Should Australian Men Show Only Two Emotions?

According To Ryder Jack, there are two emotions Australian men can show: happiness and anger. And there's only a couple of reasons to cry. "You're allowed to cry if you win or lose a grand final, or at a funeral," Mr Jack says. Ryder Jack runs workshops for men across the country about the state of masculinity in Australia. His organisation, Tomorrow Man, is one of a growing number that seek to help men and boys better understand their emotions and wellbeing. They aim to improve mental health. Suicide is the leading cause of death for young people in Australia, and men are far more likely than women to take their own life. What do you think LiveTribers, should Australian men only two emotions?

Posted by on 15 Jul 2021

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    Mature responses to stress are sometimes hard to manage and can range thru more than two emotions. And of course depending on the real situation a natural response may have to be subdued Eg. Emergency Responders in the middle of the many situations they encounter. Thankfully most organisations have more than adequate support systems available.....but the tough as nails me males must lower their pride and access them. Having loyal and true friends is vital also!!

    Posted by mact on 20 Jul 2021

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    This question based on the example is a whole load of BullSh#t. It implies that if I'm not happy then I must be angry??? Thus, everyone must appease me otherwise I get angry??? Using your example of crying. Is that Happy or Angry to you. I thought crying was a display of sadness, but I suppose for you it is not an emotion. The whole point made is a load of drivel.

    Posted by Hieme on 20 Jul 2021

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    No, men should show all emotions as human beings for their psychological, emotional, mental and physical welfare.

    Posted by June on 20 Jul 2021

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    That's absolute bullshit. They're not allowed to cry over other things? Crying is a natural physiological response and restricting it is incredibly invalidating and gross.

    Posted by Bruh on 19 Jul 2021

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    Definitely not! If men were more encouraged to show genuine emotion in its entire range, I am sure we would see a decline in the suicide rate and overall happier men - and women.

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 15 Jul 2021

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