Should Teachers Be Friends With Their Students on Social Media?

Teenagers use social media apps like Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat and Whatsapp to chat with their friends and peers. But should they be able to chat with their teachers? An increasing number of students are friending their teachers on social media, but is it inappropriate? Should the relationship between teachers and students be kept strictly to classrooms? What do you think LiveTribers?

Posted by on 18 Feb 2019

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    I don’t think it’s appropriate for children to follow their teachers on social media. Most Children look up to their teachers and to follow them on social media, could set them on the wrong path in life. Let’s face it, at school the teachers follow guidelines, on social media they follow none!

    Posted by Lolita on 25 Apr 2019

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    I don't think it is appropriate for teachers to have their learners on social media while the learner is at school. I think once they have left school and no longer have contact it is a different matter.

    Posted by Amy on 04 Apr 2019

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    No I don’t think

    Posted by Estella on 03 Apr 2019

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    Under no circumstances.

    Posted by Narelle on 02 Apr 2019

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    Teaches should not friend students on social media and just teach students like they did before social media came around it is better for people not to know what you are doing and brag about how good there lives are

    Posted by blake on 26 Mar 2019

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    The teacher and student relationship has to be just for educational purpose only, not outside of the school or school hours.

    Posted by Jessy on 20 Mar 2019

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    I believe students and teacher's relationship be kept strictly to the 9:00am - 3:00pm educational structure. If teacher's and students need to talk at all about anything, it should only be done within the educational study hours, as stated above. Teacher's are only there to educate children, that's it, nothing else.

    Posted by Winifred on 15 Mar 2019

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    If it is school work only.

    Posted by Melissa on 11 Mar 2019

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    It depends on the maturity of the student and if you are also comfortable doing so.

    Posted by tomasa on 28 Feb 2019

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    Really depends on the age of the student.

    Posted by Bambii73 on 24 Feb 2019

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    NEVER - A teacher is a TEACHER not your child's friend/mate. Also I believe it is wrong that some teachers let their students call them by their first name. The lines of Teacher v's Student are so blurred these days and this is why we have so much problems within our schools and why most students have problems when they get their first job.

    Posted by NotNats on 24 Feb 2019

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    No way keep it to the class room

    Posted by Yogi7310 on 24 Feb 2019

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    No. Im an adult & I dont befriend work colleagues on socisl media as employers then have access to your personal life & Ive seen it used against the employee. Why would an adult teacher need to be friends with their students? Totally inappropriate

    Posted by Belinda on 24 Feb 2019

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    Posted by bubblybrunette on 24 Feb 2019

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    triends face to face, not the other face(book)

    Posted by Betty on 24 Feb 2019

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    In one word..."NO"

    Posted by Ross on 24 Feb 2019

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    It's not just about the teacher. It means the teacher's friends and colleagues comments can be seen and the have not given permission. Unfortunately some teachers and some students post inappropriate comments. Better safe than sorry.

    Posted by CrystalStorm on 24 Feb 2019

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    Definitely No,Teachers are not family.

    Posted by Jannette on 24 Feb 2019

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    Yes through the school account students can PM their teachers but this is monitored by senior staff ie principal. No private profiles between teacher and student

    Posted by sascha on 24 Feb 2019

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    Teachers and students should be sharing a strong bond inside the classroom and not on social media.Social media can only be used by a student if he or she really needs urgent help out of the classroom.

    Posted by Lotokufaki on 24 Feb 2019

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    Allgoodets is always better face to face. If they need to find out something. There is always an email switch I strongly believe is bests. Thank you CHRISTINE JAMES

    Posted by Allgoodets on 24 Feb 2019

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    Yes , of course they should , no problem with my daughters friending their teachers , after all this is 2019 , not 1919

    Posted by pjohnw on 23 Feb 2019

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    No students should not be able to follow teachers on line.

    Posted by Lorraine on 23 Feb 2019

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    I am a teacher and have had many students request to follow or to be a ‘friend’ on social media. My response is always to decline. I have always explained why but then told them there are always ways to contact me outside of school hours, if necessary, through email or our class blog, etc. I find it a bit awkward and there definitely needs to be professional boundaries. Plus, not only do I not want to see that my 10 year old student has a better social life than I do, but I don’t want them to see mine *writing this after waking up from an afternoon nap on a Saturday* However, if it were to happen, I think it would be completely innocent but it’s safest to stay away from it!

    Posted by Bianca on 23 Feb 2019

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    No askong for trouble

    Posted by Wendy on 23 Feb 2019

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    J star

    My first response was a definitive no, but that's because thats the way the world is heading... Would it/could it be potentially healthy for a young student to chat with someone outside of their peer group- who is already screened and deemed safe... I think it could be. I see a lot of peer to peer interactions and I see how much people struggle outside of that. Would it/could it be potentially healthy to have a mentoring relationship between a teacher and students... again I would have to say, I think it would be. But with how the world currently interact, with the way people are in today.. I have to say no!

    Posted by J star on 23 Feb 2019

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    Definitely not

    Posted by Lindsay on 23 Feb 2019

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    Posted by GeesOpinion on 23 Feb 2019

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    They should be kept strictly to the classroom.

    Posted by Dale on 23 Feb 2019

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    Definitely not

    Posted by Tiger1821 on 23 Feb 2019

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    Keep the relationship to the classroom.

    Posted by erinsaunt on 23 Feb 2019

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    I don't think it is appropriate especially with the older students .it is quite a hard question really .I suppose it is up to the individual ,what are there motives for being in contact with the student , school work ,well school finishes at 3 pm doesn't it ?

    Posted by Trevor on 22 Feb 2019

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    I was "old school" when it came to teachers & always kept them strictly professional until my kids went to a private school where the teachers took a lot of interest in their students. By knowing their home life & dreams for the future they found that students did better by having a teacher/student relationship that was more than just a classroom one. Their teachers were able to detect when there were issues at home & at school that affect student performance. In high school especially having that connection to their teachers the students felt able to approach a teacher to discuss something or to get advice. At the end of the day my kids did far better academically because of those teachers & are now achieving their dreams as adults, they still have contact with those teachers & count them as good friends. If a teacher is able to form that sort of friendship then it is so much better for the kids. I would not call it a normal friendship & it is rarely seen outside of school but if I had to do it over again I would still encourage the teachers to really know them & count them as friends.

    Posted by aussieladee on 22 Feb 2019

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    Teachers should be interested in what the students talk to them about but on a Professional level only or boundaries would be easily crossed. What if a teacher heard/read something that is unacceptable. Do they report it or not? Risky consequences either way.

    Posted by Kerry on 22 Feb 2019

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    I think it should be kept strictly professional that way, everyone knows where they stand with each other. There must be boundaries for both students as well as teachers. Teachers are there to teach not become a best friend.

    Posted by grunsey on 22 Feb 2019

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    No, it's not a good idea - teachers should always make themselves available to students if they are needed for any reason but the teacher/student status should still be held.

    Posted by DJC on 22 Feb 2019

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    I don't see a problem with it.

    Posted by angrymum on 22 Feb 2019

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    Teachers are there to teach, not be their friends. Many unsavoury events could take place, as we have seen in the media reports on teacher/student relationships, ending in court.

    Posted by David on 22 Feb 2019

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    A teacher is employed to teach not act as a life style minder. George Orwell's novel "1984" published in 1949 was a look into the future of things that were at the time inconceivable by the average person. Now that age has arrived "BIG BROTHER IS CONTINUALLY WATCHING YOU" This includes teachers joining your FB site.

    Posted by socker on 22 Feb 2019

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    Yep, why not?

    Posted by Brandon on 22 Feb 2019

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    Sure probably might not act like friends during school but afterwards that's their lives, so what's the big deal with them being friends on social Media.

    Posted by Brandon on 22 Feb 2019

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    No they shouldn't be friends because then a teacher can see whats going on social media with there lives and i think they shoukd keep as teacher only at school

    Posted by Chantel on 22 Feb 2019

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    As a teacher of over 40 years we didn't have social media for most of that time but my students always knew I was a phone call away in times of urgency and they felt they could call me out any time, to settle a problem with parents, if they were stranded and couldn't contact anyone else or for an inquiry about school work. However when Social media arrived it was a definite no-no to talk or discuss things where anyone and everyone could see. My phone was still available for students and parents to discuss school or family matters. All other "one on one" conversations were handled via email. Although many knew me by first name through my community and other out of school activities, within school , even my own grandsons called me by my proper title and surname. Now I am retired I absolutely love Facebook as it keeps me in touch with so many past students and many have 'found' me on Facebook. I love hearing of their careers, travels, further studies and their own little families. We can use Messenger for private matters and I am so proud when we have get-togethers, am invited to celebrations or coffee mornings and being the only teacher invited to several student reunions. I am also regarded as a surrogate "Nanna' to some of their children.

    Posted by Eileen on 22 Feb 2019

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    NO WAY.

    Posted by Tonyporritt on 22 Feb 2019

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    No should not foster a relationship on social media. The relationship must be kept tp classroom and other school based activities..

    Posted by ian on 22 Feb 2019

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    No and the teacher should not interact in this way either as it is inappropriate. Strictly kept to classroom

    Posted by coaster on 22 Feb 2019

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    No teachers are for school teaching only

    Posted by Mary-Anne on 22 Feb 2019

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    no, as it introduce undesirable topics

    Posted by shrott on 21 Feb 2019

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    no no that's going to far the teacher is there to teach nothing more

    Posted by alderwick on 21 Feb 2019

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    I agree no social media contact but honestly !! You think teachers should only teach? For many students today with so many parents too busy, to uncaring or too unaware to help youngsters with their problems, to spend time just talking and laughing, to show them that somebody is there for them when they are hurting is what most teachers also do. Ask yourself why teachers are taking sport, learn to swim, drama, music, driving, sex education, gardening, dangers of drugs and even driving for Heavens' sake. They have to be a counsellor for problems, adviser, relationship coach, be an intermediary often in family conflicts and do all this beyond the basic subject class time they are paid for, because parents no longer want that responsibility or won't put in the time. Most now just hand their child an Ipad or mobile phone to keep them out of their hair. Teachers do all this surrogate parenting usually outside of the classroom 'teaching' time and for which they often are not paid. If teachers don't do it - who else would care? I was a teacher for over 40 years and no teacher I even met just 'taught".

    Posted by Eileen on 22 Feb 2019

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    I agree that friendships can develop one the teacher has retired and the students have grown up. Depends on which age group you were teaching. I am also a retired teacher, mostly of younger children. I was invited to many birthday parties but didn't go. Then I was invited to a 21st! That grabbed my attention and since then I have contacted by many others, but I keep it strictly conversational, nothing too personal.

    Posted by marli on 22 Feb 2019

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    No, teachers should not be friends with students. Teachers have a position of authority which immediately divides them from their charges. When I went to school our teachers were God like and very mystical so we knew nothing about them, but when my children went to school they knew the teachers . Christian names, whether or not they were married, living together or had children. I didn't then nor do I now think it was right. If the teachers were doing so much talking about themselves when did they have time to teach? Perhaps that is why there are so many poorly educated people around these days with such narrow ideas and thoughts. If you don't see or hear it on Facebook or Twitter it isn't true. People seem very ready to believe almost anything and have little to no regard for the truth. It does seem to me that people should be better educated now seeing that they spend more time at school than we did, but sadly that isn't the case.

    Posted by Paula on 21 Feb 2019

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    Parents today are generally too busy, too unaware of the needs of their children, dare I say in some cases, too uncaring. Teachers are now expected to do so many things which really are the role of parents and that is why there is less and less time for teaching the basics. How many children do you now see head down playing with iPad or mobile phone instead of chatting with parents or working or reading together? This is the problem - parenting not the teacher. I agree Social Media is not the place but for so many youngsters, the teacher is the only person they can regard as a caring friend.

    Posted by Eileen on 22 Feb 2019

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    clearmoon clearmoon

    No, not in social media neither in school or other places

    Posted by clearmoon clearmoon on 21 Feb 2019

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    Had u asked me this question ten years ago I would have said.. ABSOLUTELY Not as this could result in any number Of cracks to start forming within the school system.... such as personal feelings getting in the way leading to other students missing out on there teachers potential to operate at 0 for all students, ... therefore I stand my ground on this one to this day it's not appropriate

    Posted by Madonna on 21 Feb 2019

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    In general, absolutely not a 'friend on social media. It would be too easy to be misunderstood in some conversations. Teachers are 'teachers', not 'best friends. There are many students to whom you become quite close to but as a teacher, you must not cross the line. Friends can be close but on social media, there are too many unknowns. too many people have access to your thoughts, if they try to be disruptive or even destructive. The written word is easy to manipulate with meaning, in my view.

    Posted by marli on 21 Feb 2019

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    No way . The teachers see them for 6 hours a day isn't that enough

    Posted by Julio on 21 Feb 2019

  • [1] [0]

    No not at all

    Posted by Nancey on 21 Feb 2019

  • [2] [0]


    Posted by Colliwobbles on 21 Feb 2019

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    Being the teacher knowing not to cross the line i dont see a problem with it . Students as young kids / adults sometimes need the extra support .

    Posted by Cindy on 20 Feb 2019

  • [0] [3]

    Depends on age

    Posted by shitty on 20 Feb 2019

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    Writer Steven

    Don't see an issue if it does not cross the line into something more personal. Sometimes a teacher is the only adult a child feels they can rely on.

    Posted by Writer Steven on 20 Feb 2019

  • [3] [0]

    Teachers have alot to deal with at school, i think thats where the relationship should stay in the classroom. theres too much negative attitudes towards teachers & it may send the sudent the wrong message..

    Posted by Lolita on 20 Feb 2019

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    Teachers and students cannot be friends ..students can expect special favours and teachers can open themselves up to many .problems . ..there are so many lines to cross and teachers will always come out the loser ..

    Posted by Jennifer on 20 Feb 2019

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    Teachers should not be friends with there students on social media. They have a code of conduct to represent and a position as a teacher to there student. Breaching that is crossing all boundaries.

    Posted by Simoney on 20 Feb 2019

  • [5] [0]

    I don't think teachers should be friends with students on social media, because there will be a lack of respect in class at the end of the day.

    Posted by Nelly006 on 20 Feb 2019

  • [3] [0]

    does not sound healthy .special one to one not only for the student an teacher .that could be assured of bad behavior . If they need help should be done after school at school in a group .apart from sports

    Posted by high12 on 20 Feb 2019

  • [0] [4]

    Why Not? When I was a pupil I played football with and against my teachers. We also attended the same social gatherings. People today have too many sinister thoughts about pupil/teacher contacts, hence the extremely low numbers of male teachers in the system today. Male teachers in my day were in greater numbers than female teachers and a lot of my male friends looked up to these same male teachers as mentors.

    Posted by Pedro24 on 19 Feb 2019

  • [6] [0]

    Definitely NOT , teachers should stay in the class room & not have personal encounters of any kind with their students . This connection with a student or students may leave the teacher wide open to unwarranted behaviour , or even untruthful accusations if the friendship goes " Pear Shaped. " Don't let it happen . , and after a falling out

    Posted by Horn on 19 Feb 2019

  • [6] [0]

    Should be kept in classroom relationship. Misinterpretation is the biggest issue.

    Posted by Domenica on 19 Feb 2019

  • [0] [1]

    It really depends on the reason the teacher and student mutually want to enhance their relationship online. If it is for productive purposes, such as sharing work for feedback from the teacher, then it is a great idea. If it becomes, however, a strange way for the two to maintain knowledge of the other's personal life, that doesn't sit well with me.

    Posted by Leroy on 19 Feb 2019

  • [5] [0]

    No they should not be. They are their teachers. A line has to be drawn between being a teacher and a friend. The unfortunate part about this is that some teenagers do not have the help around them that is needed.

    Posted by Likeable on 19 Feb 2019

  • [3] [0]

    definitly not,they are there teacher,NOT THERE FRIEND.They have your childs future in there hands and they should repect that

    Posted by ibby on 19 Feb 2019

  • [1] [1]

    Depending on the situation it could be ok my wife is a teacher and is fb friends with many of her old students from Cambodia but that said I firmly believe that a child should build a closer bond to the parents then to teacher so well I’m ok with them being friends on fb I’m also for keeping children off of fb till after high school and spending time with them whenever you can less tv more kicking a ball around or tea party’s with dolls

    Posted by warbird on 19 Feb 2019

  • [4] [0]

    No too creepy, why should kids what to know all about their teachers, and what is worse why should teachers want to know about their kids personal lives.

    Posted by musicveg on 19 Feb 2019

  • [6] [0]

    No the simple fact is it should be kept at school and in the classroom and I don't think that teachers and students should be in contact outside of school or on social media to me it just seems wrong and a bit weird and to think what kind of ideas an older person or a teacher would have with a young student or person I don't seem to think that is right

    Posted by Tamara on 18 Feb 2019

  • [6] [0]

    No, it's not a good idea, I think it is inappropriate, not at all acceptable. Why and for what reason would any adult teacher want to chat with their students on social media?

    Posted by Michelle on 18 Feb 2019

  • [7] [0]

    No. The only type of communication between students and teachers of an electronic kind should be work related eg essay drafts.

    Posted by hispania on 18 Feb 2019

  • [2] [0]

    Teachers and students should only communicate via school emails or classroom chats Once kids have finished high school they should then have a right to communicate Anything else would be inappropriate

    Posted by Karen on 18 Feb 2019

  • [6] [0]

    Definitely not. My stepdaughter and her best friend are connected on Social Media with Teachers and one school Chaplain. We recently found out they have joined a "Christian Church" Which worries me terribly because my stepdaughter has cut ties with her father totally, out of the blue and we cannot contact her or know for sure where she lives. She refuses to having anything to do with us and she isn't quite 18.

    Posted by Glenda on 18 Feb 2019

  • [0] [0]

    I really feel for you. This must be every parents worse nightmare. Hope that she gets in contact with you soon.

    Posted by Likeable on 19 Feb 2019

  • [5] [0]

    absolutely not. Teachers need to turn off from “school” as do the students. It also opens up a whole lot of grey areas around privacy for teacher and student. I know students can contact their teacher in some schools via an email and receive homework etc through that as well. I think that’s enough.

    Posted by Leoni on 18 Feb 2019

  • [3] [0]

    I believe teacher and children should communicate in classroom, but on an occasion at home on PC for homework and only to send completed work. There is a time and place for education with teachers, not socially, I think it is getting out of hand, confusing.

    Posted by flowerpot on 18 Feb 2019

  • [2] [0]

    Know way.leave it in the class room.

    Posted by Chrysler on 18 Feb 2019

  • [0] [0]

    In my opinion teachers and students between them should only be keep in the classroom , but if a teacher retires , teaches at another school ect or the student either moves onto another school, ( e.g goes to high school, ) leaves school or attends another school than they no longer have to have that student teacher relationship Because I've become friends with teachers that taught me , I only became friends with them after I finished my education

    Posted by Rosie on 18 Feb 2019

  • [0] [0]

    I agree with what you have said. It does become different once you are no longer in contact with them as a teacher to you. I too have remained in touch with 1 of my teachers from a long time ago.

    Posted by Likeable on 19 Feb 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Not really a good idea

    Posted by leolion on 18 Feb 2019

  • [0] [0]
    Iggy's mum

    Considering the amount of PC that is out there, I say no.

    Posted by Iggy's mum on 18 Feb 2019

  • [0] [1]

    As long as the befriending between student and teacher is strictly kept on an educational basis. Anything else is inappropriate

    Posted by strawbs56 on 18 Feb 2019

  • [2] [0]

    No and neither should their parents

    Posted by Mal on 18 Feb 2019

  • [1] [0]

    No, it is not all appropriate for children to chat with their teacher outside the classroom via twitter, instant gram and facebook. If this is being done, a teacher can be charged with grooming.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 18 Feb 2019

  • [2] [0]

    I agree 100% tassiegirl. Where does friendship end and grooming start. The teacher may be completely innocent and wrongly accused of something untoward.

    Posted by ere on 19 Feb 2019

  • [4] [0]

    This interaction should be kept strictly to the classroom for the safety of both pupils and teachers.

    Posted by Chopin24 on 18 Feb 2019

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