Should The Australian Government Give In To Facebook’s Proposed New Law?

Facebook has banned Australians from viewing news content on its platform as a retaliation to a proposed new law. Scott Morrison has said this decision is both "arrogant" and "disappointing". What do you think LiveTribers? Should the Australian government give in to Facebook's proposed new law?

Posted by on 22 Feb 2021

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    FB is still playing games. They decided on using a shock tactic and took new sites, including government-related sites down in a flash without warning. Power play. Two days ago they agreed to reverse the blocking - but few seem to have returned to normal. I.e. FB is dragging its feet . . . and still playing games to gain the upper hand when negotiating with news outlets. Who trusts them now? Anyone? FB has had the benefit of free content for so long and built its model on it. . . . . now thinks it is entitled to free content. Am glad AU govt is challenging them and protecting the value of news.

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 25 Feb 2021

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    Since when did Facebook make the laws? It's bad enough that everyone given some variety of authority seems to believe that this gives them permission to enforce what THEY think the law SHOULD be, but some foreign virtual-empire dictating to Australia - even worse, to ME? Closed my account. Suggest you do the same. We survived pre-Facebook. We can do it again.

    Posted by mysteron347 on 25 Feb 2021

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    at the end of the day the world is watching and facebook can only tolerate so much but if the world withdraws (could be a possibility) than facebook - bye bye so obviously facebook will compromise

    Posted by Silvana on 24 Feb 2021

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    Fb announced that the news feeds will be back 'in coming days' after agreed with the government that some pre-warning will be given to them if something triggered that they have to pay the media. But that doesn't mean the news feed can stay in your posts forever. In a nutshell, Suckerberg is mean and needle mind-don't want to pay a penny to the media while shutting down not just news content. Yesterday I discovered that we can't even share the official website of UK Commonwealth Office and Commonwealth Foreign Trades' website.

    Posted by June on 24 Feb 2021

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    I have very little to do with Facebook and if they didn't exist would make no difference to me - don't care if they have news or not (I didn't even know they had news!). If I want news I watch "The News" - or listen to "The News"

    Posted by SandraH on 23 Feb 2021

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    Government just announced that FB will wind back its blocking of newsies. Govt will give it more time to negotiate deals with news outlets - can will force it into compulsory deals if it doesn't negotiate in good faith. (Reported on

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 23 Feb 2021

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    Jay Kay

    We may think Facebook doesn't care about losing "customers", but every company worries about loosing even just one (1) customer. If we stick to our guns, then these 'bullies' will see that it is only harming themselves and will quickly back down. The BULLIES mantra is to divide our resolve and make us afraid when they are the ones that are afraid of our unity.

    Posted by Jay Kay on 23 Feb 2021

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    Another bully trying to make Australia bend to their way. I have never used Facebook and never would anyway. I do not use social media at all. Prefer face to face meetings and with friends I either telephone or email or text. Let Facebook dig it's own grave.

    Posted by coaster on 23 Feb 2021

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    Its own grave, it's is short for it is, a common mistake. I partially agree with some of what you have said but I use social media. The LNP Government has to go, especially after the quadruple rape reports and their vile treatment of both the elderly and unemployed. The Indue Card is corrupt, too and destroys mental health in its Victims.

    Posted by Fourskin. on 24 Feb 2021

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    What is facebooks new law though?

    Posted by dlrmatrix on 23 Feb 2021

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    No! Goes without saying really.

    Posted by Jo22 on 23 Feb 2021

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    Facebook's knee-jerk reaction helped demonstrate that it likes flexing its dominance. Not a good look - it was a botched job - plus it got lots of organisations and businesses to consider other options! There are other platforms and younger generations largely bypass FB anyway. So in time FB might go the way of MySpace? I think the Aust gov should continue, and we will adapt.

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 23 Feb 2021

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    Typical of greedy company,s i have switched to Linkeden!

    Posted by GcW on 23 Feb 2021

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    Facebook is only able to try to dictate due the huge numbers of users. I've never used it and hopefully never will. Why not use normal email. Start you own email user group. So if you don't like what Facebook is doing don't use it and kill the beast!!! Big tech needs to pay it's way and more free rides!

    Posted by mact on 23 Feb 2021

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    There are better and less arrogant news sources out there. Even though some kind of 'deal' has been worked out I will use them from now on and not Fakebook and have closed my Fakebook account as a protest. I've had enough of these arrogant multi billion companies from other countries just using up Australia to line their pockets and further their own plans.

    Posted by ere on 24 Feb 2021

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