How Do You Feel About the Nestle Name Change?

Nestle has announced that by early 2021 their Red Skins and Chico will be renamed Red Ripper and Cheekies. For a lot of people, the names are racist and marginalise certain ethnic communities and was a step in the right direction. However, others feel it’s unnecessary. How do you feel LiveTribers?  Where do you sit on the issue? Do you think it is up to those impacted by the racist undertones to decide what’s offensive? 

Posted by on 16 Nov 2020

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    The idiots are at it again, there was no problems in the past how many years? The offended will only increase if you give in. Another spineless international company. Treat them the same as China, give them the flick.

    Posted by David on 01 Dec 2020

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    This is another one of many STUPID decisions, Are we really coming to the stage where many things we buy now are offensive because of a "NAME", which has been around for many years, its time we start by saying to people well if you dont like the name of it= Dont Buy it then. I am offended by " Snowflake" so i would like this changed + I am offended by " Whiteboard" in the classrooms and we could go on and on or we just live how we have been living for the last 50 years and if you dont like it-= Dont buy it or dont go near it buy why wreck something that has been around for years. How about white australians start saying how we are offended by some words also. Something to think about.

    Posted by mishaman65 on 01 Dec 2020

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    Posted by Peter on 01 Dec 2020

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    Absolutely disgusted with the name change. We grew up with red skins and chico lollies and never thought about racist undertones. The younger or newer generation just want to jump on the political bandwagon, because they have no ambition and expect .everything to be handed to them on a gold platter.

    Posted by Christine on 01 Dec 2020

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    An unnecessary change as people do not associate the names with anything other than the confectionaries.

    Posted by Emgem on 01 Dec 2020

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    No to name changes !

    Posted by Andrew on 01 Dec 2020

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    Political correctness is way over the top . I might go to the shop and get a Chico roll before they too become illegal.

    Posted by Ralph on 01 Dec 2020

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    Absolute stupid Political correctness gone mad AGAIN! I find it offensive that such name changes are considered necessary but they reflect the newer generations' attitudes where "sticks and stones don't break your bones" is unacceptable and they are offended by anything and everything just to make life hard for the majority. So glad that I am of the 'older set' and won't be around for too much longer as I can;t stand how the world is degenerating under the 'holier than thou' attitudes being adopted today.

    Posted by Raymond on 30 Nov 2020

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    I prefer that Nestle does not change its name.

    Posted by Colin on 29 Nov 2020

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    Totally stupid, they have been known by those names for decades, and regardless of what name is on the packaging people will still call them by the original names. Saying it is offensive to Native American and hispanics, it is unlikely that it will offend people in Australia.

    Posted by Babakazoo on 29 Nov 2020

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    Totally unnecessary. Why the change Now 2020 ???? . I feel that the companies planning to rename their products, allow the consumers to decide...

    Posted by Kim on 29 Nov 2020

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    Too much political correctness going on these days. I'd never heard of Nestle's Red Skins or Chico and it although some might be offended by the names for their own personal reasons, as for me, doesn't worry me what they call them. Political correctness gone wrong: e.g. Fairy Penguins. The name Fairy has different meaning depending on where it's being used. What about Baa Baa Black sheep. Nothing wrong with Black Sheep in my mind but I wouldn't be singing Baa Baa Rainbow Sheep because there aren't any.

    Posted by Feathers on 29 Nov 2020

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    Whilst I see no racist issue with the names, I know that some other people do. I am all for harmony and respect within society, so if the name of a lolly needs to change to make that happen, then so be it. I think it sad....but obviously necessary to make some people feel happier. It does of course open up a plethora of other 'problem' names of products. It is all a matter of perspective though and very important to some...and not important to others. e.g. I know dark skinned people who love golliwog dolls and I know white skinned people who are offended by golliwog dolls. Neither is right. Neither is wrong. Yes, some things from the past need upgrading to fit in better with today's society...but there are many things that some people will NEVER be happy about, no matter what changes are made. Overall, the name of a lolly really doesn't have a great impact in my life. Red Rippers have always been a favourite of mine...but don't tell that to the anti-cane-sugar crusaders or that may just upset them too!

    Posted by Pottsy on 29 Nov 2020

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    Brinny 5

    People have gone insane!!

    Posted by Brinny 5 on 29 Nov 2020

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    over it!!! I don't like name white milk bottles - change name? NO.

    Posted by A48 on 28 Nov 2020

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    Posted by denwendi on 28 Nov 2020

  • [1] [6]

    If changing name.helps shortning the gap.against racist.then bring it on

    Posted by Francis on 27 Nov 2020

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    Utterly ridiculous!! Political correctness going berserk, and it seems to be getting worse with some of the idiots who have authority to pursue this nonsense.

    Posted by GJ on 27 Nov 2020

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    What do you think about the $12,000 a year Indue Card (Cashless Welfare Card a.k.a. Class warfare Card)?

    Posted by Fourskin. on 27 Nov 2020

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    The name change is unnecessary. The name isnt racist. Only a snowflake would say otherwise.

    Posted by misty12311977 on 26 Nov 2020

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    I think it is ridiculous. How many names are we going to have to change so some groups won’t be offended!

    Posted by Anne on 26 Nov 2020

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    Nestle is a global foods business. Its products go into several countries so when they name them, they might be considering the impact of that name on their product appeal, marketing and reputation as an ethical, socially conscious brand. While the name change might not mean much to some - going for something more neutral can't hurt. Good on Nestle for doing this. If we don't like it - just ignore it or choose a rival product if you feel so strongly about tNestle's actions.

    Posted by Vivienne on 26 Nov 2020

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    Theres no need for a name change in my opinion. For years and years we have accepted the name so why change now. Whats racist about that. It looks like theres nothing else left to argue about that racism is the only topic left.

    Posted by Rameeza on 26 Nov 2020

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    Angela -Suzanne

    Blimey, I think people need to toughen up and get on with life instead of hiding behind life's different excuses. It's junk food. A sweet a lollie. At this rate we will be segregating catagorising boxing ourselves so much, hiding behind life's excuses that we will loose our humanity and humour. Taking simple pleasures so muchout of life that we will live in fear of offending someone. when our young ones grow up they will be so politically correct that life and it's pleasures will be gone. Humanity will be bleached clean of ....well variety and it foibles.

    Posted by Angela -Suzanne on 26 Nov 2020

  • [8] [1]

    I am so over this PC stuff - for everything - get over it everyone, it's a name, nothing personal again you - B O R I N G!!! So does this mean all the colours Black/white/brown/yellow can not be applied to products in case they offend someone with that skin colour, hair colour, surname etc/ vegetables

    Posted by madmax on 25 Nov 2020

  • [9] [1]

    I think it was unnecessary to have change of name

    Posted by Jacquelyn on 24 Nov 2020

  • [2] [13]

    As a white person, it is not my responsibility to decide what is or isn't offensive in regards to things that don't affect me personally. It is my responsibility to listen respectfully and take into account what minority groups are saying, instead of telling them they're being 'too PC.' People seem to think that because there's nothing inherently negative about a lolly, these names aren't racist. If you think about it, 'red-skin' is a slur just as the n-word is- you wouldn't name a product after the n-word, so why name it after red-skins? This discussion isn't about people's feelings getting hurt. These names are inappropriate and the people affected are speaking up- white people, it's time to shut up and listen.

    Posted by Bella on 23 Nov 2020

  • [9] [3]

    Well ''as an old person'' why don't you stop abusing me?telling me to shut up??? I am white! i am happy to be white, white people have done heaps of good things....what about a sense of humour? why is red-skin a slur btw? i dont think it is....i know quite a few Aborigines in my town who couldn't give a fig about BLM etc, and when I peeked at their demonstration, yeah u got it....plenty of bleeding heart whiteskins...mostly of the younger generation. I can remember being in my 30's and u know what I knew not very much! nigger nigger nigger get over this victim bs please!

    Posted by DinkyOne on 24 Nov 2020

  • [2] [5]

    I didn't mention anything about the elderly in my comment, but if someone is discriminating against you on the basis of your age I will stand against it. White people have done heaps of good things, but that doesn't erase the genocide and slavery that has happened in the past. Red-skin is a slur because historically it has been used mostly in negative contexts, and is used to emphasise the difference between settlers and natives. I'd like to add, you don't have to be black to be passionate about the BLM movement. All due respect, but not knowing much in your thirties is nothing to brag about. Don't sell yourself short, I'm sure you knew a hell of a lot more about certain things than I do. I always appreciate any pearls of wisdom from an older generation, if you have any for me.

    Posted by Bella on 24 Nov 2020

  • [12] [2]

    totally unnecessary. people should grow up

    Posted by Elaine on 23 Nov 2020

  • [11] [0]

    Feel that is an unnecessary change and do not associate racism with the names of these sweets

    Posted by Katie on 23 Nov 2020

  • [8] [1]

    I don't think red skins is racist at all. Like common people grow up and don't get offended so easily. Because red skin lollies are actually red and that is that. What the hell has this generation become? It's so easy to piss people off when you don't mean to. Like common society grow up already.

    Posted by catherine on 23 Nov 2020

  • [9] [1]

    It is rediculus, those that object and requrie change should get a life!!

    Posted by charlie6 on 23 Nov 2020

  • [11] [1]

    I agree, political correctness has been taken way too far. You cant say anything, it seems, without supposedly offending someone. It is just ridiculous. People are far too sensitive these days.

    Posted by Binny on 22 Nov 2020

  • [2] [5]

    People have always been sensitive to racial slurs, it's only now they've had the courage/felt people would actually listen to them. They were always inappropriate, it's a good thing companies are now recognising that.

    Posted by Bella on 24 Nov 2020

  • [4] [1]

    well boohoo.....try having something real to worry about....racial slurs? racism is pretty much an invention of people looking to divide us. Most people love music and sport and i dont see anyone significant abusing Diana Ross, or Bruno Mars or whoever. u been brainwashed, by watching Main Stream Media and jumping on the virtue signalling goody goody bandwagon. In my humble opinion. Sticks and stones will break our bones but names will NEVER hurt anyone, unless you let them

    Posted by DinkyOne on 24 Nov 2020

  • [3] [0]

    I know right

    Posted by catherine on 23 Nov 2020

  • [12] [0]

    I think this is political correctness taken to extremes. A trip down memory lane is buying a red skin, milko, choo choo bar or chico. Where is the connectness with memories and good times if you keep changing the name or rebranding things. If it ain't broke don't fix it. Will they be saying next that the Milky Bar kid was too white?

    Posted by Jocelyn on 21 Nov 2020

  • [1] [5]

    That's an interesting perspective Jocelyn. I agree a certain connectedness may be lost with a name change, but I think a racial slur like 'red-skin' is a trip down memory lane for an entire culture, and not a pleasant one either. Out of respect for them, I personally believe that it's worth changing the names. Also, white people aren't discriminated against based on their race, so the milky bar kid doesn't present any issues.

    Posted by Bella on 23 Nov 2020

  • [10] [2]

    Unecessary people are getting insensitive over stupid things

    Posted by Meagan on 20 Nov 2020

  • [13] [2]

    This proposed change is ludicrous. The sweets involved have never invoked any response other than a liking (or otherwise) of their taste. To apply any type of racism, or negative response to them is ridiculous. Your quote that "a lot" of people feel that way is certainly not true among people that I know, and I don't believe many, if any, people feel like that. They are Sweets, nothing more - nothing less, and their names are perfectly suitable for them as they are. I believe changing their names can only have a negative effect, and sales will drop in response to it. I do NOT believe it is up to those impacted by the racist undertones to decide what's offensive. From what I have heard on this subject people objecting to the current names are not native or long term residents of Australia or any Western country. This group are frequently offended by Western items, sayings or traditions. They have been afforded the privilege of living in a Western style country, and it is their responsibility to live according to our way of life, not complain about differences to where they used to live. If they are unable to do that, without complaining then they must look for somewhere else to live. If they wish to continue living with their former way of life they mmust leave Australia, and return to where they used to be.

    Posted by Tyke on 20 Nov 2020

  • [2] [5]

    Hey Tyke, the taste of the sweets have nothing to do with the racism here- I think most people will agree they taste fine. The issue comes from the names. 'Red-skin' was used as a racial slur just as the n-word was, so it's not really about people being offended- it's about the fact that the name is frankly inappropriate. I know a lot of people I know, myself included, agree with the name change- the majority of us being 'long-term residents of Australia.' It depends on location and who you know. People from bigger cities tend to be more progressive (not always of course, just in general.) I'm assuming you're referring to immigrants in 'this group.' I'm not sure where you heard that, but all the immigrants or children of immigrants I've met have been respectful and embracing of Australian culture, whilst still celebrating their own. Cultural diversity is what makes Australia such a great country.

    Posted by Bella on 23 Nov 2020

  • [12] [2]

    I think that this Politically Correctness has gone out of control. Next, it will be that you can't say your skin will go red if you get sunburnt. A famous grass tree known as a Blackboy will need to change, along with another native plant, the Kangaroo Paw. Both plants are indigenous to Australia along with Aborigines, who funnily enough, were the founders of these names.

    Posted by Bob on 20 Nov 2020

  • [8] [0]

    Hi Bob, FYI Blackboys were restyled Australian Native GrassTrees a while back. People who sell them for a living, simply go with their latin family name and genus so nobody gets upset. Hohum. Doesn't loose my memories as a kid walking in the bush and finding the blackboy with its flower spear all covered in butterflies that rose in the air as we approached and landed back on the nectar the moment we passed. Totally agree that this day and age is pushing political correctness way too far past the good old Aussie feeling of "she'll be right mate".

    Posted by Jocelyn on 21 Nov 2020

  • [11] [0]

    Progress (if you can call it that) also made a Blackboard turn into Chalkboard, but what about the poor Whiteboard that has been denied its status.

    Posted by Bob on 20 Nov 2020

  • [11] [1]

    Bloody Stupid waste of time and money. Political correctness has gone way too far! People are just being ridiculous now.

    Posted by Beth on 20 Nov 2020

  • [9] [1]

    Absolutely ridiculous! A total waste of time and money, all to pacify a very small minority.

    Posted by Lynne on 20 Nov 2020

  • [8] [2]

    The political correctness brigade strikes again. What a stupid move...Hands up all those who were upset at the current names. Hmm not too many.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 19 Nov 2020

  • [9] [2]

    Ludicrous. I'd like to know who is actually complaining. I suspect it's not those who are presumed to be offended, but those who spend all their time being offended on behalf of those people. Changing lolly names is not going to solve any problems. It;s just a distraction so we FEEL as though we're doing something, thus allowing us to ignore the actual problems (dysfunctional families, lack of education, family violence) which we are barely allowed to mention because that would be "racist". So we carry on re-naming dairy products and lollies, thinking that we're changing the world.

    Posted by Phillip on 19 Nov 2020

  • [7] [1]

    I dont think a change of name is needed

    Posted by Richard on 19 Nov 2020

  • [9] [1]

    I agree with everyone else here, PC gone way too far. They are just lollies, for goodness sake. If anyone can get offended by the name of a lolly I would suggest growing a thicker skin! Many years ago, we were all called Pommies from England, Wogs or Eyties were from Italy, and so it goes on and on. Nobody complained, it is just the way it is. Time to concentrate on really important matters.

    Posted by Joyce51 on 19 Nov 2020

  • [8] [1]

    I think it is all PC going mad or is it just a clever ploy by Nestle to get a lot of free publicity? Let’s face it there are so many forums talking about it without Nestle having to do anything. I would be surprised if there sales do not go up prior to the change as people will want to own an original pack.

    Posted by SafetyCross on 19 Nov 2020

  • [8] [1]

    I can't believe that a company as big as Nestle is taking his seriously. Back in England when I was growing up, Robertson's jams had a golliwog attached somewhere on he jar & when you had collected 5 you sent them in & you were rewarded with an enamel broach of golliwog. This seems as if the population has all of a sudden gone mad.

    Posted by hatfield on 19 Nov 2020

  • [10] [2]

    Political Correctness gone mad - thanks to the tree-hugging lefties out there. I understand that it's 'sensitive' to some cultures. When I was growing up all I heard was "WOG". Yes it hurt, but today, I class it as a badge of honour. I actually like it when my mates say; "Hi Wog, how's it going". Time changes things. So, what's next? Shall we have a "peaceful" demonstration (where shops get looted) so we can get the name of the Brad Pitt movie changed - I mean, MEETING JOE BLACK is an insensitive name for a movie.

    Posted by John on 19 Nov 2020

  • [6] [1]

    Although I don't agree with it, it is up to the Company if they want to change the name of the lollies although it is going to cost a lot of money to do so and I hope this madness will stop soon and that the company Coon does not change the name of their cheese because some people may have being bullied by idiots these names have been around a long time and to change it over something like this I feel is ridiculous. What happens if you're bullied over other products should they change their names too? I don't believe they should.

    Posted by wendles on 19 Nov 2020

  • [9] [1]

    I must admit that in all of the years I have been buying Red Skins and Chicos, it never crossed my mind that their names were anything other than the names of lollies. It certainly never made me think of any racial overtones. Why on earth someone would suddenly think the names are racist is beyond me. I can't believe Nestle will spend all of this money to keep a few people with warped views happy. Political Correctness certainly has gone mad over the last few years. I am sure that the people who are supposedly being insulted wouldn't care less about the names. I have very fair skin and so I am often called a "Paleface". Doesn't bother me in the least. In some countries I have been called a "gringo". Also doesn't bother me. As the old saying goes "Sticks and Stones will break my bones but names will never hurt me".

    Posted by Aussie5 on 19 Nov 2020

  • [0] [0]

    Totally agree. I am under 5 feet (152cm) and I was always told how short I am. Never bothered me as this is what I am. I also agree some people have become a little too over the top with their righteousness these days. I never agree with the term African American, Italian American etc. Most of these people's ancestors have been in America for generations and 100's of years. I have a Grandfather who was a Dane, two who were Irish, another who was English. I am an Aussie and that's it. These are my genetic heritage only. I think singling yourself out as "something" American is ridiculous but seems to be what they do over there. I know there are problems but I also feel it is not just one sided. Yes there are racists but this is in every society. Some do not like Jews, some do not like Indians, some do not like Australians etc. I think sometimes people go too far and lose the gains made by so many others. As you say, it never even crossed our minds it was offensive. We were kids buying our favourite lollie. I think if they did a poll one would find there would be not too many people even bothered by it whatever their culture. Much better things the money could be spent on.

    Posted by coaster on 01 Dec 2020

  • [7] [1]

    Their are lots of lollies with different names, you have milkos for crying out loud!But no one complains about that why not trying to put the money you will spend on rebranding and advertising And put it into scholarships for underprivileged or put it into homelessness this would be more of a step forward than always everything having to be about political correctness if you lay down every time someone is feeling a bit sensitive to the name of something what more is it going to take people have tried to wipe out merry Christmas and change to happy Christmas and take the ho,ho,ho, out of Santa clause the old saying goes don’t fix something that’s not broken is the next thing going to be that people are going to say Easter bunny can’t hippty hop because of some wiped out reasoning look at the end of the day it is a Lolly that kids enjoy that is all they see and nothing else they don’t see political correctness they don’t see racism and they look threw eyes that aren’t tarnished unless people make it obvious or they take it out of context people wake up stop with the bubble wrap cos its going to go ka boom one day

    Posted by Kellie on 19 Nov 2020

  • [7] [4]


    Posted by NEWI on 18 Nov 2020

  • [9] [1]

    There are a lot more important things to change than the name on a chocolate ridiculous

    Posted by socker on 18 Nov 2020

  • [3] [3]

    It is their choice. Just as it is our choice to not buy it if we do not like the name change or we do not like the name change.

    Posted by Lewis on 18 Nov 2020

  • [7] [1]

    The world has gone crazy! Does it seriously matter what they're called! Those of us who have grown up with the products will still call them that out of habit.

    Posted by Melissa on 18 Nov 2020

  • [7] [1]

    So sick and tired of this racist the hell can you be offended by a chocolate’s all gone too far and the world has gone mad!

    Posted by Carole on 18 Nov 2020

  • [5] [1]

    Really ridiculous! In fact instead of robbing us all of our childhood favourite memories,they should realise that we never thought of these names as racist and ,perhaps look from outside the bag of lollies and see that the names were actually race inclusive. Chicos just mean littleboy in spanish,no big deal. And who hasn't ever seen a sunburnt , redskinned white aussie?!

    Posted by Liane on 18 Nov 2020

  • [5] [1]

    I agree there are some things that need to be changed but honestly who actually thought of these two lollies in the context that has appeared of late bought about by these PC groups. I am sure there are other issues worthy of attention but not the name of a couple of lollies.

    Posted by coaster on 18 Nov 2020

  • [3] [1]

    I don't think anyone would take offence at the proposed name change. It smacks of political correctness gone mad to change it.

    Posted by Wendy on 17 Nov 2020

  • [7] [1]

    This is a real shame , today we seem to be dictated to by the media or a vocal minority . Don't people have better things to do ? Since the PC madness came in , there are splinter groups protesting , marching , rallying . Most of the protesters are disgruntled uni. students , looking for something/anything to vent their frustrations . I wonder if Nestle decided that they would contribute some of their profits to assist with HECs fees , in order to keep the name , there would be somewhat a difference of opinion . That being said , there is a real issue that everyone has overlooked , and i want to rally supporters to WCM , White Cats Matter , why should the black cats get all the advertising , support and sales . It's time we took a stance !

    Posted by robert on 17 Nov 2020

  • [5] [1]

    What a load of rubbish thought up to jump on the racist bandwagon. Some people just dream up ridiculous ideas to appear to be inclusive & relevant to others. Well I won't be buying Nestle products on the basis of their own stupidity. The idea to show they are progressive, tolerant & inclusive by alienating their customers is beyond belief. The warped view of a few people do not speak for the majority.

    Posted by Tess on 16 Nov 2020

  • [6] [1]

    Woke political correctness and historical shaming roll on! Soon we won't be able to refer milk as being white and shoe nugget as being black.!!!

    Posted by mact on 16 Nov 2020

  • [8] [1]

    What a load of BS. Some people are too precious nowadays and aren't happy unless they can find faults in everything. We are too scared to say what we think in case we upset someone who thinks they are entitled to impose their own twisted view of the world onto others. IMO these people who are claiming marginalisation are more racist than the people they claim are the cause of racism. My solution will be to stop purchasing Nestle's products, it may not accomplish anything but I will not be dictated to by a noisy minority.

    Posted by ere on 16 Nov 2020

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