Should Dolphin and Whale Hunting Be Banned?

In countries like the Faroe Islands and Japan, whale and dolphin hunting is a cultural tradition dating back hundreds of years. But do these hunting traditions have a place in 2020? Activists call them barbaric slaughters of vulnerable species but those that participate say it connects them to their roots. In the Faroe Islands every summer around 800 whales are killed in preparation for the winter months. LiveTribers, do you think all whale and dolphin hunting should be stopped? Are these annual hunts barbaric or do you understand the need?

Posted by on 24 Jul 2020

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    Of course the hunting should be banned. Just because Whale and Dolphin meat is a delicacy in some countries dosen't mean they should be hunted. Phill

    Posted by Pattiesbear on 14 Aug 2020

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    What was practiced in the past does not mean it should be continued. Alternatives for food supplies must be made for the future of the people and planet. Living on whales may have been all these people had as a food source in the past but in the here and now many other foods are available and the technology to produce a sustainable supply.

    Posted by Karen on 13 Aug 2020

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    Yes this should be banned! With so much protein available there is No good reason to continue persecuting these animals!

    Posted by kea21 on 13 Aug 2020

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    It has been banned in many countrys but there are a few that still do it. I think it should be banned everywhere but some cultures are not like us and who are we to tell them to change their ways? We can only try to convince them it's wrong.

    Posted by jude21 on 13 Aug 2020

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    It should be banned decades ago.

    Posted by Storm on 13 Aug 2020

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    Absolutely YES!!!

    Posted by Deisel on 13 Aug 2020

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    Yes. I cannot accept the behaviour of any country or persons slaughtering these animals. Mankind ought to know better than taking animals lives to extinction. And if anyone enjoys seeing these creatures suffering extreme pain, they are to be deplored. May God bring down his judgement.

    Posted by Barry on 13 Aug 2020

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    Absolutely yes!

    Posted by Chris on 13 Aug 2020

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    Of course. This is illegal

    Posted by Jamyang on 13 Aug 2020

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    Yes definitely

    Posted by Elizabeth on 13 Aug 2020

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    Definitely YES ..

    Posted by BibbyKat on 13 Aug 2020

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    Yes I really believe they should stop the murder of these lovely creatures. Also the tigers, elephants etc. I have no problems if they killed off half hyenas, alligators to give the others more chance of surviving

    Posted by flapper on 13 Aug 2020

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    Yes, of course. Murdering these intelligent creatures is barbaric.

    Posted by Fourskin. on 13 Aug 2020

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    Definitely it must be stopped no question about it . There is no need whatsoever for this to continue . I can't help thinking when a wild life species kills one human the nets are erected , the chase is on . And all the while it is the human who has invaded the habitat of the magnificent wild life . Is man " STUPID " or what ?The only thing that connects these people with this behaviour is that " OLD HABITS DIE HARD " . The only thing that connects man to his roots is his D.N.A.

    Posted by Horn on 13 Aug 2020

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    I think it should be how would humans like to be taken from there home ocean it's bad enough we ruined there water and home never lone go on like savages kill them or keep them for pets

    Posted by Christina on 13 Aug 2020

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    No but it needs to be controlled

    Posted by Gary on 13 Aug 2020

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    Definately. No doubt about it.

    Posted by Feathers on 13 Aug 2020

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    it should be banned immediately

    Posted by rrrayyy on 13 Aug 2020

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    BAN IT NOW! Not necessary as we are not in the 19th Century now and they can change the diet they eat very easily.

    Posted by WAITN TO STRIKE on 12 Aug 2020

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    all hunting of these gracious animals needs to be stopped as it is cruel and a loss of beautiful animals

    Posted by stretchly on 12 Aug 2020

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    Yes 100% they should it should be stopped. It is absolutely barbaric. These beautiful creatures are intelligent and so incredible. We are evolving as human beings and things that have been done in the past does not mean that it is morally or ethically right to do in this day and age.

    Posted by Kay on 12 Aug 2020

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    Certainly Whale and dolphin hunting should be banned. We are seeing more whales now with the popularity of Whale watching, though we have to take care of the protection of whales from shark netting.

    Posted by Barry on 12 Aug 2020

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    Absolutely. It is barbaric and unnecessary. It may have once been essential to stock up for winter, but that is no longer the case so their reasons don't add up. Also we now know that these animals are intelligent sentient beings. That wasn't known in the early days.

    Posted by Georgie22 on 11 Aug 2020

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    100% - beautiful animals and it'd be disgracdful for humankind to cause their extinction.

    Posted by Jesharma on 11 Aug 2020

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    the cigarette

    hurry up and ban it

    Posted by the cigarette on 11 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]


    Posted by Dharmikkumar on 11 Aug 2020

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    Yes its barbaric and should be stopped

    Posted by Tania on 11 Aug 2020

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    Just because it is a tradition or part of our history doesn't mean it is right and should continue. This is no different than the removal of symbols of slavery. It wasn't right and should be removed from the glamorous and honourable public places.This doesn't mean that we are removing the symbols or person from history. Those things will always be there in the history books. The bad things in our history help make us better and should not be ignored or removed but they should not be idealized in public. So YES It should be banned.

    Posted by Robert on 11 Aug 2020

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    Controlled or culturally acceptable killing of animals like seals and dolphins by indigenous inhabitants, while often generating strong feelings of outrage by "outsiders" are long established cultural patterns. These native folk have followed these hunting traditions for thousands of years, with the target species not only providing food, but also often skins for clothing, and certain body parts for medicinal purposes etc..even the dung used as fuel. Sadly, basic human greed has often resulted in "overkilling" but by and large, outsiders have no right to interfere in these traditional hunting programs.

    Posted by Robert on 10 Aug 2020

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    Definitely .. immediately

    Posted by Pameee on 10 Aug 2020

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    Yes it should be banned

    Posted by vera on 10 Aug 2020

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    YES absolutely!!

    Posted by Akasha on 10 Aug 2020

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    Yes I do think it should be banned

    Posted by Karen on 10 Aug 2020

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    This is barbaric practice that might of been ok 100 years but in today’s society this cannot be tolerated,the Japanese have used the excuse that whales are needed for experimental purposes,I’ve been to Japan whale meat is readily available in most seafood restaurants,it’s a shame that should be a issue today.

    Posted by wazza41 on 10 Aug 2020

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    There is no need for this archaic action of hunting whales and dolphins. Everything and animal has a reason and a place in the whole eco-system of our planet. Humans are the ones that mess it all up

    Posted by boodle on 10 Aug 2020

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    yes it needs to be totally banned!

    Posted by John on 10 Aug 2020

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    The hunting of such creatures is barbaric and should be stopped immediately.

    Posted by webby on 10 Aug 2020

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    It's not even a question ........... HELL YES !!!!!

    Posted by BigG on 09 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]


    Posted by Rosie765 on 09 Aug 2020

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    Yes, whales and dolphins should NOT be hunted and killed. It’s barbaric!

    Posted by Cassiemc on 09 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Apart from the inhumanity of such actions, there is no positive side of them either. In fact the ocean is under threat from overfishing generally, and cannot continue to sustain indiscriminate commercial fishing. Whales & dolphins are sentient creatures so such actions are culpable and akin to murder imho.

    Posted by Christopher on 09 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]


    Posted by normamocca on 09 Aug 2020

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    Yes I believe that they should be band as they are beautiful animals and they don't hurt no one as far as I no

    Posted by Debra on 09 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    I think it should be not happen at all

    Posted by kerrbear1967 on 08 Aug 2020

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    Of course they should be protected as we need to so they dont become extinct in the future

    Posted by JENNY on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]


    Posted by Moongold on 08 Aug 2020

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    Mumma Knows Best

    Never ok. just look at the dolphin hunts every year in Japan, and Faroe Islands. Disgusting

    Posted by Mumma Knows Best on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Not by any body for any reason

    Posted by Patrick on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [1]

    Not by any body for any reason.

    Posted by Patrick on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [1]

    We all have to evolve and move to the current knowledge of the beautiful that creatures that they are, they are intelligent and loving creatures and in our understanding today I'm sure they can find alternatives.

    Posted by Patricia on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes, it should be banned. I should think there are other ways to connect to their roots without endangering other species. What happens when they have run out of things to hunt?

    Posted by Susyq on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    Brownie 1

    Yes save the whales and Dolphins the reef and the ocean in general

    Posted by Brownie 1 on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Definitely should be banned. We would like to preserve nature as much as we can.

    Posted by Ria on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes. Absolutely. We know better now. We don't require this behaviour for survival any more. They need protection!!

    Posted by Alison on 08 Aug 2020

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    all hunting should be banned as well as culling. surely we are intelligent enough to find better solutions.

    Posted by waynie on 08 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes and forever

    Posted by Patrick on 08 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Almost every country in the world has banned whale hunting and for a very good reason - they are facing extinction. There are a lot of practices that go back hundreds of years but that doesn't make them any less cruel or barbaric. There is no place in the modern world (or the old one for that matter) for this type of slaughter and enlightened countries recognise that and act accordingly. Even Spain is cutting out bull fighting for example. Japan should ban this practice immediately.

    Posted by Kelstra on 07 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    The resources put into the gathering of whale produce and the subsequent cost in dollars and human effort, that is incurred by this cruel, outmoded practice, could be combined to educate the perpetrators into practices that garner similar results to what is achieved by hunting. (The Bison is a case in point) The collectives combined with the continual attempts at suppression of such practice, could be scaled back,and those resources put into the current worldwide abuse of Humans. Applicable to genocide, kidnapping rape murder, torture, and countless other heinous behavioral practices, that are rained down on our unfortunate neighbours, mainly due to penury, poverty and lack of worldwide empathy, for our fellow man. Do I believe that the killing of whales would ever be put aside to focus effort on the plight of people?? No I don't. Do I believe that it should? It goes without saying....

    Posted by Dale on 07 Aug 2020

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    Dolphins and whales are highly intelligent and no creature should be hunted. It is like clubbing seals.

    Posted by Jacqualine on 07 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes absolutely!! There are many things that were once cultural that we have since become more 'enlightened' on and stopped. It was once culturally accepted to hit your wife, or rape her, to use children for labour etc. we have since evolved. The science is extensive showing the negative effects of these practices. Ecologically it's catastrophic!!! Increased whale populations have been shown to INCREASE fish populations, to have an effect on ocean nutrition, even an effect on carbon extraction, it is vital that this practice is ended. Technically there is an international whaling ban!! Some countries just don't obey it and there are no repercussions. Besides alt the scientific evidence for their ecological importance, these are the most intelligent and sensitive of mammals, they have some of the most evolved brains. Doing this to them is inhumane and barbaric.

    Posted by Stacey on 06 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes absolutely! They are lovingly creatures and have a right to survive just like us

    Posted by powerstart on 06 Aug 2020

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    There is today a number of replacement products for the ones derived from dolphins and whales. I think it should all be banned with no exceptions.

    Posted by froghollow on 06 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Of coarse they should be outlawed & the penalty should've drowning slowly

    Posted by paul on 06 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes, stop killing the Dolphins and the Whales.

    Posted by Redfran1 on 05 Aug 2020

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    If there is a shortage of food in areas where these animals are traditionally hunted, then it should be OK to kill a few to benefit the majority. Should only be done for maintenance but not for any commercial purpose.

    Posted by Tyke on 05 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Why do some humans always have to kill animals. All forms of hunting of any creature should be banned.

    Posted by Vonnie on 05 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    Captain Nightowl

    Of course

    Posted by Captain Nightowl on 05 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]


    Posted by guidopeter on 05 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]


    Posted by cheshirecat13 on 05 Aug 2020

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    Of it should be banned. All animals should be protected in some way or another or they will become extinct.

    Posted by JENNY on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Of course it should be as we should be protecting all our animals as they will become extinct

    Posted by JENNY on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    Arrow man

    Yes it should be

    Posted by Arrow man on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    If done in Japan then yes but all other countries no

    Posted by Doreen on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes it definitely should

    Posted by Mohan on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    No prerefrence

    Yes, definitely.

    Posted by No prerefrence on 04 Aug 2020

  • [2] [0]

    Yes, just because it was custom you need to question why it is being done today. Commercial killing should be banned globally. Understand that people living in the north of the globe rely on whale meat for survival. There is no waste and they actually worship these mammals and only take what they need to survive.

    Posted by bronwyn on 04 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    In the far north whales have been eaten for centuries and are an essential source of protein for those communities. They should be permitted to continue to use only as much as they need but perhaps the cruel killing methods have no place in a modern world. Some species need to be protected. Remember vegetable crops don't grow in the arctic circle their diet is mainly protein.

    Posted by algemyone on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Whale hunting on a commercial scale should be stopped. Japan has only been hunting whales since the World Wars. They have traditional protein sources.

    Posted by algemyone on 04 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes stop killing innocent and vulnerable animals.

    Posted by Stuart on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    Grannie Mitch


    Posted by Grannie Mitch on 04 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]
    louis the dog

    yes they should be stopped

    Posted by louis the dog on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    nan phillie

    yes stop the slaughter

    Posted by nan phillie on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    yes. definately. there is no reason to kill the beautiful animals

    Posted by Colleen on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes. No question anout it.

    Posted by Christopher on 04 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]


    Posted by yancoboy on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    YES most definately

    Posted by Pedro24 on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Absolutely. It is becoming apparent that East asian food culutre has too change radically, for our sea mammals too survive. It is already in a pecarious state around the globe. Acquaculture has too be re thought. Even the inland salmon farms.There needs to be a world monototium to ensure both netting and dredging are stopped altogether. No more fushing in seas that no not directly boarder your own countries. If marine life perishes it will also reduce the food staples of our boardering Polynesian neighbours. They know when enough is enough! No one country has the right to take land from other countries too firm up their strategic locations. Either by force or coersion. Time for NATO to do their job. If they cant, then it is time dimplomstic leaders choose a group or his legally responsible to undertake!

    Posted by Kaz on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes definitely! There is no need for it!

    Posted by Robyn on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Most definitely. It is 2020, not 1620. The question shouldn't even have to be asked, pfft!!

    Posted by Christine on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]
    Lady Lucifer

    Absolutely. Even though we are linear.

    Posted by Lady Lucifer on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes ...Please ban this activity.

    Posted by John on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Definitely YES. Beautiful mammals being harvested by inhuman animals for profit.

    Posted by tterrypu on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Good grief yeah of course they have to be protected

    Posted by pinkf on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes Saved

    Posted by greenfrog11 on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes most definitely . We’re messing up the ecosystem causing nature to take over and correct it... coronavirus. Act of NATURE I think .

    Posted by PETER on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Of course they should not be harmed or hunted they do no harm on this earth Such beautiful creatures

    Posted by jaine on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes dolphine, whale, skark. fox as well as chinas dog meat industry Our world is their world we should be looking after all creatures great and small as well as our flora. All these animlas and plants are not here for us to destroy

    Posted by snakelady on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    when does 'Culture" become Archaic, Culture used to burn people in wicker cages, No we should NOT kill for profit or pleasure

    Posted by Dawn on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Absolutely!! As should be the Yulin Dog Meat Festival in China!! Humans were not given the right to torture other animals in any way, shape or form.

    Posted by Angela on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    All whale and dolphin killing should be banned world wide. Tr

    Posted by markd on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    It should be only government license people should do that.

    Posted by Charles on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    yes absolutely there is no excuse for it

    Posted by Sandra on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes, definitely!

    Posted by Snazzie on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes no if's or but's. BAN

    Posted by Margaret on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes, they should be banned. Society has changed and such traditions are seen as barbaric these days.

    Posted by jvanes on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    100% should be banned

    Posted by Olivia on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes, it should be banned, this is so cruel!! Please take action on this!

    Posted by JulieV on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [2]

    Dolphin and whale hunting is cultural for Japan. If Australian Aboriginals are permitted to hunt and eat turtles etc for cultural reasons then Japan should be given the same respect and it should not be ok for one and not the other. American and Canadian Indians also hunt and eat whales for cultural reasons, also Inuits etc Either allow all or allow none.

    Posted by Carol on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]


    Posted by Marty on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    There is no reason other than sheer brutality for this action. Nations that do this should be ostracised.

    Posted by Neil on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]
    lonewolf 1

    Absolutely, definitely.

    Posted by lonewolf 1 on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    I'm sure there are other alternatives to be found rather than killing our beautiful aquatic animals that give us so much pleasure. Ban this senseless killing and save what we have for future generations to enjoy.

    Posted by Nommy on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    whale and dolphin hunting should be tightly controlled with penaltioes for those who break the rules. Bob

    Posted by Robert on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    At last some reasoning. Good on you Robert for putting some perspective on this. Although I personally don't like killing Whales, Dolphins etc, there should be a quota system applied.

    Posted by esoxlucius on 03 Aug 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes, I feel any animal cruelty should be illegal and heavily penalised. This includes any animal, whether it be trophy hunting, farming (battery hens, cruelty at abbatoirs etc), dog fighting, whale spearing, cosmetic testing on animals, etc. Humans must cease to be so god dam anthropocentric. All animals deserve to live without fear of infliction of cruelty by humans. Planet Earth would blossom if all humans were removed from it. We as humans are equal to al animals, we are all living creatures on this earth. We must respect eachother, whether it be human or animal. Respect life, ALL LIFE. We do not own the Earth!!!!

    Posted by Annette on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [1]

    It's not like the world hasn't got food options these days, supermarkets, fresh grocers, corner stores with fast food and restaurants all serve food and stock food so you won't go hungry, I don't believe we need to kill Dolphins and Whales in this day and age for food when there's so much around. I think hanging onto some traditions has passed.....and who knows if there is a food shortage in the future eating whales and dolphins might be the option. So lets eat whats produced for now.

    Posted by Irena on 03 Aug 2020

  • [2] [0]

    Yes. the mass comercial destruction of marine life should stop. People in remote communities that depend on this animals for survival have been hunting them for years and did not deminished their numbers , they have a great deal of respect and knowledge about the environment they live in so I'm ok with them taking what they need.

    Posted by Ralph on 03 Aug 2020

  • [2] [0]
    river rat

    Yes very bad practice

    Posted by river rat on 03 Aug 2020

  • [2] [0]

    These beautiful marine animal are intelligent and gentle and it is just appalling to see how they are herded into a cove and speared/tortured. Young ones are separated from their mothers and it is horrendous to see the panic and anguish. Whales are NOT needed for scientific research and the Japanese have so many cultural traditions in place already the slaughter of these creatures can never be justified.

    Posted by zany on 03 Aug 2020

  • [2] [0]

    I really do not agree with the ( scientific research by Japan) of whale slaughter held each year ,.. but I can accept a hunt to survive situation that is carried out by remote communities where in some area's that may well be your only source of food in certain periods of the year provided this is carried out using traditional methods , with strict numbers only to be harvested

    Posted by John on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Cannibalism has a long human history, yet we have banned that. It’s time we grew up and banned killing of endangered species.

    Posted by KevinW on 03 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    see I don't think Wales nor dolphin should be banned how are we going to bend them anyway that they live in the ocean plus if you going to hunt them how do you sleep at night

    Posted by Nicole on 01 Aug 2020

  • [0] [0]

    I saw this once years ago and wrote to someone I knew from that country only for the reply to be "how dare you ask me that question". I was respectful and yet she was defensive so in my view knew that is was wrong in this day and age. These creatures are beautiful as are many which are being killed for fun, sport, etc. and some decimated to the point of extinction. Mankind has a lot to answer for.

    Posted by coaster on 30 Jul 2020

  • [2] [0]

    In this day and age I can see no good reason for killing whales or dolphins. I'm sure that people can connect to their roots without killing these beautiful creatures. I think the hunts are barbaric and should be stopped immediately.

    Posted by Aussie5 on 27 Jul 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes stop it all,leave them alone.

    Posted by Jannette on 27 Jul 2020

  • [0] [0]

    I consider this act to be nothing but evil

    Posted by shrott on 27 Jul 2020

  • [1] [0]

    Yes, immediately. Unfortunately, the exploiters of the world have ruined it for everyone. It's about survival of the planet now and we're all in in together.

    Posted by Charmaine on 25 Jul 2020

  • [2] [0]

    YES, YES, YES, stop killing these beautiful creatures.

    Posted by musicveg on 25 Jul 2020

  • [2] [0]

    Yessss. The Norweigens and Japanese have been exposed as liars and mammal murderers for many years. Cultural norms are no excuse for blatant slaughter. End it NOW!!

    Posted by mact on 24 Jul 2020

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