Should The Australian Government Support Refugees Build A Life In Australia?

Green Connect is an Australian urban farm that employs former refugees who are struggling to find work. One refugee tells the BBC how it “changed his life dramatically” after he arrived from the Democratic Republic of China. What do you think LiveTribers, should the Australian Government support refugees build a life in Australia?

Posted by on 21 Jan 2022

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    If any allowed to reside refugee wants to have a go.....give them help..... but don't modecoddle by overcompensating using hardworking taxpayer funds.

    Posted by mact on 25 Jan 2022

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    The hospitality of Australia is one of the best in the treatment of refugees the trouble is that past instances of Serbian tactics should not be forgotten >> ,... The protests and demonstrations ! We can live together with peace . The funding should be investigated , The tradesmen and higher group of tradesmen can be used in positions with equal Australian occupations of Australians ( This could work ) .!! The sexes , they have always survived and help is always there !!

    Posted by kenneth on 22 Jan 2022

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    Genuine Refugees deserve the help more prosperous countries can afford them there are a lot of citizens in Australia that don’t get the benefits that refugees get

    Posted by Christina on 22 Jan 2022

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    I agree to a certain extent but there are their own people in this country now who can return the help the Australian people gave them. We have too many of our own people living in poverty, on the streets, in dire need of health services and housing and yet are put last on the list. On top of this, some of these migrants and refugees are not law abiding and in my opinion should be expelled from this country if not following our laws. First time warned but two strikes and you are out of course depending on the severity of the situation. I agree there are many genuine refugees and migrants but all too often Australia is taken advantage of and the governments of all levels seem to over compensate to the minorities. I do not agree with the refugees being in detention for years either. Make a decision and either let them out or send them elsewhere. If they do not have documents stating who they are I would have to ask why not. I would think that would be the first thing they would bring with them so the delay is not caused by our government but by the refugee's lack of documentation. However, 2 years should be the maximum and then a decision should be made.

    Posted by coaster on 06 Feb 2022

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    No. They don't assist native Australians, nor migrants. Many refugees arrive with assets and are given much more than deserving people here have. Returned Service people are homeless and in need of help and care, but are ignored. Even children are living on the streets! Get priorities right. Most 'refugees' aren't, and can go elsewhere.

    Posted by Tyke on 21 Jan 2022

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    A bit harsh. Yes I agree our service men can be and are treated badly and we have a lot of homeless and people in need of help and care and being an elderly woman it is hard to get any help unless I pay for it and unfortunately do not have the funds so I puddle along doing the best I can. I feel there are enough of their own people now in this country who have been helped by our government and now they in turn should help their fellow countrymen and woman adjust to life in Australia. There are clubs such as the Italian Clubs, German Clubs etc. who used to help so presume they still do. The Jewish community also help their people too. Once cannot expect us Aussies to keep handing out money hand over fist whilst our own people are suffering and struggling. It has to be a balanced approach and let's face it, not many of these people are grateful. They take and expect more and complain. Seen it too many times which makes me angry. Not all but enough to feel like we have been taken for a ride. I know many come from war torn countries and have medical or mental issues and yes we pay for the medical treatments. However, we have a long list of our people with mental issues getting no treatment, hospital surgery waiting lists years long, dental waiting lists years long. Housing placement years long as the new ones arrive many with families and they get top priority whereas a single person or couple waiting for years gets pushed down the list all the time. I agree these people need help and they are welcome to my country to live in peace but it is not a one way street. As for Green Connect one could say it is biased against the Australians in favor of refugees but many Aussies do not want to work on farms. I think it should not be just for these refugees but any person who wants to work. It is discriminatory otherwise.

    Posted by coaster on 22 Jan 2022

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