Phone Detection Cameras On The Road – Are They Fair?

After a 6 month trial where over 100,000 drivers were caught using their phone’s while driving, the new cameras detecting mobile phone use on the roads will be rolled out in NSW. Unlike speed cameras that warn drivers of an upcoming camera, there will be no warning for phone detection cameras. What do you think of this LiveTribers? Will this stop people using their phones while driving?

Posted by on 23 Sep 2019

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    Fair or not, stats show it is dangerous causing damage, injury and death. there is nothing that cannot wait a few minutes. If people are so enslaved by their mp then they have lost all sense of whats going on around them. Oblivious to and separeted from, normality. Get a life.

    Posted by Hilton on 03 Nov 2019

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    I think they are a great idea. I have seen so many people on them while there car is swaying all over the road. I have also had a car hit me from behind by another driver who was on there phone. I was stationery sitting in traffic with no where to go. I saw the guy on his phone come up behind me. i even turn on my hazard light cause i saw he wasn't slowing down and honked my horn. but all to late. Ill admit to touching my phone whilst driving. no excuse even if its just a glance or text while sitting at lights or turning on google maps/navigation as my car doesn't have this in it

    Posted by Kiza on 30 Sep 2019

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    It would definitely force me to not touch my phone at all whilst driving

    Posted by Mumof4 on 30 Sep 2019

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    The habit of texting etc. when driving is dangerous and having a person behind you travelling at high speeds and you can see them looking down all the time is distracting as well. I walk my dog and constantly see drivers on their phones even when turning into another street. They are stupid to say the least and if it hits their hip pocket by a lot not just a token fine then good. How many accidents, injuries and lives could this save. Still, I think there will always be some who think they are above the law. Look at the drink drivers, drug drivers etc. Some people could care less as long as they are doing what they want to to thinking they have the right. 1st offence a heavy fine and 2nd offence take their phone and car off them with a length of time before they can get either again. 3rd offence - jail for at least 2 years If of course they cause damage or injury they skip 1 & 2 and go to jail.

    Posted by coaster on 29 Sep 2019

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    Are they fair.?... . Absabloodylutely! Whenever drivers are distracted by handling any device outside of their lines of driving control and consequent abilities then probability of crashes are vastly increased. Every day all over the world humans take charge of 1tonne potential weapons. And the world's road toll is consequently horrendous... Most crashes are CAUSED BY DRIVER ERROR. So it's beyond argument that if you deliberately take your concentration away from safely moving your 1tonne killer responsibly then you ought to be sanctioned. There is no doubt that when the technolitigio realities of fully autonomous vehicle control are addressed the entire world will be going to less Funerals. Cheer's Mact almost retired 30+years Paramedic!!

    Posted by mact on 29 Sep 2019

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    lord mayor

    What price a life. of course this is fair. it will stop the knuckle heads with a bit of luck

    Posted by lord mayor on 29 Sep 2019

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    Something needs to be done as a lot of drivers believe it (crash) will never happen to them

    Posted by Lynnette on 28 Sep 2019

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    Good idea, saving life is more important

    Posted by Annaby on 28 Sep 2019

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    It's an excellent idea! This will go a long way to stop accidents on our roads. It's simple " Don't use your phone when driving"

    Posted by Scott on 28 Sep 2019

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    Purple Survey Seeker

    NO ONE would use a phone whilst driving if they'd seen their best friend die that way :-( Yes the fine should be tripled. far too many are STILL ignorant in doing this and RISK LIVES ALL THE TIME

    Posted by Purple Survey Seeker on 27 Sep 2019

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    Posted by Shane on 27 Sep 2019

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    This is a very good idea. Hopefully it will reduce the number of people using their mobile phones whilst driving. It should make our roads safer. Now we just need cameras on footpaths to stop the "zombies" who use their mobile phones whilst walking along the footpath and crash into anyone who gets in their way, as they are so intent on their phone that they are totally unaware of what is happening around them!

    Posted by Aussie5 on 26 Sep 2019

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    Great idea. Too many people use phones whilst driving. I have seen the results of this first hand as a member of the emergency services. It is not how you want to remember your loved one when they lose their life or take someone else's because they are on the phone. Hands of the phone when in your car.

    Posted by HJD on 26 Sep 2019

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    So don't get trapped -- don't use your phone! Its a great idea which seems to be needed, unfortunately.

    Posted by algemyone on 26 Sep 2019

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    Nothing more than money laundering entrapment

    Posted by Maria on 24 Sep 2019

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    What the hell is a "money laundering entrapment"?

    Posted by ere on 26 Sep 2019

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    Kitty SlamHer

    It probably will stop people using there mobile devices While driving though people will forget as nearly everyone checks or sends a message while at a red light

    Posted by Kitty SlamHer on 23 Sep 2019

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    Driving a car needs concentration and focus, not communicating on a mobile phone, the consequences are proof with people being killed, from poor judgement whilst talking and using mobile phones. I leave my mobile in the back of car, use Bluetooth when I can.

    Posted by flowerpot on 23 Sep 2019

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    As an older woman with 40 ish years of driving including driving triple road trains anyone who says that they an text and drive safely is either lying or they are delusional. I tried it once and couldn't type 2 words without my car wandering across the white lines. My phone is in my bag on the back seat out of range. If it's urgent and ppl keep trying I will pull over or if I remember I will hook my Bluetooth up on a long trip. It doesn't matter if you are late getting somewhere ....I will always choose late over dead and so should everyone else.

    Posted by Kilrust on 23 Sep 2019

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    Yes they are fair, honestly best dies that has ever come out they are saving many lives

    Posted by Rasheena on 23 Sep 2019

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    Cap`n Roodog

    Pretty simple really - the law states you may not use your mobile device while in control of a vehicle on Australian roads,the law was brought in for a reason and that is to save lives.Whether one agrees with the law or not is irrevelent,and if you are caught then you will suffer the consequences,so be it!

    Posted by Cap`n Roodog on 23 Sep 2019

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    no one should use their phone while driving I have seen police doing it same goes for them. what about using the phone for map reading

    Posted by Francis on 23 Sep 2019

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    Mobile phone use while driving is a distraction and a cause of many accidents. Facts support that statement. We managed before mobile phones came on the scene.

    Posted by Sammbo on 23 Sep 2019

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    Great innovation. It will save lives, hopefully...

    Posted by Tony on 23 Sep 2019

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    It's a no brainer. I drive a lot everyday and see the idiots swerving all over the road and their speed is erratic. 9 times out of 10 it's an idiot using their phone texting. If I had my way I'd confiscate their phone for a month first offence and crush the phone second offence as well as cancelling their driver's licence for a minimum of 6 months. If it's an emergency why can't the driver pull over to the side of the road?

    Posted by ere on 26 Sep 2019

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