Should JobKeeper Payments Be Extended?

The Australian Government is set to stop JobKeeper payments in September but companies and their employees that are relying on the payment are asking for it to be extended. Qantas is one of those businesses using JobKeeper payments to keep their staff employed and think the payment should be extended until 2021. What do you think LiveTribers? Should the JobKeeper payments be extended? Do you think businesses will then become reliant on the government payments?

Posted by on 26 Jun 2020

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    Job keeper needs to be carefully re jigged to ensure only those needing it are protected. If the health emergency is too prolonged the we will be in a worldwide recession. The real worry is that just as b4 the 2nd World War there was a Depression. This time will the PRC do a Hitler or a Hirohito and flex it's military muscle and try to annex Taiwan and lock up the South China Sea? Food for thought eh ?

    Posted by mact on 06 Jul 2020

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    yes , i believe the jobkeeper payments should continue , until we reach a state of normality . I feel for the people , and families that have been hard hit with job layoffs , businesses going broke , but this Covid is only a part of the problem in job losses , we are seeing more on-line shopping as it's cheaper , convenient and delivered ! Lets not forget that the online company's are able to offer cheaper goods , as there is no middle man (retailer) , they purchase in volume and don't pay extravagant rent on premises to attract WIWO clientele . Everyone seems to forget that these online company's have 3 income streams ,1. You pay upfront , monies collected are invested , thus interest income .2. They puchase at wholesale , because of volume spending , so a larger margin is kept ie. no overheads , sales staff or oncosts , rent in cbd . 3. They deliver goods in bulk , therefore more bargaining power with freight company's to lower delivery fees , but the customer pays standard delivery fee . All of this contributes to the consumers lack of need for retail stores , sales persons . The Covid virus aside , we as consumers are contributing to cyber sales and people are becoming redundant . The Australian government has money to pass on to the jobkeepers , until we address all of these issues , as this will not stop after Covid . For the worriers out there about government spending . This country will never go broke , it has an open cheque book and the safety of knowing that the debt has no repayment date !

    Posted by robert on 29 Jun 2020

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    Yes it should be extended only for those workers that are genuinely waiting for their employer to be able to take them back on board in the workplace, and that the employer does feel that the employee is needed back at work in the next couple of weeks.

    Posted by Antonietta on 29 Jun 2020

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    Major corporate companies should be excluded, if they are unable to operate a business at that scale then they shouldn't be there, it may well be providing income but it's an unstable one, the money would be better placed providing small business with more incentive and buoyancy, being more holistic in there approach to the homeless and getting them working, increasing Centrelink payments particularly for the elderly and disadvantaged and maybe using some to offset a lowered tax rate, The current platform serves too much as a bandaid that will fall off before the wound heals, keeping those afloat that have the capacity to help themselves and ignoring the greater issue

    Posted by Ben on 29 Jun 2020

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    I think it should be extended to those people who are genuinely unemployed or have lost their businesses because of COVID-19. I know a number of people who weren't affected by COVID-19 at all and they are laughing all the way to the bank because of the large amounts of money they are being given by the Government at present. The payments should not be extended to people such as these. Many people are really suffering and they should be given priority.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 29 Jun 2020

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    Only if altered to people who have legitimately lost work. How have stay at home mothers, students and existing jobseekers lost income?! These recipients are unjustified payment receivers

    Posted by mandachic on 29 Jun 2020

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    Yes needs to be extended for those still out of work how else are they going to live, pay mortgages and feed their kids? And JobSeeker , Austudy and Youth Allowance has to continue because there are not jobs to get, and students cannot do their part time work because many work in hospitality. We can sustain it, the Government owns the Reserve bank, it is digital money, and it will stimulate the economy so they will get it back in GST and taxes from people when they are back at work. They could also stop subsidizes oil, gas and coal industries and stop politician pay rises.

    Posted by musicveg on 29 Jun 2020

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    I don't think our economy can sustain this. I guess we will have to see how it goes. I guess people just have to get back to work asap and try and get the economy going again.

    Posted by coaster on 26 Jun 2020

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    people can only get back to work only if there is work for then with airports closed or close to it that is a lot of people out of work in my home town that is 2,000 people them you have tour operators with no one coming into the county they are out of work l know of one tour operator that has had to sell they home to keep it going

    Posted by Michael on 28 Jun 2020

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    While it would be nice to see JobKeeper in its current form extended Australia can't afford it. What needs to be done is to closely examine the JobKeeper guidelines and eliminate people who are rorting the system, and there are a lot who are, and only pay genuine unemployed. We also need to cut Government expenditure on unnecessary things including cancelling the White Elephant submarines that will cost $225+ billion and put that money towards employment and the training of people out of work.

    Posted by ere on 29 Jun 2020

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