Is Australia Doing Enough to Combat Climate Change?

A 2019 poll found that 60% of Aussies thought as a country we aren’t doing enough about climate change. To add to that, Scott Morrison so far has refused to commit to zero emissions by 2050. LiveTribers, do you worry about climate change? Do you think the government should invest in sustainable and renewable energy? Is Australia doing enough to combat climate change?

Posted by on 09 Nov 2020

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    They should do more

    Posted by Anne on 29 Jun 2021

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    About thirty years ago we were given dire warnings that we were about to see the arctic ice disappear, polar bears become extinct, rising sea levels which would inundate Pacific islands and reduce the land mass around the world causing our rising population to be crowded into smaller space, failing agriculture etc, etc, etc. None of this has happened yet so what's the rush to do any more than we're doing? Who is the Australian of the Year who said 'Even the rain that falls will not fill our rivers and dams'? Tell him to look out of the window.

    Posted by Bullabill on 22 Dec 2020

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    Hells no. Our govt relies on "credits" to reach their very low goal. That isn't helping, that is cheating. Which is why we weren't invited to the summit. All spin and no substance is the name of the game here. Bring back the Carbon actually worked.

    Posted by Fiona1 on 19 Dec 2020

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    As a country we have spent too many years talking about this and doing bugger all to combat the rapid changes occuring. We have to realise that investment in renewable energy, carbon taxes and legislation to control the damage done by industries is going to come at a cost to all of us. The first step, in my opinion, is to force the multinational and mega rich 1% to pay their fair share of taxes. Many are reaping fortunes out of the country and contributing nil, I realise there are some responsible large companies doing the right thing, but go after others. What would it take to build large solar farms in Central Australia and plug them into the national grid? Maybe these steps would help. I think that a lot of business leaders and pollies forget that if/ when climate change becomes irreversible , we wont have an economy to worry about.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 09 Dec 2020

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    We could do so much more, switch to renewable energy sources and fight against single use items

    Posted by Katie on 23 Nov 2020

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    Have the backbone and build a nuclear power plant like other country’s wind power or solar will not be able to take over our energy supply’s for least 40/50 years as both are in there early years and people who say stop coal imports have no idea how we can sustain our life style without our mining

    Posted by Warwick on 16 Nov 2020

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    We could easily do a lot more!

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 13 Nov 2020

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    Don't think Australia is doing enough. Stop digging up coal and burning it in your power stations, and selling it to the Chinese. I know this would be an economic hit, but do you really want it to be hotter and dryer there?

    Posted by Robsoe on 13 Nov 2020

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    I don't understand why there is a big issue in Australia , We have gone above and beyond , in fact too much . Let's look at the facts :- The Paris accord , which we committed to , has been declined by China , Pakistan , Iran , Iraq , Turkey , Lebanon , US amongst other countries . These are the countries that are producing more emissions than this nation . We live in a vast land with a miniscule population , this country has to provide a percentage of GDP for military spend in order to be part of NATO , also a %age of GDP for Climate change and somehow try to provide for infrastructure and interest payments , social security , health plus manage an almost impossible budget . Where does GDP come from., agriculture , fishery , precious metals , and mining of raw materials . Yet it seems that so many want their cake and eat it ! If climate change is happening , it's not because of Australia not doing enough , it's the world's population 7 billion , that need to eat , drink , have shelter , security . Maslow's hierarchy . While all of Australia's tree huggers are protesting and demanding we do more , How so ? We pay a high price by stopping mining in GDP and employment . We need to continue mining as this nation in terms of natural resources , is the richest in the world . We can decentralise , manufacture and build up regional centres , rather than our fixation of property prices . This does nothing to the wealth of our nation , unless it's sold overseas and history has shown that we don't like foreign ownership . This nation cannot carry the world's fear of climate change , when the world's population steadily increases , we either need genocide or a war

    Posted by robert on 12 Nov 2020

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    Australia is so FAR lagging in taking action on Climate Change it is to our shame in the smart world. We need clean renewable energy now and we should have had it in the 1970s. We have more sun and wind than any other country on this planet, let alone tidal, hydro, and other forms of energy. We have had a succession of pathetic useless governments driven by Coal Barons and the Murdoch press to oppress the precariat and make the rich richer.

    Posted by turtle38 on 11 Nov 2020

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    Yes the cleaner the energy providers are able produce the energy the better it will be for all.

    Posted by socker on 11 Nov 2020

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    Agree with mact. The whole Paris agreement is an expensive scam and rip off. The whole thing is political. The climate of this planet has been changing for more than 6 billion years.

    Posted by tough on 11 Nov 2020

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    If Australia only produces less than 2% of World Greenhouse gases , short of not selling coal to China India or Japan there is no way unless the USA,China and India stop burning coal we could make any appreciable difference to the world's climate for the foreseeable future. I cannot understand why more people cannot seem to understand this !It's in the hands of the World's biggest polluters to to make real change.....all the rest is a waste of others economies!

    Posted by mact on 09 Nov 2020

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    Yes. I think in many cases it is a load of rubbish aimed at selling more stuff to consumers that we do not actually need. Plant more trees to begin with. Stop the large companies polluting our waterways and land. Stop the production of plastic. Australia is doing their bit but as you say we don't really make any mark on the total greenhouse gases.

    Posted by coaster on 10 Nov 2020

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    I wonder if that percentage has changed in 2020? I wonder if people now have changed their priorities in the wake of the plandemic and recession? Sco Mo's position is valid so long as Trump stays in power, which he will. As an engineer, of course I believe in government investment in sustainable and renewable energy. However, everyone knows the government has no money for anything and that's its own fault, for generations now. Before parliament are several bills that will restore our Government-owned Bank, just like we used to have from 1910-59, with even more powers available (who remembers, eh?). These must pass first, then we need massive infrastructure investment and part of that can include solar and wind and water energy projects, but Not those that currently lose money the way that has been happening. It was an engineers nightmare that could not be made to work, even back in the 1970's. Today, we're trying to use the Same basic technology to do the same thing. It should be done properly, not the way they're doing it now. It's actually better to Not find a so-called 'high tech' solution to climate change and just go vegan instead - or as close as you're able to, to start with at least. That Will make a much bigger difference long term than solar / wind / hydro projects the way they're being done. Australia won't change much unless the people change from within.

    Posted by vegandelight on 09 Nov 2020

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    I presume you are saying Trump will stay in power. Well he has lost so that is no longer a valid argument. Why do people want everyone to go vegan. There is a way to stop the methane from cows, giraffes, etc. It is just a small dose of this seaweed developed in Queensland which is very cheap and cuts the emissions from these animals down to 10%. Why is this not followed through with? It is not the people who are polluting big time but mining industries, big businesses, etc. However, if we all planted a tree (or paid for one) every month that would be over 25 million plus trees a month = 300 plus million a year just in Australia. These two strategies would be cheaper and would work with everyone contributing. Of course, there would be the possibility of rorting the system. Until countries clean up their waterways and stop using them for dumping grounds where all their refuse floats out into the sea the oceans will never survive. Hire people to clean the waterways before it heads out to sea. Clean up the huge rubbish pile in the middle of the ocean. I think it is time to stop saying what we can do and actually do it. Clean things up first and then keep it that way.

    Posted by coaster on 11 Nov 2020

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    Sorry to burst your Mainstream media controlled bubble, but Biden hasn't declared victory, Trump hasn't conceded and won't. Not one state has sent in certified results claiming Joe won. The recount just started yesterday, as did the court cases, as did the sacking of known Deep Stater Defense Secretary Mark Esper. Have you read the post on this topic in this forum? Have you followed any other US election processes? They are long and drawn out processes lasting for months before a President can be inaugurated. Your analysis regarding methane as by far the biggest cause is correct. Trees don't help with methane, only CO2, which isn't an issue - and Arbor Day and other like activities has been going strong since the 1960's, but still hasn't fixed much. The seaweed is only good for treating visible solid excretions and not the belching and farting that goes on 24/7 - it's solution is elimination and we have loads of very good quality fake meats to that end. Clean-up of oceans takes a very long time and we have plenty of shipping to that end which is well publicised of late. The fastest solution that makes a multi-faceted lasting improvement is to switch diets. You can't shut down the economy while big industry changes their systems over to green (funded by whom?). They flat out refuse to do it, which is backed by the current govt. Let's start with what's within our control instead of wishing for outside forces to slowly act.

    Posted by vegandelight on 11 Nov 2020

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    For a country like Australia with large land masses and a small population we are already doing our fair share. All the current 'Green' technologies are heavily subsidised by the Government in one way or another so how much more are we expected to do. Let the heavy polluters do more, we are doing more than enough.

    Posted by ere on 10 Nov 2020

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