How Young Is Too Young?

In the last few years more young Australians are opting to take puberty blockers to stop their body developing certain physical characteristics. Doctors are prescribing hormone replacement drugs to people as young as 12, although it isn’t permanent it can have side effects. LiveTribers, how young is too young? Can a 12-year-old make such a big medical decision about their future? Are you surprised how many young people opt for this sort of treatment these days?

Posted by on 02 Mar 2020

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    In my point of view, i think they should just let their body develop naturally. Because you will never know the side effects of the drugs or whatever it is you’re using or they’re using just to develop their body on the fastest way..

    Posted by Jayann on 19 Mar 2020

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    whack jobs

    Posted by intrepidarts on 16 Mar 2020

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    I am very surprised that 12 year olds are being prescribed hormone replacements,I hope councelling is also being prescribed as well.I think twelve is a bit to young.

    Posted by Caroline on 15 Mar 2020

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    I do not have the necessary skills to make this decision and should be left to the health professionals to make such decisions as they do for all other medical procedures

    Posted by socker on 14 Mar 2020

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    Iggy's mum

    Children of the age of 12 may think they 'know' something however they do not have the emotional maturity or emotional intelligence to understand the implications of their 'choice'. People change as they become older so just because they do or don't want to be (whatever) at age 12 does NOT mean at age 16, 18, 21, 25 etc that that choice will be the same. I personally think that by giving people of any age so many options that this adds to the confusion they are feeling about themselves.

    Posted by Iggy's mum on 13 Mar 2020

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    The problem is in this day and age , technology allows us to learn just about everything . When you are at an age like 12 , you know everything in your mind , and information is freely available , by making an electronic enquiry . The problem with this is the solutions that they seek , come from bloggers , some may be right , some wrong and some speculators . That is all it is an opinion and everyone has one . This is a difficult question to answer eg. I get asked constantly , what is the fastest production car in the world . This becomes a problem for me as , will they be buying one ? The no.1 status changes from week to week ! What is meant by fastest ? Will they hold me to this to settle a bet ? What i can share with you on this subject , on whether you're too young ! No matter or amount of schooling that you've had . There is only one question , have you been through the school of life ? There is so much information out there to absorb , people are learning every day . If you are 12 you ain't seen nuthin . When you are living you're life , you will see and do things that your tiny mind can't even comprehend . I say while you are young , enjoy life , do moto-x , climb rocks till you break a couple of bones . Above all take the time out to forget about yourself for an instant and do something kind for a stranger , make this a routine at least once a day . And you will have going through your body the biggest hit of a drug called Dopamine . It will make you a better person , and see through the trees and clouds , that have been retarding you !

    Posted by robert on 08 Mar 2020

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    The Youth of Australia should NOT be able to make such rational decisions, Doctors need to think about the psychological phase a child goes through. Also, children of that age opt to be different and make life-changing decisions to become the centre of attention. The Youth which undergoes such treatment will regret this in years to come and become depressed. As an alternative, there should be sessions with a Psychologist to discuss the process and why they want to go forward with Puberty Blockers. The minimum age should be raised dramatically and decisions should come down to the Psychologist and Caregivers to ensure they are making the right choice.

    Posted by Candinero on 08 Mar 2020

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    I think 12 is far too young. I think there have always been kids who wished they were a different gender, but since social media, it has sky rocketed. So how do you know whether a child is serious, or is attention seeking or wanting to be different. Over the decades kids have embraced all kinds of things to be cool or to shock parents/society, but today you also have some parents who are more than happy to plant the seed in their child's head at a young age. We know a family where their daughter believed she was a dog up to age 11 and would act like a dog & bark etc. At first we thought it was just a case of her imitating a dog, but this went on for years, with the parents buying her a dog bowl to drink water from! Then at 16 she decided she should be a man.

    Posted by T33 on 08 Mar 2020

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    How young is too young? When you fail to discern between what is right and wrong.

    Posted by Temanu on 07 Mar 2020

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    This is so wrong the law should be at least 18, but they also need to honestly know what the side effects are and any damage they can cause.

    Posted by Bombthrower on 07 Mar 2020

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    12 is too young to make medical decisions and understand the long term implications of such decisions. You would need to be an adult at least 18.

    Posted by Suwani on 06 Mar 2020

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    12 is not mature enough, prefer 18 years old.

    Posted by Patricia on 06 Mar 2020

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    12 is not a mature enough age to make such decisions and this should only ever been done for health reasons

    Posted by Bronwyn on 06 Mar 2020

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    If the discussion is about male or female first we all are human and we should respect each other feelings. Everyone have the right to make a decision about their live or body.

    Posted by Taiba on 05 Mar 2020

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    There are many factors that determine our gender and how our bodies develop. No one under the age of 18 should be prescribed any treatments that may alter the way they develop. In an age where it seems trendy to support these kinds of decisions, I wonder how many of those that provide support to these kids are aware of the statistics around suicide or attempted suicide by not just children, but even adults who find they are just so confused, they see no other way. If an adult makes a choice, they have to live with it. Where adults and professionals support these kids, there is a high chance that the child will grow up confused and may take extreme action as a result. As a society, we have a responsibility to allow our kids just to be kids. They can make the decision themselves once they mature.

    Posted by Phil_k on 05 Mar 2020

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    People have one of 2 genes male or female nothing else you are born the way you are supposed to be when are people going to stop playing God and tampering with everything mankind is not just it's own worst enemy but also to every other living being that also shares our planet

    Posted by Tiffany on 05 Mar 2020

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    is anyone asking these children why they want to stop puberty. i went through puberty as a twelve year old, many many years ago. something that happens and you just have to learn to deal with it.

    Posted by Bronwin on 05 Mar 2020

  • [5] [1]

    No. Kids need to grow to learn. What are the long term consequences of drugs, any drugs legal or not? How much is the community to pay for the hormones, medical, hospital. When it's cut off "cold Turkey" and their body craves, the brain wants another hit. Are we legally producing more addicts.

    Posted by Tranquility on 05 Mar 2020

  • [7] [1]

    Child abuse and should be illegal

    Posted by Annie on 05 Mar 2020

  • [3] [1]

    To know Knowledge is maturity

    Posted by rachel on 04 Mar 2020

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    I do think it should only be allowed when you are an adult and legal that is 18 in Australia.. what child at 12 years old should understand the devastating impacts the medication could have on the future if they change their mind. Do we slow 12 year olds to buy guns or drive cars No

    Posted by Kimberley on 04 Mar 2020

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    Yes I am suprised. 12 years old is too young to make such a decision. I think allowing things to happen naturally is better.

    Posted by Lisa on 04 Mar 2020

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    I feel it is very young but I think one has to look at each person and have medical, parental, and other help before the decision is made. Too often in the past these situations were hidden and caused physiological problems having to deny who they were. I cannot therefore say to someone they should not explore their options but I think it is a road to be taken carefully and with all the help available.

    Posted by coaster on 04 Mar 2020

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    beautifully said coaster...

    Posted by Pamela on 07 Mar 2020

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    THIS! This is the answer i was also going to write. It does seem young, but many children and teens who feel like aliens in their own bodies need all the help they can get. Not only help, but understanding. When i say help, i mean help to access doctors, medical professionals, psychologists, and other people and places who can work with the individual and their parents to determine if these medications/hormone blockers, etc are what the child needs to feel at peace with themself, with their TRUE self which may or may not be how they were born. We need to be understanding, caring, show empathy, we need to accept people for who they truly are, not who or what we want them to be. It should be handled on a case by case basis as each person is an individual, we are not all "textbook cases".

    Posted by CapturedByKylie on 06 Mar 2020

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    medusa 12

    I think 21 is not too young but before 21 is too young to make your own decisions

    Posted by medusa 12 on 04 Mar 2020

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    Yet 18 is old enough to fight for your country, vote, legally drink, etc. I am not sure how I would react if it was my child but hopefully not reactionary. I would seek advice with the child and give them the opportunity to really explore the options available and ensure this is what is they really want and need.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Mar 2020

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    medusa 12

    How can a 12 year old make their own decision

    Posted by medusa 12 on 04 Mar 2020

  • [8] [2]

    Let the children grow up only when the child becomes an adult should a Doctor be able to prescribe these types of drugs and in cases where medically they are needed and only after thorough consultation with parents and guardians

    Posted by barry on 04 Mar 2020

  • [11] [2]

    Yes I do , and I believe there is too much interfearance by others into this scenario . Let the children grow uo naturally and normally they will find there own way . In my opinion schools / education , have no business being involved with this subject with students , and need to stick to academia .

    Posted by Horn on 04 Mar 2020

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    No I agree, schools do not have the right to interfere in these decisions but I also think the young people know they are different i.e. girl in boys body and visa versa. I think from the age they feel this then they need professional help to understand their feelings and hopefully with their parents beside them helping them to make a fully informed decision. Perhaps age 12 is young but it also depends on the relevant person. The trouble is with people who think they are "normal" try to push their ideas and beliefs onto the person involved. People are still killed, beaten, jailed, abused and ostracised because they are homosexual / lesbians etc. Understanding and informed help is needed and not some over emotional response.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Mar 2020

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    I agree. Schools are being used far too much for all types of agendas, yet on leaving school, far too many kids have appalling levels of reading, writing, spelling.

    Posted by T33 on 08 Mar 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Yes let the teachers teach and parents do their job.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Mar 2020

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    Definately 12 years old is far too young to make a decision in regards tobtheir physical appearance that may inpact not only the health but appearance! "So" I totally say that 12 yrs is far far too young to even think about this, let alone adopt something that could impact their health and life forever!

    Posted by Khallen on 04 Mar 2020

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    Doctors should be forced to stop something so harmful and illegal and damaging to a young mind

    Posted by Darryl on 03 Mar 2020

  • [20] [1]

    Dear 12 Year Olds. Just listen to the Science; your brain is NOT fully developed until 24, on avge. Hence, ignore ALL the neurotic adults and just refuse any labels whilst you enjoy your ONE SHOT at childhood. Climb trees, ride bikes, be naughty not bad and question everything. But leave major choices until you have full brain function. Think.

    Posted by Perspectrum on 03 Mar 2020

  • [0] [0]

    And it seems " Perspectrum " that even at 24 years old that the brains of many are NOT fully developed , otherwise these parents / social workers / & questionable Medicos would not be tampering with these children …..

    Posted by Horn on 08 Mar 2020

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    Best comment I have seen in a long time

    Posted by Kilrust on 04 Mar 2020

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    Old Man

    We first require to make it, what age we have between Child and Adult/ or is that consent. Lets not confuse this. Age of consent/ Drivers Licence. Sign a Contact. Age to Vote. Age to Drink. Marriage. Many of these are different ages. So we need to define One Age limit. My thinking is 18 Y/O. However consider learner driver 16 Y/O, I placed that one in due to thinking someone will challenge Driving age and not look at the picture in the full. I truly believe we need to allow our Children be Children and we as Parents be Adult enough to care for them . We can not expect our Children to act as Adults, reason being they are not. They are Children, let's allow them to be that. We need one age limit over all.

    Posted by Old Man on 03 Mar 2020

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    In many areas girls of 12 are married off and have children. I think this is a bigger issue to combat.

    Posted by coaster on 12 Mar 2020

  • [5] [3]

    Medical manipulation at 12, and someone justifies it.

    Posted by Neil on 03 Mar 2020

  • [8] [1]

    I'd be more inclined to ask: when is old too old, since we seem to be ignored a great deal when we get to the seventies!

    Posted by Oma on 03 Mar 2020

  • [6] [2]

    I am sorry they don't know their own minds at that age half of them are still living at home when they are 40.

    Posted by storky1234 on 03 Mar 2020

  • [8] [3]

    Im Transgender 57 I wish i had began earlier but due to social barriers i could not but 12 is too young to decide in social life it needs to be decided before pubety to Change positively

    Posted by TinaTG on 03 Mar 2020

  • [1] [2]

    My eldest has a friend who is Transgender. The teen has been transitioning for about 5 years now and since they spoke to the school and started wearing the uniform they felt most comfortable with, they have become a much happier student. The student is happy within themself now, they have a lot of friends, do well in their chosen subjects, are part of a number of school groups, have represented the school in some wonderful community based activities.

    Posted by CapturedByKylie on 06 Mar 2020

  • [6] [4]

    I think it's very important for kids who are potentially transsexual to be given puberty blockers. Kids know from a very early age the gender they identify with. To put s child through puberty in the gender they don't want to be is harmful. It also reduces the chance of them having the best outcome

    Posted by April on 03 Mar 2020

  • [5] [2]

    12 is much too young

    Posted by drjm on 03 Mar 2020

  • [7] [2]

    I shudder at the thought of medical doctors even contemplating such a thing. Giving hormones to underdeveloped kids is absolutely ludicrous in my opinion. Some cancers thrive on hormone production. Unfortunately we are in an age of entitlement. Now tampering with the body? OMG what next!

    Posted by Annbee on 03 Mar 2020

  • [3] [2]

    Shoulnot be allowed at all does to much damage defferently not under 21

    Posted by sherry007 on 03 Mar 2020

  • [6] [2]

    Definitely not mature or knowledgeable enough at the age of 12 to be able to make such,what could become, a life changing decision.

    Posted by Jane on 03 Mar 2020

  • [6] [2]

    I dont understand this bwhaviour at all. I dont think it should be Medicare funded. No, 12 is far too young.

    Posted by Rosie765 on 03 Mar 2020

  • [1] [3]

    around eighteen is ok

    Posted by edward on 03 Mar 2020

  • [0] [1]

    brain not fully developed till 24

    Posted by flyhigher on 04 Mar 2020

  • [4] [3]

    12is far too young to make decisions like that most of them can’t make up their minds whether to have a chocolate biscuit or a bowl of ice cream! Ridiculous!!! Decisions like shouldn’t be made by anyone one until they are at least 18.

    Posted by Jo-Anne on 03 Mar 2020

  • [15] [0]

    As a parent of a daughter who suffered depression because she felt like she was born in to the wrong body and was adamant that she was going to have a sex change from the age of 11. I understand the turmoil parents go through when faced with this. I had heard her say & do things that made me believe this was a possibility long before she actually spoke of it, as young 3 when it first crossed my mind. However I do believe personally that nothing should be done physical until they are in their twenties. When they really know who they are and what they want. I always said I would love her the same if she did decide to do it and would support her in every way but she needed to wait until she was older. We watch lots of documentaries on sex changes. Both success stories and others that wished they had never done it so she could make an informed decision. It was heartbreaking watching her struggle, strapping down her breasts, going through the depression but I am relieved I did. When she turned 15 she decided to embrace her body and felt she could still be the person she wanted to be without physically altering her body. She is now close to 17, her depression is gone, loves it when people call her a boy, but is just as happy as a girl and thanked me for not allowing her to act on it at a young age.

    Posted by JACKSPRATT27 on 03 Mar 2020

  • [6] [0]

    What a beautiful understanding person you are. Great father.

    Posted by HENNA on 03 Mar 2020

  • [4] [2]

    It really defies belief that educated medical professionals would subscribe to even considering intervention in the natural evolution of the human through its natural development phases and which includes the brain and even then take pause and issue any person any drug(s) who have otherwise been deemed to have no independent decision making authority until age 16 or age 18 when they have no conception of what they and their body may consider once in maturity. This is bizarre but like so many things in the world today seems to part of the 'reality avoidance' decision making process

    Posted by wizzard on 03 Mar 2020

  • [6] [1]

    This seems to me, to be another example of modern lunacy. I am glad I am closer to the end of my life than the beginning. I have no wish to see the long-term effects of crass decisions like this.

    Posted by Guin on 03 Mar 2020

  • [4] [2]

    This should NOT be allowed until adulthood

    Posted by Ross311267 on 02 Mar 2020

  • [6] [2]

    At that age they are not aware of the concequences of these things, a good idea at the time. Tell them to put it off until they are at least twice that age and then go through a very thorough process of investigation, it will save the regrets later on.

    Posted by David on 02 Mar 2020

  • [5] [2]

    This is scarey.. unless someone has hormonal problems

    Posted by Pxi on 02 Mar 2020

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