Is It Wrong To Cull Kangaroos?

They might be the most iconic Aussie animal, but kangaroos aren’t exempt from culling in rural Australia. In 2015 1.5 million roos were killed by commercial hunters, significantly less than the 5 million killed in 2012. They can be a nuisance when they venture onto pastures and destroy grass intended for cattle, but a lot of people don’t agree with culling our beloved kangaroos. What side of the fence do you sit on LiveTribers? Is it wrong to cull kangaroos? Should they be hunted?

Posted by on 15 May 2020

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    Our Anglosaxon community has caused so much incredible damage to this continent exploiting and stealing resources and murdering / oppressing the peoples we found here, just like in India, the Americas, Africa, the M. East, but the killing of the kangaroo is typical for our general unthinking selfish brutal attitude. Aside from not destroying the aborigines' home lands, we should have sought to live in harmony and learn how to sustain these lands. The worst damage we did is ringbarking (causing desertification) and bringing totally unsuited cattle here which destroyed the topsoil. We have kangaroos here for meat, so many it would have been enough to avoid having cattle in the first place making the culling of them unnecessary to "protect" the land we have destroyed already.

    Posted by eixie on 25 May 2020

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    Well I Suppose not if they are Causing so much Damage & Problems

    Posted by Jasmin on 19 May 2020

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    No that's our national animal I know they cause problems must be another way to control them

    Posted by pinkf on 18 May 2020

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    Charlie j

    I believe they should Be in a reasonable proportion in accordance with a set location and should be used as a legitimate food source to avoid any waste on such an iconic Beautiful Australian animal.

    Posted by Charlie j on 18 May 2020

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    They are at plaque proportions so yes they should be culled. The damage they do on our country roads is over the top, for car and truck drivers. They are a menace.

    Posted by manikmechanik on 17 May 2020

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    I'm very much an animal lover , and hate to think about them being culled , but i have come across some that have jumped out on the road when driving and it's frightening . If there were alternative methods to say , catch and release in another location would be ideal . Unfortunately it would be cost prohibitive and would make no sense . Sadly i see no other alternative and all i ever see are oxygen thieves on tv that get in the back of their utes and shoot everything in sight , Emus included , pity they don't shoot themselves !

    Posted by robert on 17 May 2020

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    Kangaroos should be viewed as a meat source, they are disease free and eat and drink very little compared to sheep and cattle and are environmentally friendly. Us Aboriginals have used them for food for millions of years.

    Posted by Rodney on 17 May 2020

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    I am an animal lover that lives in country Victoria and see many many kangaroos around our countryside all the time. I believe they should be culled when they are over populated as they can cause so many car accidents on the road and cause considerable damage to farming property.

    Posted by JENNY on 17 May 2020

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    I totally agree with Jenny. I love animals too and sensible culling is not going to destroy the species. Peter

    Posted by Peter on 17 May 2020

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    No, the kangaroo population more than doubled the population of Australia. They are easy to breed and make great food

    Posted by Kyle on 16 May 2020

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    Yes - and I come from a farming background (broad-acre dry land pastrolists for generations since we were proclaimed a State here). We're pretty much the only country on earth that kills its own fauna emblems - all other countries protect theirs. Not only is it wrong & we pay for it one way or another, it's also stupid because we achieve exactly nothing. It hasn't been successful whichever way you want to measure it. Look at our history. We even had the post war military declare war on the emu - not once, but many times & we failed every time. Look up 'emu wars' on youtube. If you want to keep them out of crops, use fences, even electric fences. Don't kill them & eat them nor sell/buy their skins. Their numbers are better regulated by food and water availability / access along with the presence of natural predators.

    Posted by vegandelight on 15 May 2020

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    No.... when they become overpopulated especially after drought they often die from simple starvation. So occasional culls are necessary. Shooting accurately is quick and efficient. Yes it's awful to contemplate we Aussies culling our National Emblem. Sometimes in life seemingly cruel decisions have to be made for the greater good. Roos are amazing breeders when conditions are ideal and they usually bounce back very quickly.

    Posted by mact on 15 May 2020

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