If You Were Famous, What Industry Would You Like To Be Famous In?

People always dream about being famous. Wanting to be famous for creating something brilliant, like another stable means to electricity, or discovering something new, or even being the so good at a job that appeared on magazines and television. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? If you were famous, what Industry would you Like to be famous in?

Posted by on 21 Jul 2021

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    Being creative is good if you can invent something that is helpful. But I don't think people do it for the fame so much.

    Posted by MS on 17 Nov 2023

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    I couldn't care two hoots for fame. Look at the way most famous people behave today, just no class. Many of them are so self centred. They are bores. They don't deserve so much media attention.

    Posted by MS on 17 Nov 2023

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    As a kid growing up I always wanted to be a singer or actress so it would have to be the entertainment industry for me.

    Posted by vlee on 23 Jul 2023

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    Minh-Hai Henry

    It would need to be for something very niche that I would not be world wide but only in that community, so maybe as a poker player

    Posted by Minh-Hai Henry on 06 Jan 2023

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    Fiction writing - I love writing stories and have had a few published. It has always been a dream to have a novel published.

    Posted by sandra on 21 Jul 2022

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    Finding a way to stop humans from being greedy! In my view greed is the problem with most humans!

    Posted by mact on 23 Jul 2021

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    Inventing the wheel. Got the patent and using royalties for improving the environment through reforestation, supporting sustainability, and hasten the green energy industry so it overtakes fossil fuels!

    Posted by Aatrasoh on 23 Jul 2021

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    Helping homeless people or rescuing animals.

    Posted by kim on 21 Jul 2021

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    Science for the good of mankind

    Posted by Stephen on 21 Jul 2021

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