Should The Drinking Age In Australia Be Increased?

The Australian drinking age has been an ongoing topic of public discussion since it was lowered to 18 in the 1970's.  There are strong arguments for and against raising the legal drinking age to 21.  LiveTribers what do you think? Should Australia increase the drinking age to 21? What are your arguments for and/or your arguments against raising the minimum drinking age?

Posted by on 04 Mar 2021

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    medusa 12

    Yes I think drinking age should be increased to 21 and also the age of obtaining a drivers licence to 21 yes some will want to over indulge when they first start drinking but they can overindulge at home / not when the go out to a party or celebration and can also drink a small amount of achohol in the lite homes just cause drinking legally is moved up to 21 my parents taught us to have a small amount of wine from age 5 years at home with our dinner and that has tua ghat us to be responsible with achohol to have acording to our age and he would pour the wine in a glass for us each night with our dinner and would say that is your share and no more then we would have some water if soft drink or juice but introducing it to us at early age was better and when u reach age 18 or 21 u will never crave it

    Posted by medusa 12 on 20 Mar 2021

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    medusa 12

    Yes I think drinking age should be increased to 21 and also the age of obtaining a drivers licence to 21

    Posted by medusa 12 on 20 Mar 2021

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    In the US it is 21.

    Posted by BuckEyeDuo on 19 Mar 2021

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    Yes, Australia is a alcohol abused country and there needs to be some strict regulations with controlling the drinking especially in the youth.

    Posted by Sarika on 08 Mar 2021

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    The police and law enforcement officers have enough problems now with underage consumption of alcohol. What would happen if the legal age was again moved to 21 years.

    Posted by Arthur on 07 Mar 2021

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    I reckon 16 because we all end up drinking way before the legal age is to drink

    Posted by Bailos on 06 Mar 2021

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    I haven't seen any strong arguments in favour of raising the drinking age to 21. I grew up with alcohol in the household and was taught by my parents about drinking in moderation. It was no big deal when I turned 18, I didn't suddenly turn into a raging alcoholic, in fact I rarely drink alcohol anymore. It's more about maturity and not age anyway, changing the legal drinking age won't stop anyone from accessing alcohol or getting someone to access it for them.

    Posted by ere on 05 Mar 2021

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    Leave it be,we all have issues through the teen age years.Its not always alcohol,sometimes its can be a rotten attitude or even drugs.Parental Guidance is the best way to navigate those years.

    Posted by Jannette on 05 Mar 2021

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    Leave it at 18, no matter what age you make it, there are still going to be issues, as all young people are going to experiment and over indulge.. I think that parental guidance and having good role models are the best way to ensure that a responsible attitude towards alcohol results.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 04 Mar 2021

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    Nah.....leave it as it is. Most teen-agers do something stupid involving alcohol at least once in their lives. Growing up and surviving the late teen years are critical to forming life long traits. Good role modelling and thus wise parenting is the key to a teen surviving to 25 when most seem to get a life and leave the bullet proof years behind.In my view there may never be a time in Western Society where we can prevent teen deaths and lifelong injury due to grog. Young people will always take's just part of growing up.

    Posted by mact on 04 Mar 2021

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