Should Flying Between Canberra And Sydney Be Abolished?

The French government’s recent decision to ban short-haul domestic flights between cities that are connected by a train or bus trip of less than two and a half hours has sparked some energetic debate this week about whether Australia could follow the French in moving away from short-haul flights. Hence, could Australia invoke a similar ban? An obvious candidate would be the sub-one-hour Canberra to Sydney flight, often frequented by bureaucrats and politicians. However, without meaningful policy reform, the idea is unlikely to take off. What do you think LiveTribers? Should flying between Canberra and Sydney be abolished?

Posted by on 12 Jan 2023

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    I do not think that flying between Canberra and Sydney should be abolished as we do not have the high speed train system in place.

    Posted by bmlglp on 18 Apr 2023

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    Yes, using train is not a problem.

    Posted by Guntis on 20 Mar 2023

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    It would be good to reduce ones carbon footprint, people need to make the effort to do this for the good of our children. Many people preach to us commoners about it and do the opposite themselves ie Richard Branson as well as prince harry and meghan

    Posted by kez1 on 06 Feb 2023

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    What would the pollies do? I can't imagine them travelling to Canberra by car.

    Posted by Peter on 06 Feb 2023

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    An energy efficient alternative to the short haul flight really is essential. How does a turboprop aircraft stack up against a diesel/electric train? Individual car journeys to replace a flight seems absurd. I'm unsure...

    Posted by Mr on 06 Feb 2023

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    I don’t agreed, I personally would like to keep the option to flight if I want it

    Posted by Gabi87 on 06 Feb 2023

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    It would be better if there was choice, there would be advantages in being able to catch a train rather than fly for some people. Rail travel has been sadly neglected by governments in Australia to the advantage of airlines but not the consumer.

    Posted by Churnside on 06 Feb 2023

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    only if there is high speed rail instead. the bus or car journey is very long (around 4h), so not good for a day trip for business or a job interview etc

    Posted by Suzanne on 30 Jan 2023

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    it really depends. Because nothing is being saved by replacing 300 passengers with 300 car trips. person for person a full plance uses less CO2 per person than if they drove individually.

    Posted by DevChap on 30 Jan 2023

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    Yes, lets limit our flights, we need to build better railways and have express bus services, not just between Sydney and Canberra but all across the country.

    Posted by genhur on 30 Jan 2023

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    This will never happen because the politicians and bureaucrats would rather fly than drive.

    Posted by merryl on 30 Jan 2023

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    If the Government would invest in superfast trains between cities then maybe the Air travel could be reduced but there will be always people flying between the big cities. Especially business people and politicians

    Posted by Raskel on 26 Jan 2023

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    It's a good idea but it's never going to happen in today's modern world. A super fast railway link may solve the problem though.

    Posted by Jibberman on 26 Jan 2023

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    Yes, it isnt really far. Driving is generally quicoer when you factor in the waiting time as well as time spent getting to the airport

    Posted by TonyLT on 26 Jan 2023

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    What a tragedy msking ACT our capital was!!!!

    Posted by mact on 24 Jan 2023

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    it is a good idea to save energy and the environment. We should follow that policy.

    Posted by Jay on 22 Jan 2023

  • [1] [1]

    Absolutely! Planes are such an incredible waste of resources and damage the environment in the process. A high speed train that runs on electricity is much better. Electricity can be sourced from renewable energy. Easy fix

    Posted by Rachel on 22 Jan 2023

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    I agree with the people who have suggested this would be feasible as long as there are fast, reliable trains.

    Posted by EmmaLouise2023 on 22 Jan 2023

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    As long as there’s another suitable means of transport

    Posted by yelsha42 on 22 Jan 2023

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    I would prefer to travel by train.

    Posted by kendallx3 on 22 Jan 2023

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    yes if there's a fast train

    Posted by Elva on 22 Jan 2023

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    Is there a good rail alternative? IF yes, I can't see why not!

    Posted by KSC on 22 Jan 2023

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    It can only be banned if there is a viable high quality alternative that does not involve cars. If people just drive then there won't be much difference to the environment.

    Posted by Kittykato on 22 Jan 2023

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    Yes, I think it should be banned. High sped rail would be a more effective mode of transport. It would be just as fast, and better for the planet.

    Posted by Elisa on 22 Jan 2023

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    I don't think this would work. Many public servants work in Canberra and they may need to fly. People fly because they need to. They may not have the time to drive. Personally I would drive between these 2 places.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 22 Jan 2023

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    Not until it is replaced with a better way at the same or less cost to the travellers. I'd love to ride a fast train or at least one that runs on time. Maybe we could ubuild a high speed autobahn where your only allowed on with two or more passengers. Many years away from getting rid of the short haul flights here unfortunately.

    Posted by Natalie on 22 Jan 2023

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    We would need to have a fast train link between Melb/Can/Syd before that should happen. I still can't see tat happening for more than 5 years...

    Posted by Miro on 22 Jan 2023

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    the trade off in banning the flight is that more cars will be on the road and more carbon in the air.

    Posted by Paul on 22 Jan 2023

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    France is a vastly different country to Australia, a lot more infrastructure and shorter distances. They will never abolish flying to and from Canberra because of the politicians duh.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 18 Jan 2023

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    an interesting idea but by the french idea sydney/ canberra flights would not be baned as it is longer than the 2.5 hours by road or rail. For Australia to limit flying jounneys we would need to vastly improve public transport times which may not be a good enviromental choice.

    Posted by geoff on 16 Jan 2023

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    Only after the Very Fast Train is here! It has been too long coming... Great move of the French government but their trains are superior to ours... As for the pollies... will they just charter a helicopter at our expense??? sheesh....

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 16 Jan 2023

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    Some people like me, with a certain disability cannot sit on a bus for a long time, nor undertake long drives. Trains in Quieensland take too long, especially if they have to make frequent stops in order to pick up more passengers enroute. It can take 3 hours for the train from Nambour to Brisbane - a journey of just over 100klms !!!. Some of us have to attend important meetings and return home or get to other meetings in another city on the same day. It is ridiculous for Australia to follow this idea unless we can get the very fast train system that France and many other European countries have

    Posted by Eileen on 15 Jan 2023

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    Not at this time. Should a fast express rail link be constructed then I would have a different opinion. France has fast express trains thereby providing a suitable alternative option in many cases. Penalising one sector without a viable alternative is simply not fair.

    Posted by Mark on 15 Jan 2023

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    Rainbow Flamingo

    No, I don't believe so. I think if people are willing to pay for a service, then it should be their choice as to which service they'd prefer to use.

    Posted by Rainbow Flamingo on 13 Jan 2023

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    The ban is fine is you have a viable train or bus service which we haven't. If you are on a business trip you don't want to go by bus or a long drive, but I would support a ban on private planes and make the polies go by scheduled flights.

    Posted by Paula on 12 Jan 2023

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    Catch a bus, lol

    Posted by steven@home on 12 Jan 2023

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    That's OK if you have an inter-city bus service which is fast, reliable and comfortable with toilets onboard. IN Queensland the distance between our cities is enormous so commuter airplanes are essential for business meeting, children who attend boarding schools, hospital/medical appointments etc. Our trains are a farce. It takes 2 1/2 to 3 hours to go from Nambour to Brisbane by train which is just over 100 klms

    Posted by Eileen on 15 Jan 2023

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