Should Kids Be Raised Gender Neutral?

Raising kids without a specific gender in mind has been a movement gaining momentum in the last decade or so. Essentially, instead of assigning female things like pink clothes, dolls and make up to a little girl, parents allow their kids to pick whatever colour and toys they connect with. Parents encourage their kids to express themselves without enforcing gender stereotypes like boys should be tough and girls should be polite. Do you think this is a good thing LiveTribers? Should kids be raised in a gender-neutral environment?

Posted by on 04 Mar 2019

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    Posted by intrepidarts on 24 May 2019

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    Wow these threads are 100 times more sad than reddit lol

    Posted by rainbowrelish on 26 Apr 2019

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    How can we push our views on to our children, when they look to us for guidance. Why are we changing the way world for a few?

    Posted by Lolita on 25 Apr 2019

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    What a load of crap. Boys should be boys and girls should be girls. This political correctness crap is going to far. Let kids be kids fullstop.

    Posted by Wesley on 16 Apr 2019

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    I think children today should be raised the same way we all have been raised with love and suport u will get the respect if you give respect and peple and chilren are who they are and just need to be loved the same as anyone else children are our future and what will be will be,just love and care for our children no matter what there gender or preferences as long as thre healthy,happy and honest and strong individuals life will work out for everyone

    Posted by Eileen on 15 Apr 2019

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    As long as we raise our children to be respectful and kind, we should allow our children to be whom they were born to be.

    Posted by Narelle on 02 Apr 2019

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    lord mayor

    What a load of crap. boys should be boys and girls should be boys. that is natures way

    Posted by lord mayor on 25 Mar 2019

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    I thinks it sad that we have to force children to make a decision on something they don't understand. Let kids be children for as long as they can, because we are adults for most of our lives. Teach the children love and kindness and then gender shouldn't ever be an issue. As a parent our influence over children changes once they go to school, where politics and religion raise their ugly heads. Neutral guidance is not teaching children about the right from wrong.

    Posted by K on 21 Mar 2019

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    Kids should be raised neutral full stop. They should be taught how to be good people and care for others and respect others beliefs. They should be allowed to make up their own minds about gender/sexuality/religion whenever they are ready and with neutral guidance.

    Posted by Andrew on 18 Mar 2019

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    Let children decide

    Posted by Danon2019 on 18 Mar 2019

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    no they do not think the same and the difference becomes greater as they mature.

    Posted by socker on 15 Mar 2019

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    Definite NO, I don't have a problem with any adult wanting to change their gender but it causes too much confusion to a child, clearly they are going to learn they have different body parts growing up and boys and girls can like the same toys IE: cars and dolls played with by both

    Posted by Donna on 11 Mar 2019

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    Absolutely not. Sorry but everyone is born a specific gender like it or not. It's utterly ridiculous to bring a child up genderless! How would that do anything but create widespread confusion and identity issues?

    Posted by Markeesha on 11 Mar 2019

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    Yes they should

    Posted by Bunnygirl1 on 11 Mar 2019

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    No no no definitely not

    Posted by Samantha on 11 Mar 2019

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    Definitely NO - how pathetic all of this rubbish truly is! If there's any DOUBT about what gender you have, just check in your underpants - takes 5 seconds. We were ALL created male or female - any perversion of that is perversion thought of/caused/created by mere human beings who have no commonsense.

    Posted by Moongold on 11 Mar 2019

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    Gender has nothing to do with feelings or choice. DNA says you are a male or female, x and y chromosomes. The rest is tavistock dogma.

    Posted by yvette316 on 11 Mar 2019

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    Let children grow up to what they are without any prompting

    Posted by Patricia on 10 Mar 2019

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    why do we have to control everything & every one. From what we do to who we are???

    Posted by Triangle on 10 Mar 2019

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    Let the children be themselves. Weather they are Male or female. They will eventually digger out what makes them happy and they become their true self

    Posted by Allgoodets on 10 Mar 2019

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    Most children pick the toys they like when l was a child l liked trains cars and girl toys but I'm not queer

    Posted by papillion on 10 Mar 2019

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    I dont think it really matters these days as long as the child/kids are safe living with either parent shouldn't matter, we are all individuals girls be girls n boy's be boy's n if there is that odd 1 that's ok because we are all still humans

    Posted by Damica on 10 Mar 2019

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    Yes, A healthy culture and a society with equal contribution from men and women requires a raise of the future citizens to be neutral

    Posted by Raghav on 10 Mar 2019

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    Why dont we just let kids be kids

    Posted by Trevor on 10 Mar 2019

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    Why is it as a society we have this need to pigeonhole almost everything including gender now. Be that we are either rigid, open-minded or somewhere in between that it's all getting a little too much and confusing. At the end of the day no matter what they are born as Female, Male, Hermaphrodite or Transgender they are still just little people. Can we not just treat these incredible little human beings as such. "Little People"

    Posted by Aussiered on 10 Mar 2019

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    For all the people saying you are either born male or female sorry to burst your bubble by science and chromosomes you have naturally born Males Females and Hermaphrodites( born with both sex & reproductive organs) years ago up until the late 70's early 80's the parents chose the sex of the hermaphrodite child often getting it very wrong. Now thanks to research and science, when a baby is born with both male/female reproductive organs they do an array of tests including hormonal, chemical and a few others that I can't bring to mind at the moment. So we are not all born just male or female.

    Posted by Aussiered on 10 Mar 2019

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    I liked your post. I'm a veterinary nurse, and aware of animals with reproductive organs that can be assigned to both genders. The vast majority of us are either male or female .... then there are those that don't entirely fit into any one slot ... and it's ok to be different ... that's the way God meant it, and those of us in the majority, NEED to realise that those of us, who are in the minority, are just as human as the rest of us ... this is how they where made ... and they are equally as important as those of us in the majority. AND, we all need to treat each other with respect and kindness, regardless of what sex we are, or our sexual orientation!

    Posted by Ulysses on 11 Mar 2019

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    I will raise my daughter as a female and not to be ashamed because she is a female. I won't be feeling guilty either and nor will I be bullied by society to think this is wrong.

    Posted by GeesOpinion on 10 Mar 2019

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    That would be the parents job with the help of other professionals like there school teachers. As for gender environment,again would have to be the parents call.Personally i would be gender neutral.

    Posted by ibby on 10 Mar 2019

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    Leave it up to the parents to bring their child up as they see fit, as long as child is happy, healthy and has opportunities to express themselves and believe in themselves. As a singe parent of only one child who is a boy I never told him he had to behave a certain way or play with certain toys or wear certain colour.I gave him every opportunity to explore different things including arts and crafts, sewing, cooking, making things with wood, chopping wood, etc. It does not take long for their natural identity to come out when they choose what they like to play with, what colours they like and how they express themselves. My son has never had a male figure in his life, we homeschooled so he did not even have teachers and was not interested in sport despite me trying to encourage him to try. But he is definitely a boy, loves wearing dark colours, loves to build things, fix things and work out how things work, taught himself the ins and outs of computers, but not interested in aggressive games or competition of any sort, I could go on but what I am trying to say is let your child choose, lets not be gender neutral and lets not tell them they have to behave a certain way because of their gender or wear certain colours etc. Glad I did not have a girl because I hate pink! The colour coding was put in place by toy manufacturers and people have made it some kind of weird tradition since.

    Posted by musicveg on 10 Mar 2019

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    No. All this political gender correctness is becoming way out of control and what it's mostly doing is creating these distorted images with children. It's bad enough they are to deal with eating problems and self esteem issues in trying to be someone they are not. I can't understand why these gender gender issues are even considered. Its only creating more mental health problems for self doubt.

    Posted by CoolChange_01 on 09 Mar 2019

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    This paragraph is a load of crap.. this is to whoever wrote it... Must be dumb, ignorant and knows nothing about how Australian children have been bought up in the past.. My daughter was born in 1967 and colours like everthing else was limited, but we were not mentally insane, if you were born naturally with a vagina you were a girl a penis meant a boy. We didnt have time to think or make big issues out of FAKE GENDERS, the girls and boys played together , got dirty together and we didnt have designated ways of life, That may have been correct for the very small minority of rich toorak toffy types. but not for ordinary normal people. that was my childhood. we never ever considered sex, as we were too busy being kids. My daughter was the same, though we lived in city and because I could craft she never wore pink... I hated the colour, she was dressed in red, purple, black, and many other colours that were available for adults..and again, girls wore trousers if they wanted, boys knitted and did crafts and girl did woodwork, boy also did cooking. THE IDIOTS THAT ARE PROMOTING This gender stupidity, need to stop, it is blatant abuse of children.. and should be called such.. when the child is old enough they can decdie. BUT to bring up children and deliberately cut away at their confidence give them no absolutes, is a demonic, feminist, mentally insane idea. and comes from the pit of hell.. go look at some of the sexless demonix statues you can find on the internet and they are all over the world... want the kids to think they are related to these demonic entities and not related to their own parents. SICK< SICK< SICK,, and of course its coming from the minority idiot feminists, and gender whatever,,,

    Posted by Not_A_DoDo on 09 Mar 2019

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    Absolutely not. Realistically speaking they are either boys or girls. How they express that in terms of roles around the house and colours they wear is up to them. But fact is fact there are only 2 genders, boys and girls.

    Posted by Rainbowc on 09 Mar 2019

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    No absolutely not

    Posted by HUMECREEK on 09 Mar 2019

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    I Don't understand how could you and why would you ignore the logical? Anatomy is fortunately a scientific and biological proven fact. Do we need to go back to the age old facts and why would we.??

    Posted by Melanie on 09 Mar 2019

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    The above is not what gender neutral refers to. Gender neutral is refusing to be assigned any gender and refusing to identify as a gender - stupid and irresponsible, but as for children not being relegated to certain colours etc as above, of course it's best and most parents do that anyway. The archaic old fashioned ways mentioned above were forced out by the baby boomers years ago.

    Posted by Yvonne on 09 Mar 2019

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    Many kids are raised in a gender neutral environment at home but labels are used at school, health care etc. It never occured to me to raise my children as boys and girls, I have tried to focus on broader roles in family, community, job satisfaction etc

    Posted by Melinda on 09 Mar 2019

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    Personally I don't believe children should be raised gender neutral. The issue for me is that it could have long term negative consequences. Gender should not be seen as something that is dangerous or damaging to a child. Embracing the differences in gender is incredibly important when forming part of a person's identity. Kids should not be made to feel shame if they enjoy and feel comfortable being the gender they were biologically born, but that is what a minority is asking to happen. It is also likely that transgender or gender fluid children may not be able to identify this part of themselves until after puberty or well into adulthood because they have never have not had any experience with gender, live as a particular gender or look to society to see differences in gender. This could be devastating and delaying a person to be able to find an identity with which they feel most comfortable. Forcing people to be gender neutral is just as ignorant and damaging, as forcing someone to identify as a particular gender they are not comfortable in. Gender exists. Instead of creating a society without celebrating differences in gender by forcing everyone to be asexual, we should just be more accepting of those who wish to choose their gender or those who wish to not be bound by gender. As human beings, we seem to be unable to ever just add to our understanding, while maintaining important parts of ourselves and society. We tend to completely throw out everything we know and begin anew, without putting thorough thought into the severe consequences of doing so. Gender and proudly identifying with a particular part of it should not be shameful just because it fits with their biology. Unfortunately, that is what is happening and the psychological damage and confusion this will have upon generations to follow, could be catastrophic. What is the purpose of wanting all children to be brought up gender neutral? How do people eventually make a choice if they have had no real experience with either or can look to society to teach or show them definite gender differences? What do we do with the possible generations who will suffer from psychological, emotional, social and mental issues because they feel uncomfortable being gender neutral and shamed/unaccepted for wanting to proudly identify with their biological gender. We just need to add to the options of gender identity and help all to celebrate the differences. As for birth certificates... It may be an idea to record the gender for record keeping purposes, for history or for when we realise we did more damage and have to reverse the decision. At 18, people could be asked to officially identify with a gender role as an adult and a new certificate could be issued to be used for documentation and identification purposes. Adults maybe need to stop dragging children into their own ideology and then use as an experiment. They depend on us to protect, teach, guide and have their best interest at heart. Instead, society is allowing the baggage of a few to decide the upbringing and fate of all children to be sealed. These things should be voted on and not simply changed without experts, research and consequences weighed up.

    Posted by Natasha on 09 Mar 2019

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    Well said Natasha,

    Posted by Ulysses on 09 Mar 2019

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    Some good observations there Natasha.

    Posted by Yvonne on 09 Mar 2019

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    Absolutely not

    Posted by peteqbn on 09 Mar 2019

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    No way. I hear birth certificates will no longer be stating "boy" or "girl". Why do we always have to pander to the minority. They are in society, I have nothing against them, but I don't need or want it shoved in my face.

    Posted by Dancer on 09 Mar 2019

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    Kids should be raised as they are born. A female - a female and a male - a male. This neutral gender is just ridiculous !

    Posted by Glen1 on 09 Mar 2019

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    I honestly don't know what is happening with this world. A penis is a penis and a vagina is a vagina, how can you say to children " you are gender neutral". I understand that some individuals are not meant to be the sexual orientation that they are born with, but lets let children just be children. Isn't life confusing enough already???

    Posted by intransigent on 09 Mar 2019

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    Facts are facts. Truth is truth. Science is science. Except for a few special cases we are all have either XX chromosomes or XY chromosomes - we are male or female. Trying to pretend anyone is someone he/she is not is a lie, is wrong. One of the beliefs behind the gender-neutral thing is that there is something wrong with being female and/or there is something wrong with being male. These are also lies. It is perfectly right and good to be male and it is perfectly right and good to be female - if that is what you are. Be true to yourself and raise your children to be true also.

    Posted by nonick on 09 Mar 2019

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    Why don't we call them XX and XY or whatever else your chromosomes are then everyone might be happy?

    Posted by musicveg on 10 Mar 2019

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    Children should be raised as they were intended. That is as BOYs and GIRLs. When they are old enough to work out that they want to be something different, Ok, but do not force it on them. I fear that in the future, from this generation onwards, we will have a people populating this planet with heads permanently bent at a downwards angle of 45 degrees or greater, huge thumbs with the inability to speak intelligibly or communicate with any one unless the have at their thumb tips a mobile phone or iPad.

    Posted by Koringanal on 09 Mar 2019

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    No this is ridiculous they will decide for themselves

    Posted by Rebecca on 09 Mar 2019

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    Definitely NOT, we are born male or female its been this way since humans were born we need to STOP labelling everything and just accept who a child is as a child and whatever they are they are love them all the same but we need to stop segregating humans the world has gone mad labelling everything bringing in new words for humans, every human is human no matter what they feel they are LET THEM BE WHO THEY ARE AND JUST SUPPORT THEM we are doing future generations no good by putting labels on everyone it is just causing more segregation there is enough pressure in this world without having more labels as adults they can then choose what they wish to call themselves whether its opposite of what they were born or not it is each INDIVIDUALS choice and they are FREE TO MAKE THIS CHOICE. I was a tomboy doing all the boys things growing up but I have never seen myself as a boy I think there are SOME PEOPLE who are confusing their children with all of these titles I AM NOT saying that there are not children out there who know at a very young age whether they feel they are boys or girls because there are so I tread carefully as I DO NOT want people to be offended at what im saying, I just think that we need to be very cautious of our influence on a small child gosh when I grew up some of the boys liked to dress up in mummys clothes and vice versa girls in daddys clothes that didn't mean we were confused about who we were we were just being kids

    Posted by jonesee on 09 Mar 2019

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    No, there is enough for them to cope with being natural, let alone throwing something else into the mix, let them be kids,

    Posted by lordofthekitchen on 09 Mar 2019

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    Posted by Laineimarie on 09 Mar 2019

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    We had three daughters in a neighbourhood dominated by boys. They spent more time booting a footy or swinging a cricket bat than they did playing with dolls. But they still did play with dolls. Give them space and let them roll - they end up bright, well adjusted and pretty happy with their lot.

    Posted by OIGLE38 on 08 Mar 2019

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    Adam and eve, not Adam and Steve..sickening.

    Posted by bernie49 on 08 Mar 2019

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    I think you are off track with your comment.

    Posted by musicveg on 10 Mar 2019

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    All we are doing is confusing our kids, this is without doubt one of the most rif=diculous notions I have ever heard. I am all for diversity, but never at the cost of innocence

    Posted by Phil_k on 08 Mar 2019

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    NO how stupid you are born either male or female They are just confusing kids let them be kids let them play with what every they want Stop pushing your views on these poor kids

    Posted by snakelady on 08 Mar 2019

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    No. This is absolutely ridculous. Like BerryBear says its our DNA. And it is definately a mind thing. We need to be able to love the skin we're in whether we're white or black. We can help how we are born. We can't help what gender, race, colour we are born into.

    Posted by Katie on 08 Mar 2019

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    No. Our DNA classifies as one or the other by what chromosomes we have. What we need to be telling our children in is that our confidence, happiness and state of mind come from within. It's not dependent on weather we are female or male. We can dress and choose who we want to be but don't confuse them about the gender or sexuality as it has nothing in the end to do with what gender you are. The problem stems from our beliefs from past generations that we are to be one sort of way or another. It doesn't matter what sexual organs you have your psyche follows you. I come from a family where we have rather more of one or the other oestrageon or testosterone. So even though I am a female and am fine with that I am not overly girly, love a lot of boy things and the same can be said for my other siblings weather they are female or male we don'f fit the overly girly or overly manly parameters. Only one of us is gay and its not the girls. We are who we are and I love nothing better to see hot cars (whilst my sons are not intersted), boxing and action movies. What ever our sexual practices or bits and pieces are does not define us. What defines us in the end are our interests, principals and ethics. Whilst I know a few transgender people none of them are happy and one even told me they regretted it. To experience truly what it is to be male or female you have to be born with those chromosomes or otherwise you are pretending to be something you are not. A transgender female will never know what it is like to go through female puberty, have periods, emotional outbursts because of fluctuating hormones or what it is like to give birth. So lets stop being so PC and realise that the world does not evolve around our sexual organs or what clothes we wear.

    Posted by BerryBear on 08 Mar 2019

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    Old fashioned!. pink for girls, blue for boys, long gone.

    Posted by Sue on 08 Mar 2019

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    No. Definitely. Raise them to be caring human beings, with respect for others, whether those others are of the same or opposite gender, older, younger, richer, poorer, or with different religious beliefs. Also, let them be children, and enjoy that phase of their life without rushing them to grow up before their time.

    Posted by Anthony on 08 Mar 2019

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    definately is a load of rubbish..raise the children the way we were raised ..decency honesty and most of all respect and good morals

    Posted by christina on 08 Mar 2019

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    I'm glad you were raised that way. Sadly a lot are not.

    Posted by nonick on 09 Mar 2019

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    Absolutely not. What are we becoming to even be having this ridiculous discussion. It just applies to a minute number who want to make a big noise. Just raise the kids to be decent humanbeings - have some manners, respect, consideration for others, morals & other decent qualities.

    Posted by deejaygee on 08 Mar 2019

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    Rosemary a

    flat out NO!

    Posted by Rosemary a on 08 Mar 2019

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    No they should be raised as they were born. If later on in life they which to change it to what they feel then so be it.

    Posted by simmy1978 on 08 Mar 2019

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    No. Raise them as they were born - which should be the same for boys and girls anyway - other than the care of their "private parts" which will be gender specific.

    Posted by Magwheels on 08 Mar 2019

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    No, I dont think they should be raised gender neutral. You are born with a part for a reason but I feel it should be open for those old enough to understand the complete change that comes with gender neutral. Children should be able to be kids without the influence of the gender neutral pushing it. Leave Children alone, to be Children. Check back when they are teens.

    Posted by schoolfordominic on 07 Mar 2019

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    Yo pinion

    Raise children to be kind and to be gracious with others and difference. The extreme views either way seem so pointless, no one wants to be forced to by parents or others to express themselves in certain ways. Let them be themselves and accept others for themselves.

    Posted by Yo pinion on 07 Mar 2019

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    So, if homosexuals say they were born as such, why do they always have one partner masculine and one partner effeminate. Copying a heterosexual relationship. The same with lesbians. One assumes masculine persona (as in Ellen DeGeneres), and one remains feminine. So deep in their psych. They want to still have a heterosexual relationship (want to be "normal").

    Posted by Kim on 07 Mar 2019

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    Yo pinion

    I know of many gay couples, neither of whom 'copy' a heterosexual relationship or who 'always have' a feminine or masculine...and I doubt you have many gay friends if you are basing this view on Ellen...who has short hair and wears jeans, but so do billions of straight women and no one says 'oh, they are pretending to be masculine' . Being gay is not about being gender neutral.

    Posted by Yo pinion on 07 Mar 2019

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    Children should not be included or used as pawns in adult agendas. Adults choosing to move away from traditional and Christian beliefs should leave the children out of their decision making. LGBTI is an adult choice.

    Posted by Kim on 07 Mar 2019

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    What a stupid race of people we have become. There are so many problems with the concept of gender neutral. It doesn't matter what you call yourself you are either a male or female. Males do not suffer cervical cancer, nor do females suffer prostate cancer. Our government bodies that look after such stats do need to know how many males and females we have in order to order vaccines and any other such treatments. What would happen if there were only androgynous people out there restricting medical supplies and suddenly a person finds they have a sex related complaint but no drugs or vaccines available. Use your brains, please!

    Posted by Paula on 07 Mar 2019

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    Most definitely

    Posted by selina1988 on 07 Mar 2019

  • [6] [0]

    What a load of rubbish.....Children are born male or female....why make their life more complicated than it is.

    Posted by Adriana on 07 Mar 2019

  • [9] [0]

    Do not be so stupid, there are two sexes Male & Female. I can imaging childs question in the future, mummy couldn't you tell I am a girl /boy ?? What sort of effect would that have on a small child when even the parents say they did not know what sex they where ??? Madness to the max.

    Posted by errolsyd2 on 07 Mar 2019

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    No it's a load of crap. Why can't we just live normally without such ridiculous made up topics that shouldn't even involve kids

    Posted by Sherie on 07 Mar 2019

  • [3] [1]

    Not really. Some other options hopefully. A child still needs his/her base. Not so much as old school but something in Between. I can't really find a straight up answer.

    Posted by Brody on 07 Mar 2019

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    Yes without a doubt they deserve to be parents and make awesome parent's

    Posted by Maria on 07 Mar 2019

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    Definitely kids must be nurtured gender neutral within any differentiation

    Posted by Narvinder on 07 Mar 2019

  • [11] [4]

    No. Our sex is decided when we are born.

    Posted by Catkit10 on 07 Mar 2019

  • [9] [0]

    Our Gender is decided at conception.

    Posted by marli on 07 Mar 2019

  • [14] [2]

    God made only 2 sex’s a male and female. All this gender talk is rubbish

    Posted by Valentina on 07 Mar 2019

  • [11] [0]

    Totally agree with you. Never heard such rubbish in all my life

    Posted by marianrose on 07 Mar 2019

  • [14] [1]

    Boys are boys girls are girls this world is becoming bloody retarded with lots of screw loose people

    Posted by charkoale on 07 Mar 2019

  • [2] [6]

    Sure why not there are many disfunctional families that are men & women Gender neutral families are the same if not better

    Posted by Karen on 06 Mar 2019

  • [8] [3]

    We are who we are regardless of our sex, and when we grow up, we will still be the people we are meant to be, it matters not whether we are girlie girls, or tomboys, or if we are blokey blokes, or people with a penis who are a little gentler in their demeanor than typical "boys". I am 58yrs old. I had no brothers. I grew up with toy trucks & barbie dolls .... I don't think my parents encouraged me to me a particular gender, unless we went out .... then I would have a dress put on me, before the age of 5. My grown up self, is an old, female, still slightly athletic, heterosexual, tomboy, and I am who I am without outside influence .... And I'm happy with who I am.

    Posted by Ulysses on 06 Mar 2019

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    No, in some cases I would say yes but most of the time no

    Posted by Robyn on 06 Mar 2019

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    I had a female teacher at uni who taught feminism. She felt so strongly about this issue. She then went to raise her child with an ambigious name that could be either a boy or girls name. Also she didn't allow the child to wear pink or blue. Also she didn't tell anybody what gender the child was. I think the child would have had a lot of problems and issues in life as they didn't know whether they were a boy or girl. The reason I bring this to everyone's attention is that if gender neutrality is fully enforced. Small children will be very confused by the teaching at primary school and parents will not be able to opt out of the safe schools program (if children attend public schools). Some states have rejected safe schools program (Queensland and Tasmania). It is not a program about bullying at all but heavily promotes minority lifestyles such as homosexuality, lesbianism, bi-sexuality and transgender and trans-sex as normal. When we were kids, my sisters and I wore pink and blue at times. We would also play with blocks, cars and dolls. It is normal for children to wear different colours of clothes and play different types of toys. This type of thing does not make you a boy or girl. A very smart parent would not let their child become transgender until at least 18 as most children that have the operation before this age, regret having the operation, as they were experiencing conflicting hormones and were not old enough to properly decide on these things. Most times they end up wanting to be the same sex that were born with (eg if they have a penis, they they later want to be a boy/ man).

    Posted by tassiegirl on 06 Mar 2019

  • [10] [0]

    A person, whether as a child or an adult, will know themselves what "gender" they will relate to.. If they are raised "Gender Neutral" may be totally confused as to whether they are SUPPOSED" to be Male or Female, not fully understanding what mum and dad want..a son or a daughter

    Posted by ladytiger on 06 Mar 2019

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    NO they will make there own minds up as to how they will play and with what

    Posted by Greg on 06 Mar 2019

  • [6] [0]

    Along as the children are happy.. it doesn't matter what they wear or what toys they play with..every child has a personality and every one of them.are different.. let them selves or they may aswell be locked up in a cage.. x

    Posted by LORNA on 06 Mar 2019

  • [9] [0]

    What corruptions are they trying to put on society - gender neutral - the lost left are trying to take everyone with them

    Posted by David on 06 Mar 2019

  • [13] [0]

    NO.....Who ever came up with this should be shot. You are born & you either have a penis or a vagina, THIS is what makes you what you are, THIS is either male or female, total bull dust any other thoughts

    Posted by Acid-Rain on 06 Mar 2019

  • [16] [0]

    completely unnecessary and just confuses kids. take a look down your pants, recognise what you are and be proud of it.

    Posted by hardbags on 06 Mar 2019

  • [13] [0]

    Why do you have to put a name to it? Kids are kids, always have been always will be. I was a tomboy, grew up, got married, had my own kids. I played with whatever I wanted to, so did my kids. So did most kids. I have never personally known a parent who insisted their kids only played with toys suitable for their gender. As long as the kids are happy playing, leave them alone. When they grow up they will have time enough to decide on their own future.

    Posted by Margaret on 06 Mar 2019

  • [2] [0]

    No, that why so many purvers

    Posted by zura on 06 Mar 2019

  • [1] [0]

    What needs to be done, is parents, guardians and other adults in contact with children, need to step back and stop being critical if a child wants to wear something different from what that person expects, and to step back and listen when a child asks and talks about things. Children are finding their feet, let them ask, be there to guide them but DONT push your view on them, open the doors and give them a full focus of all around them. In the end if you are open, honest and let them choose with your love behind them, they are happier, healthier, productive kids, let them be who they are, not what you push for them, if given love, guidance and respect they achieve anything they want in life, don’t over ride and deny them, as you create problems that can’t be undone. Guidelines and explanations but at least give them a communication line, that’s not stilted in only your views.

    Posted by Sue on 06 Mar 2019

  • [8] [0]

    We don't need gender neutral environments. I think kids will gravitate toward who they want to be regardless of what's 'thrown' as them (ideas of gender and stereotypes). Just as someone else in the comments here said, some girls are tomboys from the get-go and some boys become more feminine. I was a tom boy growing up. But they didn't achieve that from a place of people preaching gender neutralization to them. Honestly, this whole fight for gender neutralization is only for the minority and it creates more problems than solving them. I don't think minorities should govern the majority. That is not fair for the rest of society/community. The minority should simply come to terms with how they feel and live their lives the way they want to, but not push it on the rest of the community. I don't think it is necessary or a good idea that we as a society get so sensitive about everything. We are born either a boy or a girl. The world is becoming so sensitive and easily offended. I personally think with all the freedom we have these days (freedom of speech, action, choices etc.), some forget how good we have it, some take it for granted and take it too far.

    Posted by WubbaLubbaDubDub on 06 Mar 2019

  • [1] [0]

    Well where do the next generations want to end up? girls doing hard labour and boys doing the house work full time? So boys can wear the dress and girls can ware board shorts? Um where is it heading ? So girls wear bugie smugglers and the boys were bikinis lol ,I'm a male go for it . stupid that's all I can say there will be a lot of confused kids and adults .try picking a Bible up and see what it says lolol stupid??

    Posted by Trevor on 06 Mar 2019

  • [5] [0]

    Who in there right mind thinks its not confusing enough being a young child growing up in this crazy world without saying to them hey mate ya not a boy or a girl and ya can be either one NO NO I think what is more acceptable to do is let them be them and if they turn out bi gay trans so on there your children you should love them no matter but don't go putting ideas that weren't there in the first place

    Posted by Nicholas on 06 Mar 2019

  • [7] [0]

    Who are these people who suggest these things? I'm my opinion those kids with those parents are going to be the ones on the psych couch in a few years.

    Posted by Ross311267 on 06 Mar 2019

  • [5] [0]

    Kids usually pick what they want to play with. Some girls are tom boys and grow up to be loving women, mothers or whatever. I actually do not like the idea of compartmentalising people as male, female, gender neutral, gay, transsexual, etc. You are born male or female and this is what you are but you can live your life however you wish. I never dressed my daughter often in pink nor my boys often in blue but I dressed them in colors that suited them be it green, brown, purple white etc. As for politeness all should be taught this no matter what gender and I think these days girls should be taught to be a little bit tough as the world has become much more dangerous. No to raising a child gender neutral.

    Posted by coaster on 06 Mar 2019

  • [8] [0]

    No, children are born either one gender or another. Do not put ideas that are not there in their heads.

    Posted by Mandi on 05 Mar 2019

  • [6] [0]

    I do not think kids should be encouraged in this way

    Posted by maggieEm on 05 Mar 2019

  • [5] [0]

    I am a baby boomer and growing up I played with my brothers toys and he played with my girlie toys, dolls etc. We turned out normal. Bring your child up as a boy or girl and having good parents help.

    Posted by Aster on 05 Mar 2019

  • [1] [0]

    The can of worms is open now just have to deal with it ay

    Posted by Justin on 05 Mar 2019

  • [2] [0]

    NO! Hopefully boys are still boys and girls are still girls!!! If they want to change identity - let them do it after they have experienced the real work. Plus they need to associate with children their own age regardless of gender..

    Posted by Glen1 on 05 Mar 2019

  • [5] [0]

    NO!!! Kids need to be raised knowing what their gender role is and respecting the gender role of other children. Additionally they need to be taught to respect other people,including children.

    Posted by Robert on 05 Mar 2019

  • [3] [0]

    I believe in gender neutrality only from the point of view that most kids wish to experiment with clothing or toys or such that is normally associated with the opposite sex. I am almost 60 and my youngest brother, when he was around 3-4yrs old liked putting my bras and bikinis on, my eldest boy favoured playing with dolls for a while........both became interstate truck drivers and mad car fanatics as well as good fathers. I myself was a big time tomboy who even today feel more at home with the guys than with women (I am female), but am the proud mother of 5 children and am a carer by trade. I DO however object to people trying to say children should be brought up as gender neutral and can choose what sex they associate with when they are older. Whether we like it or not there is only 2 sexes.....Male or Female and we are all one or the other. How we choose to live our lives can be influenced by how we are brought up but whether a girl wants to live as a boy or vice versa is a choice we make, not something that happen just because we put a bra on or plated with bows and arrows.

    Posted by tpw1961 on 05 Mar 2019

  • [4] [1]

    Yes. When I was growing up in a country town, ALL the kids were treated Gender Neutral. We should not dictate one way or the other but watch and learn from your children. It makes for a much more understanding and loving family.

    Posted by Pedro24 on 05 Mar 2019

  • [2] [0]

    I have read some of the comments. Really! Get a life. I have never heard so much bollocks!!!

    Posted by jadron on 05 Mar 2019

  • [5] [0]

    NO let them develop in their own way!

    Posted by jadron on 05 Mar 2019

  • [0] [5]

    Absolutely. I strongly believe that a gender neutral environment allows both male and female to grow with positive self image. My grandson played with dolls. He is now very protective of his younger sister. My grandaughter love the outdoors. They love helping in the garden. Children will no longer be chained to male/female gender specific roles. Equality can finally be achieved.

    Posted by Karen on 05 Mar 2019

  • [6] [1]

    just allow kids to be kids ..without a political agenda ..let them be themselves ..if they want to play with trucks and u are a girl do so ..freedom to be yr self is important

    Posted by Pauline on 05 Mar 2019

  • [0] [2]

    A child, whether boy or girl should grow up feeling comfortable with themselves and if that means going against the norms of society then so be it, if a parent can’t accept their child for the person they want to grow up to be, are they really a good parent? Parent or not, you should always encourage a child to be themselves and to aspire to become whoever they want to be, so yes kids should be raised in a gender-neutral environment because they should have the right to discover themselves in their own way.

    Posted by Lythamie on 04 Mar 2019

  • [4] [1]

    Raising your child doesn't mean you have to beat a stereotype into them - My youngest son's favourite colour is pink and he plays with dolls and watches Barbie movies more than his little sister who plays rugby. That's who they are and I'm happy to let them be...

    Posted by clarken on 04 Mar 2019

  • [5] [0]

    This must be a nightmare come Xmas time. I don't think all of this stuff should be shoved down kids throats, which is happening in certain circumstances. It's getting to the point where certain groups don't even want the parents to have a say in how their kids are being raised. Very slippery slope. I've also seen mothers and fathers disagreeing on this very issue with the thought of splitting up due to it. The world is just insane these days imo. Everyone is caught up in everyone else's business or expected to join these causes and special little groups. This is what being an adult is supposed to be? REALLY? How utterly ugly and disappointing human society can be. Bring on the down votes.

    Posted by 8181 on 04 Mar 2019

  • [3] [0]

    I think it is confusing for a child to have some idea that being a male or a female means nothing. Your ideas of what to do with a kid I disagree with. Giving girls makeup? what for? that should be left to adulthood, making them wear pink? Does every girl have to wear pink? And put it on a boy and make them look silly? Boys tough and only girls polite? These ideas are warped anyway. Come on, wake up. What about men acting masculine and mostly being physically stronger than the female sex, helping women with their physical strength and knowledge of things most women do not know about like mechanical things. And what about females behaving feminine - gentle and soft when needed along with wisdom instead of manipulative and cunning. Politeness should be a quality that both men and women pursue. How about being able to cook a decent meal and clean up after yourself and be organised and productive - that should be taught to both sexes by parents. And parents - they're supposed to be teaching their children how to become well balanced adults - not nongs who don't know who they are or what they are supposed to do in life. Why are you so afraid of kids being given some direction in life? Some guidance on manly things and feminine things from both parents is balanced, and as for clothing - guidance is needed there or your children will be the laughing stock at school and elsewhere. An example is when I see people turn up to a wedding with less than casual outfits on looking untidy - this is offensive to the ones being married. Some rules and guidance please for children otherwise if you offered a kid chocolates every day - they would eat it and become fat and sick - parents are there to teach their children how to behave and not be a misery to themselves and others. A good woman is what a man is looking for in a partner and likewise a decent self sufficient man for a woman. They aren't made by letting kids do what they like and run amok.

    Posted by caperteewaratah on 04 Mar 2019

  • [1] [0]

    OMG really Good Greif if a boy wants to wear pink let him boys play with dolls my brother loved playing with my dolls he isn't gay I loved playing with his cars this whole thing is sooo stupid

    Posted by pinkf on 04 Mar 2019

  • [5] [2]

    they should be raised as what they were born as i think parents that let their kids act out that they are the opposite sex need their head read kids are far too young to say that they are not a boy or girl and that they want to be the opposite sex i have seen shows from overseas about a boy who wanted to be a girl and he was only 5 years old and the parents were letting him dress as a girl act as a girl and be a girl in his own mind i think the parents are idiots for letting their son do this as he is far too young to know what he wants to be i think the parents want him to be a girl as they did not have a girl

    Posted by kelvin on 04 Mar 2019

  • [5] [1]

    Too much cotton wool views these days.the wheel is not broken

    Posted by ron on 04 Mar 2019

  • [11] [1]

    Children should be raised to understand their natural gender and accept the opposite gender as an equal. They should not be directed towards any adult's wishes or beliefs

    Posted by MARTY on 04 Mar 2019

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