Should The Covid19 Rapid Antigen Test Be Free For Everyone?

The opposition leader says the federal government has had more than enough time to prepare for the surge in demand for rapid antigen tests, and that they should be free for everyone. He says the tests are 'not available' and 'not affordable'. But the prime minister continues to resist calls to make free RATs widely available, saying: 'We're now in a stage of the pandemic where you can't just make everything free because when someone tells you they want to make something free, someone's always going to pay for it and it's going to be you.' What are your thoughts LiveTribers? Should the Covid19 Rapid Antigen Test be free for everyone?

Posted by on 06 Jan 2022

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    Of course they should be. They have let this virus rip with 1000's of cases daily and dozens of deaths daily. The Federal government has not handled this situation or the whole scenario from day one. Too interested in their political aspirations to care about the people and the affect this virus is having. Too busy grandstanding and having cheap shots at the Labor Party. I am neither nor so don't think I am with either party, I don't like any of them to be truthful. Yes we will pay for it but we have been from day one so what's new.

    Posted by coaster on 22 Jan 2022

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    Of course, the world is for people mainly, so from protect ourself from covid, more, more and more tests are important which gives so much pressure on test centers and thats why PCR test needs to be changed by RAT because if inreasing the number of test for making decision in crisis moment very quickly.

    Posted by Jannatul on 22 Jan 2022

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    I think they should be free considering how much covid is around at least give them out to the ones most vulnerable but they are saying that some might not be effective and give the correct result so maybe they need to work on that first.

    Posted by Charmaine on 17 Jan 2022

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    Yes they should be free. EU, UK and USA has been using them for over 12 months and they have served them well. There are 2 companies I know of who manufacture them here and export them to the world, our government unfortunately has not approved them here. Most off those available here have been made overseas.

    Posted by Fay on 12 Jan 2022

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    Yes they should be free; there must be a limit on how many can be handed out to user's at one time.

    Posted by Marlene on 11 Jan 2022

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    I feel that this government has stuffed up most things regarding this pandemic. Therefore I believe that these tests should be free.

    Posted by michb on 06 Jan 2022

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