Pauline Hanson Banned from Today Show


After blasting the 3,000 Aussies currently in lockdown in Melboune's public housing buildings the One Nation Senator has been sacked as a Today Show regular guest. Hanson claimed that the people living in the buildings were “alcoholics”, “drug addicts” who couldn’t speak English. She even went as far as to say some residents should be used to tough conditions as they came from war torn countries. LiveTribers, should controversial figures like Hanson be given a platform? In 2020 are you surprised that this sort of behaviour is still allowed to air? Did you watch the segment? Do you think it’s a good thing the Today Show has banned her?

Posted by on 06 Jul 2020

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    she is a brainless dinosaur who should be ignored, dont care she was dumped. Not a moment too soon

    Posted by squeekums1 on 20 Jul 2020

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    I was just horrified to hear what she said. I grew up in a high rise commission. I could not believe that anyone could publicly admit to being such a horrible person. Why could anyone be so filled with despise and vitriol for fellow human beings whom they have not even met? I think it sends a very clear message that enough is enough and that this kind of hate filled content just has no place in a broadcasting platform. I hope more broadcasters will follow in their footsteps.

    Posted by joy* on 13 Jul 2020

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    This woman is a total hipacrit I thought she said she wasn't going to go back to politics her mouth gets her into trouble all the time she dosent live in Melbourne

    Posted by pinkf on 11 Jul 2020

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    Yes should be banned from all media all she does is open her big mouth without any understanding of facts and just incites division in this country, we do not need more division we need unity to move forward and make Australia what it used to be before people like her started dividing it and inciting hatred. She jumps on anything to get her head on TV and blab about anything she knows nothing about, ignorant and uncaring and should not be in politics at all.

    Posted by musicveg on 10 Jul 2020

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    Arrow man

    She's just a drop kick I don't like it She's a very silly woman

    Posted by Arrow man on 09 Jul 2020

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    It's the Pauline Hanson of old , it wouldn't be the same without her she always calls a spade a spade (sorry about the pun ) . We live in a democracy and she has every right to voice her opinion , the occupants certainly do . I think it was a bad call by the today show , the news media gets off on controversial people and subjects . No one cares if she's right or wrong , which in this case is extreme , we used to do the same with derryn hinch and joh bjelke , we give them airplay to entertain us . Unfortunately with this virus , the media is running out of stories and have to sensationalise things to get viewers , sell newspapers and magazines . By banning her from the channel , it looks as if it's doing something to uphold PC and anti racism and distance itself from any backlash and liability . Please explain ?

    Posted by robert on 07 Jul 2020

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    I so admire this woman, she has guts and determination and says what many real Australians think and feel and don't say it, she does what she feels is right, she understands what real Australians want and are not happy about, she is so refreshingly NOT politically correct. I think our dear Pauline would like Australia to be like it was when she was younger, a great country, sad fact is the likes of Kevin Rudd and Julia Gillard opening up the borders and letting any olld riff raff come into the country has made Australia what it is today, Australians not able to speak freely, worried about terrorism, shortage of public housing, huge welfare payments, huge Legal Aid costs. Maybe Pauline did go overboard a bit with her comments but anybody who watched the News coverage would have seen with their own eyes how many Australians and how many "others" were housed in this building. At the end of the day she is probably the most honest and open Politician we have, she should have been our first Female Prime Minister, Australia may have had a chance to get back to what it used to be, a great country for Australians.

    Posted by dih on 23 Aug 2020

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    Go Pauline your the only one who has the guts to tell the truth

    Posted by Trunko on 07 Jul 2020

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    But it is not the truth!

    Posted by musicveg on 10 Jul 2020

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    Might have been more prudent to find the actual facts and invite Hansen back and debate her claims. Opposing views should be heard and claims fact checked before imprudent knee jerk responses.

    Posted by mact on 06 Jul 2020

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    Kate Gunning

    Yes, free speech for all! No, I do not think it's a good thing Today Show has banned PH...she is open & honest, says what she thinks...she does not commit to PC...+ + +

    Posted by Kate Gunning on 06 Jul 2020

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    This is what happens when Australia's media is owned by a few very rich people. Free speech goes out of the door. If you don't agree with the owner's politics you get banned. Good on you Pauline, you tell it like it is and you'll always have widespread support from many people. No more Today show in this household.

    Posted by ere on 09 Jul 2020

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