Should Australia Become a Republic?

Over 20 years ago Australia voted not to become a republic, but would the outcome be different now? In 1999 just 54% of voters said no to Australia leaving the monarchy while 45% said yes. The debate has been reignited recently and many Aussies think the Queen has no place in Australian politics. LiveTribers, what do you think? Is it time for another referendum? Does Australia need to be part of the monarchy?

Posted by on 17 Jul 2020

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    Firstly, let's correct and explain a few things in the opening paragraph of this topic. I voted in this referendum on November 6, 1999. We voted in order to reject the proposed model of a Clayton's Republic. In that model, the Queen's own retainers organised for us to have a president they, not us, chose. We also rejected their plans to change the constitution, which they wanted to do on a continuous basis which was not to be in our favour, but theirs. So, to make it clear, we voted to reject their schemes, not to reject a Republic. Secondly, it isn't just Australians who don't think the Queen has no place in our politics, it's the entire Monarchy who believe they are above all politics in any country. I will at some point show you just how that Monarchy control every part of our lives down here. Thirdly, it isn't time for another referendum as we have not educated ourselves about the Monarchy and all the evil it has done and continues to do on a daily basis. When we expose them and unveil our strong republican history that our British controlled education has successfully erased from our history and teach the truth in schools, then it will be time to vote. Finally, Australia has never been part of the Monarchy and never will be, as the Monarchy shares power with nobody. They rule over us as unelected representatives of God, whether you like it or not. If you oppose their rule or harm their enormous income streams coming from our country to theirs, history will show you what happens to those who have tried.

    Posted by vegandelight on 25 Jul 2020

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    no need to waste time and money on another referendum. There are enough problems as it is and I cannot think of anyone here who is fit to become president. I would vote in favour of staying as it is.

    Posted by chocogirl21 on 23 Jul 2020

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    I believe that the Monarchy still has a place in out society, and I admmit to having voted that way in both refereneda. IUt's a boy like an election; you only need 50+% to govern, so why would we need to become a Republic? Have these people not watched Mr Trump ? That's the risk you run!!!

    Posted by Colleen on 20 Jul 2020

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    Yes it is time we cut the apron strings albeit we do mostly govern ourselves but why should we still be part of the Commonwealth. England has delivered their convicts, their children from orphanages and work houses, tested atomic bombs on our land with the cloud fallout over our cities. They did not come to our aid during WW2 but thankfully America did or the plight of our parents and grandparents would have been dire. They are more like celebrities to me with all their troubles, jewels, lifestyle but I don't want them having a say in my country. I also do not think Australians would be foolish enough to vote in someone like Donald Trump. Our constitution would remain and probably how we govern this country although I do feel we need a few less people doing so.

    Posted by coaster on 22 Jul 2020

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