Should Pet Shops Stop Selling Animals?

You might have noticed a decrease in the number of puppies and kittens being sold in your local pet shop and it’s not because it’s banned (unless you’re in Victoria). It’s because of the changing attitudes towards purchasing pets through stores, buying through breeders and adoption is on the rise. LiveTribers, do you think pet shops should stop selling animals completely? Do you think selling puppies in pet shops encourage puppy mills and farms? Have you bought an animal from a pet store recently?

Posted by on 21 Sep 2020

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    I think it is a lot safer to adopt a pet from a pet rescue organization, there are so many pets who need a loving home when we lost our fur baby after 13 years, we automatically new that when we felt it was the right time, we would adopt a pet from a pet rescue they are well looked after, and the money goes to the organization that have been caring for them.

    Posted by mumtee on 30 Sep 2020

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    As an older person when you retire and have lots of spare time or your partner has passed away or you are single a pet is important to a lot of ppl if only to have a pet to sit next to you. It has got to the stage that you don't see kittens and puppies advertised now needing a home and to buy a pet especially a puppy can cost you $1500 and that's at the cheaper end. We have always had rescue dogs but now even those will cost you $500. Pensioners can afford to feed a kitten/puppy but not many have a large amount to buy the animal. I have also seen a lot of families that don't have a pet because they can't afford to pay out thousands for a pet and would like a puppy to grow up with their children as opposed to having an older rescue dog that they don't know the history of.

    Posted by Kilrust on 29 Sep 2020

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    No ! I don't think they should be on display , to tap windows and generally annoy them ! Sure all the puppies , kittens etc. look cute and a play thing for children . The fact is that they're living , breathing animals like us and they have feelings ,emotions and need to be cared for , groomed exercised ,trained as you would a child . I'm finding a lot of people buy these animals as a toy for their child , without teaching the children how to trear them , they're not a toy one brings out , plays and then gets put back in the box , until they start to grow and the novelty runs out and get ignored and eventually sent to shelters . Education and responsibility should be put in place , way before picking a pet . Even adults need training in the various breeds. We know for instance that dogs have evolved from wolves , but they still have a natural instinct , hunting , listening , smelling and the breed can determine which is best suitable for the family . I'm not suggesting that all dogs are vicious , but each breed has a different trait suited to it's instincts . eg. If you want a large dog that is lazy , friendly and will always be by your side . A Greyhound would suit , believe it or not ! Generally speaking get an animal from a shelter , as you know they will eventually be euthanized , and be forearmed with info. on the breeds and talk to the carers/keepers .

    Posted by robert on 26 Sep 2020

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    There never used to be pet shops. Dogs and cats ate meat from the butchers and there was always puppies and kittens advertised in the paper. They were not pedigree but not many people had a designer breed animal as in those days.

    Posted by socker on 25 Sep 2020

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    I don't mind the pet shops as long as the animals are looked after lovingly. But I do object to what they want in money for some of the puppies. I recently saw a pug puppy and the asking price was nearly $5000. I realise that it might be the breeder wanting a high price, but the average person in the current times cannot afford this amount. Also what happens to the puppies and kittens that cannot be sold. Surely a sensible thing to do in this case is for interested persons to make an offer. There names and contact could be left with the stores.

    Posted by Rabbitohs on 24 Sep 2020

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    Any Pet Reseller or Breeder should be licensed and subject to regular and unannounced spot compliance checks to maintain standards with hefty fines for first offence and deregistering for subsequent offences depending on the severity and circumstances. RSPCA would set the minimum standards and with LGA officers assist with spot checks.

    Posted by mact on 23 Sep 2020

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    In WA you now have to be licensed to sell a puppy which will now just mean ppl will work around that some how

    Posted by Kilrust on 29 Sep 2020

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    Firstly, add taxes & fees & charges, then regulate them out of existence in favour of no-kill animal shelters run by Vegans. If you can't have / don't want pets, then consider donating to such. Well Done Victoria :-) Other states should follow their lead. No, I'm not from Victoria.

    Posted by vegandelight on 22 Sep 2020

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    In my opinion, animals should not be sold un pet shops. They are kept in small cages/enclosures where they eat and expel their waste. They have no exercise, they are often teased by passing people. This is inhumane treatment. I have only ever adopted animals that I have owned from the RSPCA and am pleased to have been able to give these animals a good life.

    Posted by michb on 22 Sep 2020

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