Is Australia Doing Enough To Stop Animal Cruelty?

A disturbing video uploaded to social media on 27th February 2021 shows a man booting a cat over a fence whilst another person films the sickening act of animal cruelty. In November 2020, NSW Minister for Agriculture introduced a notice to increase the penalties for animal cruelty in NSW by eightfold.  When these laws are passed, NSW will have the toughest set of animal cruelty penalties in Australia. What do you think LiveTribers? Should the rest of Australia follow in NSW footsteps or are these proposed new laws too tough?

Posted by on 08 Apr 2021

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    I'm m not sure but I hope they are helpful to the animals

    Posted by Anne on 29 Jun 2021

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    Penalties for animal cruelty should be far more severe than they are. If a person would hurt an animal, they will progress to eventually hurting another person

    Posted by Kitty000 on 29 Apr 2021

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    No matter how many laws or criminal prosecutions take place there will always be sadistic so & so's who take pleasure in inflicting pain & suffering on any living thing. It would be lovely to let the owners of the pet involved have i hour with the person responsible, without any consequences.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 20 Apr 2021

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    Definitely not enough being done.. Personally string them by their b.... s

    Posted by Howard on 20 Apr 2021

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    Australia has laws in place to protect animals from cruelty, yet there are sick people out there who perform these disgusting acts & seem to get away with it. They're brought before the courts & then given a slap on the wrist before being sent on their way. The justice system needs to wake up & get tougher with the penalties. It is well documented that people who are cruel towards animals also have the same tendency towards other people. Animals can't speak for themselves, we need to be their advocates. We are caretakers of this planet, it's about time we used our intelligence & thought about where we are headed if we continue to be lenient or turn a blind eye to such heinous acts.

    Posted by Tess on 12 Apr 2021

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    This should not still be a question, if these people deserve punishment. My cat was a victim to extreamly horrific actions of human beings just because he layed in the top corner of their yard. He was put on display for the whole community to see. I will never be at peace knowing my neighbours were not punished or questioned and no investigation was taken out by the rspca. If a person booted another person the way these animals face it they would be punished without question, and the people who think holding phones out to save such horrendous behaviour and laugh like sick twisted beings should be taken along for the same punishment. How can you ask if these laws are too tough? They srill wont be tough enough in my eyes Innocent animals who cannot speak for theirselves and people show doubt towards them being death with. My cat did not deserve to be tortured and neither do all these other unspoken animals

    Posted by rebecca on 12 Apr 2021

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    I am so sorry this happened to your cat. I hope your 'neighbour' will be dealt with as harshly as the law will allow

    Posted by Kitty000 on 29 Apr 2021

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    *being dealt with

    Posted by rebecca on 12 Apr 2021

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    Gratuitous cruelty to anything is wrong. Australian farmers have shown they can change their animal treatment and still make a profit. And the RSPCA has more than adequate power to investigste and prosecute instances of cruelty. It's up to our justice system to dole out decent penalties for animal cruelty. .

    Posted by mact on 09 Apr 2021

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    Yes the penalties should be much harsher than they are now. Jail sentences as well as fines should apply. Because people cannot always pay fines jail or taking of their cars and selling them to pay the fine would be good.

    Posted by kittykat on 11 Apr 2021

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    Domesticated animals cannot really defend themselves and usually trust humans and a person has to be sick to mistreat them. The stronger the penalties the better. The man booting a cat over the fence should suffer the same indignity. They should be kicked in their a**e until they are booted over the fence. Then see how they like it. I'd volunteer to be one of the people doing the kicking.

    Posted by ere on 09 Apr 2021

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    We'd have to toss a coin to see who gets the first kick

    Posted by Kitty000 on 29 Apr 2021

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