you are descended from "boat people" who disregarded the prior settlement (60,000 years ago) of our indigenous peoples. I am as Anglo-Saxon as can be yet I have a conscience and regard the parable of the Good Samaritan as a guiding principle.

    Posted by amboise on 06 Sep 2019

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    They should be aloud to stay as there are alot of people breaking the law and getting away with it and.still are not deported yea mum and dad may of done something wrong let them fix it ..why take the kids away from where they were born and a place they love and a safe place for the kids ..why send kids somewhere there is danger for them

    Posted by Bruce on 06 Sep 2019

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    If we keep making exceptions to the rules, we will set precedents. Deport them but let them reapply via legitimate channels.

    Posted by hotdog53 on 05 Sep 2019

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    Maggie K

    They should be allowed to stay. Maggie K

    Posted by Maggie K on 05 Sep 2019

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    While everyone feels for the children they should abide by the rules. That means deportation. You allow this to happen once and many more will be allowed to stay. This case is of concern to me because, and I may be wrong, the father has gone back to visit his country of birth on several occasions. So many are waiting to get in here legally and they should have the first choice. There are legal papers that need to be abided too. I know we let our hearts lead but really think that it is not acceptable in this case to do so.

    Posted by Likeable on 05 Sep 2019

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    My overall feeling is great sorrow for the 2 girls who are Australian citizens. I know there are rules which would demand that the 2 parents be deported. But the fact of the 2 girls born here makes me feel that an exception should be made and that the 4 of them be allowed to stay.

    Posted by timshk on 05 Sep 2019

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    The children are not Australian citizens.

    Posted by judyfr on 14 Sep 2019

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    I am really sorry for the family, but I honestly believe that anyone who has the money to pay to come to another country by boat illegally should be sent home. I know of too many families that are waiting for such a long time when they try to come to Australia legally and waiting for visa's. I know it doesn't seem fair, but why should they be allowed to jump the queue illegally. Therefore, send them back to their own country and they should apply in a legal way.

    Posted by Dee_Lindsay on 04 Sep 2019

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    I agree, we cannot flout the law, we have to abide by them.

    Posted by Russell on 05 Sep 2019

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    I feel for the family never the less the law was already known to the parents upon arrival , and it applies to them . So now they have to return to their country an apply to migrate to Australia .

    Posted by Horn on 04 Sep 2019

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    They knew well before they started a family that they did not have refugee status and would not be allowed to stay having children was only a means to circumvent our immigration laws and to play on the sympathy of Australians they deserve to be sent back and now should also be required to repay the costs to the Australian people that this ordeal has cost

    Posted by barry on 04 Sep 2019

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    Although I fee for them, The law is the law, if they are aloud to stay it leaves it open for others

    Posted by Colmac on 04 Sep 2019

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    Given the 2 children were born here and that the patents have been here so long, an exception would seem to be justified

    Posted by James on 04 Sep 2019

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    I know you are entitled to your opinion, and that is why I love Australia so much. This is also the reason I feel they should be sent back. We are allowed to voice our own opinion and not be outcasted. If I broke the law in Australia, I would be jailed. This queue jumping by being for none of a better word "boat people" travel illegally. These people pay so much money to go on the boat, then when they arrive, they are given cigarettes, phone card so they can ring home, computers, tv's, accommodation, food and drinks. I cannot have all these things, so why should they? Thank you

    Posted by Dee_Lindsay on 04 Sep 2019

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    They should be allowed to stay and Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison should be replaced in their very highly placed positions. Maybe they should go over and join their mate Trump in USA?

    Posted by Robyn on 04 Sep 2019

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    Many comments made already are confusing, they did not answer the question which was "Should they be allowed to stay?" many people answered yes then said they should be deported! My first reaction to this whole saga is why did the Government wait until they had two children before deciding to deport them? How cruel is that! Obviously Nades was working and paying taxes and then Government must have known about this. This is just becoming a political game wasting tax payers money with all the people being paid to do this cruel and unjust thing, it would have been better for all Australians to just give them a residence Visa when they first applied for asylum. Sure they came here illegally but not in the eyes of a global right to seek asylum, they had no choice but to come on a boat. People are being paranoid and stupid to think this one case is going to open up the floodgates after all the Government is the one saying we are turning back the boats! What gets me is how come many people can come here legally and they might even be criminals and not good for our community, this family is no threat to Australians and are of benefit to the Bileoa community who want them to stay. Maybe we should set up a go fund me page and get enough money to pay a politician like the au pairs that were allowed to stay, so much double standards, this country is going facist.

    Posted by musicveg on 04 Sep 2019

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    I agree. Under UN rules every entrant to Australia has the right to seek asylum and the way the government has waited for so long and the cruel way they have treated the family, particularly two terrified little girls, is horrible. Sure there is the argument that if we make an exception here it could open the floodgates - BUT the reality is that the government and the Minister have already made many exceptions which suited their political persuasions. Look, the botton line for me is that regional Australia is crying out for committed immigrants like this family, and Biloela had mounted an extraordinarily intense campaign to bring them 'home"... for a small town like this which doesn't accept newcomers easily, surely that's what the pollies need to be focussing on. Taxpayers have already shelled out millions in the nasty government campaign. And the Courts are already raising questions about what the family (particularly these little girls) has been subjected to. Mr Morrison - PLEASE take a breath and stop the madness. This family is loved and wanted in that community - so your solution is easy. If necessary, ask the people of Biloela to raise the funds to sponsor them (which they will do within 24 hours) and end the madness.

    Posted by prod001 on 09 Sep 2019

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    Exactly they should have been sent back long ago before there were children involved

    Posted by barry on 04 Sep 2019

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    Posted by Pedro24 on 04 Sep 2019

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    Why didn't they come in legally? They should go back and reapply. Otherwise why not let all illegals slip through the red tape without justification.

    Posted by Patricia on 03 Sep 2019

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    The 2 daughters should stay in Australia for the rest of their lives as they were born here. The parents should be deported as soon as the daughters reach the age of majority.

    Posted by Steven on 03 Sep 2019

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    yes as much as they are supposedly lovely good people they are breaking the law. It will open the gate to let others stay. These are the rules, and thats that, they knew they were living on borrowed time. ..... I heard on a talk back programme ( true or not i dont know) that it was suggested to the mother right from the start to work in a voluntary job , like vinnies, it looks good they said. And I heard also the father had gone back home a few times in the past 7 years. I have not been able to find any evidence of this at this stage, however, i did hear this on the radio.

    Posted by bawleypoint on 03 Sep 2019

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    let these people stay one may as well open the border gates as will set a precedent.

    Posted by A48 on 03 Sep 2019

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    If the children were born in Australia then I would think that they cannot be deported to another country. I don't know what the legality is but it may be the stopper for the government to overturn this ridiculous situation.

    Posted by Neale on 03 Sep 2019

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    Let the Community of Biloela have the final say. The greater criminals are Dutton & Morrison. Trial by Media should be banned ("lawyers at tax-payer expense" lies versus "generous humanitarian lawyers working at no charge"). This should be handled as a special case. The one argument I haven't seen here yet is that we are the most under-populated country per square km on earth & Must do everything we can to get more people here, especially those who are having kids themselves. Rural Australia is absolutely screaming out for people to stay, even offering houses for free & free rates, etc, etc. How many here have ancestors who were criminals / been accused of crimes once? Does that make you a convict still? How are you even one bit better than them, oh lazy, pompous, privileged, ignorant, under-educated fools?

    Posted by vegandelight on 03 Sep 2019

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    Couldn't say it better myself!

    Posted by Robyn on 04 Sep 2019

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    No. The French nanny of a wealthy couple had the same problem this/last week. After a $150,000 donation to the Liberal Party, suddenly she can stay. Money talks. Disgusting.

    Posted by Shireen on 03 Sep 2019

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    Only if it is justified.

    Posted by Kevin on 03 Sep 2019

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    yes deport them do it the legal way

    Posted by fergo on 03 Sep 2019

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    Yes! I understand the humanitarian arguments but, they have been found lacking of credible reasons to grant asylum by our laws and without laws we are stuffed.

    Posted by intransigent on 03 Sep 2019

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    Yes, deport them, join the queue like the others who are waiting

    Posted by Ross311267 on 03 Sep 2019

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    No they should not be deported they are humans to

    Posted by June on 03 Sep 2019

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    They should be sent back to maintain the System's integrity, be met by Australian Consular staff, fill in the normal emigration forms to Australia and be priority processed and returned almost immediately. That way everyone wins.

    Posted by Ken on 03 Sep 2019

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    Priya and Nades came to Australia illegally, and they knew that. For the sake of their children, should be sent back, so they can apply to come here as LEGAL migrants,and would be welcome here.. Scott Morrison has made the right decision indeed. By going soft on this family, it would start a precedence. Illegals are always looking for loop holes

    Posted by Joan on 03 Sep 2019

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    Although Priya and Nades came to Australia on separate boats they did so knowing they were not true refugees. The fact that the children were born here has nothing to do with it. The couple were well aware of the impending consequences and thought they could get around the system by having children born here. They should definitely be deported. They like it here so much they can surely reapply for immigration through correct channels.

    Posted by nickname2013 on 03 Sep 2019

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    They both arrived as illegal immigrants and therefore they should be made to leave. The fact that their children were born here has no bearing on the matter as Australian law does not give automatic citizenship to children born under these circumstances. The Federal Government leaves us open to any illegal immigrant to have children here then then claim the right to stay if it softens it stance in this case. The Government has already said that after they return to their own country they can apply to come here as legal migrants and will be looked upon favourably. The community of Biloela are in a position to sponsor this move. REMEMBER - THEY ARE ILLEGAL BOAT PEOPLE.

    Posted by Bernie on 03 Sep 2019

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    I think they should stay they seem like a nice family

    Posted by Janine on 03 Sep 2019

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    i think they should stay. This family is everything we want in refugees. I would hate to think I was being deported to a country with unrest such as Sri Lanka. i'm sad that our government is so sneaky with how they treated this family.We will now pay a lot more to have them in detention. It doesn't make sense. I don't trust any of our polititions and this just makes it even worse. It makes me sad to think we treat good families like this

    Posted by Faye on 03 Sep 2019

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    On the surface I believe they should stay, but the government and immigration department have a point that they can't be seen to waver about illegal boat people that has to be combated . They could perhaps leave the door open to a legal application for residency based on their children and that would give them a chance to return sponsored by the people of Biloela..A successful reintegration would promote the correct way to come to Australia.

    Posted by Barry on 03 Sep 2019

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    No I don't think they should be Deported . And if they are what happens to the children they are Australian born ,will the parents be sent back without the children .We all know how Dutton feels .. They have done the right thing the whole time they have been here ,I think they deserve to stay..

    Posted by bouncy on 03 Sep 2019

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    No, the Children are Australian & that should be the main priority. They brought Muslim Children back from the Middle East because their Parents were dead from the conflict because they were Australian,it looks like double standards.

    Posted by Four on 03 Sep 2019

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    Somerset Lily

    I think Scott Morrison is showing his true colors, Christian, I don't think so.

    Posted by Somerset Lily on 03 Sep 2019

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    Maybe they could apply for jobs as AU Pairs ??, as Wilkie stated "we are living in a pre-police state - not surprising with Bjelke Dutton running Home Affairs !!

    Posted by art on 03 Sep 2019

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    No compassion should out weigh any rigid rule

    Posted by James on 03 Sep 2019

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    Yes everyone deserves a chance of living the best life they possibly can so we should put our hands out to help where we can

    Posted by Alexander on 03 Sep 2019

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    Yes. After 7 investigations the last 3 by our court system in which they were deemed to be not refugees, they should be deported and encouraged to contact an Australian Embassy or Consulate to get here the correct way. If those living in Biloela and those demonstrating in the streets feel so strongly, then each of them should make a small donation to assist with airfares when their immigration is approved. We do NOT want to encourage those filthy & greedy boat smugglers to risk people's lives because we have relaxed our laws for one family. Besides, there are many people in Refugee Camps who have been trying to have a chance to come here legitimately. This family should not have much trouble getting approval to come here and they'd be welcomed back to Biloela.

    Posted by Muldoon on 03 Sep 2019

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    Mosy definitely, go home and reapply

    Posted by tobybee on 03 Sep 2019

  • [7] [4]

    Yes - they have been deemed to not be refugees - they can go back and apply through the legal channels like everyone else has to.

    Posted by Veronica on 03 Sep 2019

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    Triple E Jnr


    Posted by Triple E Jnr on 03 Sep 2019

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    Yes, they did it illegally and were told at the start they would not be allowed to stay. Go home & apply through the proper channels as good people would do

    Posted by Graeme on 03 Sep 2019

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    It's not illegal to seek asylum Library/pubs/rp/rp1415/AsylumFacts

    Posted by tilted_windmill on 03 Sep 2019

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    Yes they should be deported. They did not go through the correct process originally.

    Posted by Freedom on 03 Sep 2019

  • [10] [4]

    yes they have used all their appeals and are no different to any other over stayer and are illegal immigrants after all

    Posted by jadron on 03 Sep 2019

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    In November the law is being changed to allow people such as these to come to Australia, with open arms. They are ahead of their time, this couple, with their two Australian born daughters. Hard-working, in areas Australians do not want to go to work, community-oriented. Not hear to live off the welfare systems, we should be paying them to come to Australia. The operas were accepted because some rich people needed a servince not available elsewhere. Scott Morrison has fallen so far in such a short time.

    Posted by David on 03 Sep 2019

  • [3] [8]

    Absolutely NO. Seeking Asylum is not illegal. The children were born here and we have all been complicit in traumatising them. LET THEM STAY.

    Posted by RetroSandie on 03 Sep 2019

  • [5] [5]


    Posted by michael on 03 Sep 2019

  • [4] [8]

    Please let them stay , Thankyou

    Posted by Carrie on 03 Sep 2019

  • [5] [4]

    The problem should have been delt with before it became NEWS. It should have been a look into what they have achieved in Aus, and let them quietly get on with being accepted.

    Posted by flapper on 03 Sep 2019

  • [2] [5]


    Posted by Shane on 03 Sep 2019

  • [5] [4]

    If they do have to return home, I think it's a bit cruel after all the years that they have lived in Australia and showed to be good Citizens. They more than likely would be able to return by applying properly.

    Posted by Dee on 03 Sep 2019

  • [4] [4]

    No. Poo r people.

    Posted by Stephanie on 03 Sep 2019

  • [4] [9]

    This is crazy!! Of they should be allowed to stay! This is inhumane, I'm glad I don't live in Australia.

    Posted by April on 03 Sep 2019

  • [4] [8]

    common sense says they should stay.but coal/ition never made sense.glad i'm not religious;i'd lose my compassion and enmity

    Posted by webster on 02 Sep 2019

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    No this family should be allowed to stay they met here married here and had children here they may have come here by boat but as Tamils being made to go back Tamils continue to face discrimination in Sri Lanka the town of Biloela in central Queensland have accepted these people into their hearts I for one would not want to go back to the life they will have to endure, desperation make people do thing they would not normally do i am truly horrified by the nastiness that has become commonplace in this country the governments crock of garbage about more coming it they let them stay is a lie I know of a few that have been in detention that have been allowed to stay permanently that have been on temp visas like theirs . you never ever hear what the government is doing about the ones that come through the front door they are just as bad if not worse they get here work and hide pay no tax etc and send the $$$ home and they do this with the help of others as for taxpayers paying for their legal that is another myth it is paid for by free lawyers who help out refugee groups there are so many lies trotted out all in the name of hate

    Posted by senilesal on 02 Sep 2019

  • [4] [4]

    I do not like the way this has been handled. I do not agree with illegal immigrants but sometimes common sense/logic should prevail. Their two children are Australian but we are deporting them as well. If they go back and are not persecuted they will be lucky. If they want to come back to Australia they have to pay back all the money used for them in the court cases etc. which runs into 100's of 1000's and just not possible for them to do so. They have settled into the country town of Biloela and have become good citizens which is obvious with the people rallying behind them. I think sometimes we have to look at each case separately and although I have not been privi to all the legal ups and downs as I think most people will agree they have not been either, my view on my little knowledge says let them stay. Let's show some humanity and kindness in this violent world of today. This does not mean an open door for every illegal immigrant and I agree the legal way is preferable but one must realise some of these people are desperate and in fear of their lives.

    Posted by coaster on 02 Sep 2019

  • [8] [3]

    They should be sent back a encourage to apply again for re entry the proper way.

    Posted by Nima on 02 Sep 2019

  • [5] [2]

    That is exactly what they have been told.

    Posted by Hutch on 03 Sep 2019

  • [12] [5]
    Amber Ebony

    Yes they should be deported. They have cost taxpayers millions by taking their case to multiple courts. This should not have happened. They should have been deported when they were first deemed not to be refugees and before they had children. They are using their children to force their way here. If the government lets them stay, the flood gates will be opened as they will have set a precedent. All the boat people will have to do is come here and have children. STAY STRONG PETER DUTTON.

    Posted by Amber Ebony on 02 Sep 2019

  • [13] [3]

    These people were told when they first arrived illegally in this country that they were not eligible refugees. The courts of this country have ratified that decision. I suppose no-one has given any thought to the fact that we tax payers paid for all seven appeals. They had their shot now go back to their original country and try to come back the legal way.

    Posted by ricky40 on 02 Sep 2019

  • [3] [4]


    Posted by RetroSandie on 03 Sep 2019

  • [0] [1]

    No. But it is illegal to stay if you have been refused asylum.

    Posted by Russell on 10 Sep 2019

  • [3] [7]

    I feel the two little girls are being punished for the parents sin...and that is a sin in it's self.

    Posted by roofie on 02 Sep 2019

  • [8] [11]

    No let them stay deport dutton

    Posted by Peter on 02 Sep 2019

  • [6] [4]

    Let them stay and contribute to the social/economic benefit of Biloela

    Posted by StuartC on 02 Sep 2019

  • [6] [5]

    No they should do it the right way or everyone will do the same meet and get pregnant just to stay here I wonder if they are able to stay how long will they be together.thats just my opinion

    Posted by jaine on 02 Sep 2019

  • [5] [5]

    they should be allowed to stay, they have contributed to our community and paid taxes plus the children are Australians. The government should be focusing more on the African gangs causing harm and getting them out of our country

    Posted by judyw on 02 Sep 2019

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    Any criminal from another country should they be found guilty should be deported after serving jail time in my opinion.

    Posted by coaster on 02 Sep 2019

  • [12] [5]
    Cap`n Roodog

    Should they be allowed to stay? Absolutely NOT! They have been proven by many court cases (at taxpayers expense of course) to NOT be refugees but simply illegal immigrants who arrogantly believe they have a right to jump the immigration que.And it is well known sympathetic social apologist lawyers often advise "refugees" to have children,threaten self harm,run crying to the media ect etc to improve their chances of blackmailing the local population into getting behind their cause.Lawyers are making a killing at taxpayers expense and I for one am sick of it! Also the Sri Lankan foreign minister has gauranteed their safety in his country and also has agreed they are NOT refugees. - Australia is a generous country with an immigration program that is far more generous than many many other countries around the world and there are unscroupulous people who think they have the right to do as they wish and take advantage of other peoples generosity.Well i'm glad that we have a government that strives to do the right thing and look after our country while keeping a fair balance on immigration,thank you Peter Dutton and Scott Morrison for caring about our country and it's people.

    Posted by Cap`n Roodog on 02 Sep 2019

  • [4] [4]

    Lawyers make money off all of lifes misery. However, these people seem to have received the support of the community they have lived in and have worked and paid taxes. Perhaps the system needs to be changed for people challenging these decisions so it is not so expensive or long winded. I agree they should not jump the queue but these people do not seem to be causing any problems. 3 More should be done on gangs, drug pushers, criminals who have come from other countries to our country. They should be deported in my view.

    Posted by coaster on 02 Sep 2019

  • [4] [5]

    agreed, they are not "refugees" , but they seem to have proven themselves as good Citizens. how about they apply for status as immigrants?

    Posted by harold on 02 Sep 2019

  • [8] [4]

    Of course it’s a tough decision but where does it stop, this family, the next, the one after that. They can apply legally and would probably get accepted. Without rules we just have anarchy. Typical left wing supporters don’t like the result from democratic process so they sit there and whine. Get off your backsides and do something.

    Posted by AVAGOODONE on 02 Sep 2019

  • [1] [3]

    Anarchy means "no rulers", not "no rules"! Yes, here hatred + ignorance will get you everywhere. The vast majority of 'rules' in this country (& from the old one), including the Constitution, were not made at all by 'democratic processes' as you infer, but were made by the Uber Rich to benefit themselves, make themselves richer & keep the commoner in their place, making it a horrid crime to interfere with the vast income streams of the elite wealthy. Have you ever bothered to find out just how hard it is to get in here using the correct channels even with a clean and glowing record? You wouldn't dream of making such ridiculous assumptions if you had bothered. Or why not get rid of the Monarchy & form a Republic, over-turning all the old rubbish & democratically writing a constitution that benefits the Majority instead of the Few? You've had more opportunity than most to get off your own backside & do something.

    Posted by vegandelight on 03 Sep 2019

  • [12] [7]

    As unsympathetic as it sounds, they should be sent home. If staying here is allowed for one family, how can the rest possibly be refused. Its all about setting a precedent.

    Posted by Nommy on 02 Sep 2019

  • [6] [10]

    No let them stay in this beautiful country

    Posted by Julie on 02 Sep 2019

  • [9] [5]

    so what about the others waiting in line, should they push in as well. No to kew jumpers.

    Posted by Rob on 02 Sep 2019

  • [4] [5]

    Queue* Perhaps we should let them stay, they likely have better English than you.

    Posted by ashieg on 02 Sep 2019

  • [15] [4]

    It may be harsh but sorry why should they be allowed to jump the line ahead of all the others who go through the correct channels and process.

    Posted by Brettzky on 02 Sep 2019

  • [13] [3]

    They came here knowing they would not be allowed to stay. The real issue is why were they not sent back 2 years ago

    Posted by wantirnacats on 02 Sep 2019

  • [5] [2]
    Kate Gunning

    Be dammed if you do, be dammed if you don't....someone has to make the hard's never ending.

    Posted by Kate Gunning on 02 Sep 2019

  • [7] [9]

    they should be able to stay. They have contributed to our society already, residents are needed in country areas.

    Posted by chippy8 on 02 Sep 2019

  • [10] [3]
    Amber Ebony

    What about the millions of dollars of taxpayers money that was wasted on all of their court cases, just because they refused to accept that we know that they are not refugees. The civil war is over now, and they should be going home to contribute to their own country. The man had no problem with visiting family there when the civil war was on.

    Posted by Amber Ebony on 02 Sep 2019

  • [8] [8]

    No they should not be deported.

    Posted by Bashir on 02 Sep 2019

  • [8] [8]

    the children having been birthed in australia are as far as i am concerned australian citizens and as such cannot be deported. therefore there parents should be give the option of citizenship.

    Posted by PETER on 02 Sep 2019

  • [9] [7]

    No - I think they should be allowed to stay on humanitarian grounds. There are plenty of undesirables who are living here who probably came in through the back door many years ago. Provided they respect our constitution and honour our flag and bring their children up to be true Australians let them stay. If they don't respect the foregoing then that will be up to them. They wont qualify to stay.

    Posted by niddy on 02 Sep 2019

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