Should The Australian Open Be Going Ahead?

Since touching down in Melbourne, tennis players set to take on the Australia Open have been forced into strict lockdown without access to the usual training facilities that are accustomed to. Some have taken it in their stride, while others, like Novak Djokovic have demanded exceptions like access to their coaches and trainers. LiveTribers, do you think the competition should have been postponed or cancelled? Was it irresponsible for officials to let the Open go ahead? Or are you looking forward to watching tennis?

Posted by on 18 Jan 2021

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    It's all political. Daniel Andrews (Vic State premier) makes up his own rules, only state still wearing masks, yet there is no community transmission. Using PCR to "diagnose" "cases" is questionable, should be blood tests, but the blood specialist around the world are being ignored. Unless they are showing signs of being sick then the tennis players should be allowed to train as long as they stick to other social distancing rules. Why can't they go from their hotel to the courts and back a couple of hours a day? Even though I am not into tennis I think it is too late to say whether it should have gone ahead or not , they are here now so let them train.

    Posted by musicveg on 29 Jan 2021

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    My head is in two minds. We cannot just stick our heads in the sand and have nothing to look forward to. Perhaps they should have come out earlier and therefore had time to quarantine properly and also have time to practice again. I also do not think they should be complaining as they should be thinking how lucky they are to come to Australia which is relatively covid free albeit with small outbreaks. They have bought the new strains with them also which is not good. Perhaps they should have been quarantined in their own country for a fortnight before flying out to Australia. Might have been sensible to do so. The cricket and football went OK so lets hope the tennis does also. We can only hope everyone plays their part in keeping Australians safe. Novak has always been a bit of an entitled moron. He staged a series and what happened, covid hit a lot of people through it including himself and others close to him and other tennis players and spectators etc. One would think he would have leatn his lesson from that but obviously not. He is no one more special than the next player and therefore should be treated exactly the same.

    Posted by coaster on 28 Jan 2021

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    Like football and cricket it should be cancelled as they ate not as important as public health

    Posted by Frank on 26 Jan 2021

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    most definitely cancelled

    Posted by Danii02 on 26 Jan 2021

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    Should have been canceled,We just can’t keep planning these big events off of their being maybe no cases in that week we aren’t out of the woods yet.

    Posted by Caitlin on 25 Jan 2021

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    Defiantly should have been cancelled.

    Posted by Shalley on 24 Jan 2021

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    i donr even watch but yes we cant just lose/cancel everything cos 'rona'

    Posted by squeekums1 on 24 Jan 2021

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    Should be postponed and irresponsible to have large crowds anywhere

    Posted by Michelle on 23 Jan 2021

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    Absolutely, Yes , should go ahead !!

    Posted by Rani on 22 Jan 2021

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    should go ahead

    Posted by David on 22 Jan 2021

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    If the overseas tennis players don't like the terms of being allowed into Australia then clear off back home and take the COVID 19 with them. I wonder why it was ever agreed for the Australian open to go ahead this year. Was it for the dollars or some ego trip for a few high profile players. Take your bats and balls and push off where you came from!

    Posted by niddy on 21 Jan 2021

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    Obviously money talks and has priority over the general population's health. Novak Djokovic has demanded exceptions, how about demanding that he either pulls his head in or p***es off back to his own country. Just another spoiled brat who thinks that he's owed a living. Cancel the Australian Open, it's not that important.

    Posted by ere on 20 Jan 2021

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    I agree send him home

    Posted by David on 22 Jan 2021

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    No. The Australian Open should not be going ahead. Victorians have been through so much and do not need people coming from overseas who are infected or potentially infected and who don't think that they should be quarantined. Many are from countries with a very high number of infections. It would have been better to wait until later in the year, if there must be an Australian Open, when hopefully the COVID virus might be less prevalent in society. Unfortunately, the almighty dollar trumps common sense on many occasions.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 20 Jan 2021

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    Send the wingers like jokovic home, most are doing the right thing

    Posted by GcW on 19 Jan 2021

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    The Open shouldn't have gone ahead.

    Posted by cazzle on 19 Jan 2021

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    Big fingers, that should be 'better spent'.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 19 Jan 2021

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    No, it is just another case where vested interests hols sway over common sense. I am willing to bet that the majority pf Melbourne residents would rather the funds being wasted on a few prima donnas and their hanger ons would be netter spent on front line health and emergency workers.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 19 Jan 2021

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    Prima Donnas of any persuasion will often selfishly expect more. But health rules are there for the common good not for the uncommon and talented alone. Makes you wonder if we ever have another world war how we'd all cope!!!

    Posted by mact on 18 Jan 2021

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    People in Melbourne don't want to endure any more lock downs. We spent 20 weeks of last year in lock down. Most people worked from home and most children were schooled at home. We were only allowed 1 hour exercise outside the home per day. Only one person per household was allowed to go grocery shopping, get petrol etc. Most shops were closed except for chemists, grocery shops and petrol stations. Also all of us had to be home between 8 pm and 5 am each day (unless you were working or getting medical attention). It was definitely not fun being in lock down. There should be no special exemptions and special rules for tennis players. Some Victorians are stranded in Sydney, Brisbane and overseas and unsure when they can return back to Victoria. That is why there is a lot of anger in Victoria about this and holding the tennis at the moment.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 18 Jan 2021

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    State Premiers have had to make hard, fast decisions to protect people, creating a lot of anger in the process. While successful - tough restrictions are painful. Such moves may be required again. If the AO is allowed to go ahead . . . good luck getting public support and cooperation for further Covid restrictions.

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 18 Jan 2021

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    Sometimes common sense needs to prevail a big No

    Posted by Donna on 18 Jan 2021

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    No definitely not especially when some of them have it. Can’t be one rule for one and another for another

    Posted by Chappo7 on 18 Jan 2021

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    Our government allows famous people from overseas to flaunt our Covid 19 quarantine laws just by coming here. NOBODY from overseas should be allowed in at the moment, especially from America. Sport just isn't important at the moment. People are dying.....keep Covid under control and save money.

    Posted by algemyone on 18 Jan 2021

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    agatha maude

    I agree. My grandson cannot come home from Canada, he is an Australian citizen so why are these people allowed in

    Posted by agatha maude on 18 Jan 2021

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    Unfortunately your grandson doesn't have enough money to ensure a seat on an aircraft or make enough money for the Victorian Government.

    Posted by joyboy on 20 Jan 2021

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