Should Female Athletes Be Paid the Same as Male Athletes?

It was announced this week that the Brazilian women’s soccer team will officially be paid equally to their male counterparts. But for a lot of professional female sportswomen equal pay is a long way off, the national women’s cricket team of India get paid 7% of what the men’s national team get paid. LiveTribers, should all professional athletes be paid equally regardless of gender? Is it unfair for women to be paid less than 10% of their male counterparts? What do you think LiveTribers?

Posted by on 08 Sep 2020

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    Depends on the amount of income the sport generates,

    Posted by socker on 28 Sep 2020

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    If they bring in the same amount of money.

    Posted by Russell on 23 Sep 2020

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    I totally agree it’s unfair to pay 90% less to female sports professionals, but defiantly do not agree paying female tennis pros the same prize money in grand slams for all their grunting and groaning over the 2 to 3 sets they play. Make them play best of 5 sets like the men. Woman’s soccer and cricket are great to watch and I as a spectator enjoy it.

    Posted by Graeme on 22 Sep 2020

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    Historically I think women have been treated as below the standard of the men players but these days many women play a high standard i.e. womens tennis for instance. However, it is run by bean counters so if women do not get the coverage or the attendance numbers then they will not get paid the same match fees but they will get a lot of money from sponsors It is just economics and not as some suggest stereotyping etc. The saying we women have always had for many years now is if you do the same work you get the same money. I guess in the instance of sport it is if you bring in the crowds and TV coverage you get the same money. Keeping it as fair as possible is the challenge with many of the old school not wishing to do this.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Sep 2020

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    No doubt some Teck Wizard could develop an algorithm to determine by crowd at matches support the dollar worth of the gate take. Then another calculation could determine what the players are actually worth! Most professional sport is very much about money and bums on seats. If females get similar support and crowds then pay them commensurately!

    Posted by mact on 09 Sep 2020

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    I don't see why not ! They go throught the same exercise regimen as men . I guess the reason that they're paid less , is it's been driven by historical reasons and stereotyping of women , that they should be at home cooking and cleaning . Times have changed , there are more female CEO's , tradies and to their credit have worked as hard if not harder , to voice their equality . Another factor is that some of these sports associations , administrators are run by traditionalist men and ex sportstars , who are living with old ideals, and as long as they're in charge women in sport won't progress ! Modern day sport has changed dramatically and more emphasis is placed on marketing , advertising , communications , technology which has opened up the perception of sport as not being just for men but entertainmen in general . As long as this remains , so should equal remuneration !

    Posted by robert on 09 Sep 2020

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    I think all athletes should be paid in proportion to the amount of money they bring in, instead of paying CEO's, middle management, Big Pharma, etc, etc big bonuses & perks. It might be difficult to bring about change with COVID restrictions in place, but after that, it should be do-able. I don't think it's about gender discrimination, but more about revenue & unfair distribution of the pie.

    Posted by vegandelight on 08 Sep 2020

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    Yes they should. Why do women have to hold a job while competing at the same level as men but it is considered to be their job and are paid accordingly

    Posted by Kilrust on 08 Sep 2020

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