How Can Long Naps Be Bad for Your Health?

Napping for longer than an hour is linked to higher risk of heart disease and death, according to a new study. The study found that long naps (more than 60 minutes) were associated with a 30% higher risk of all-cause death and 34% increase in the likelihood of cardiovascular disease compared to no napping. However, the researchers also found that long naps only increased the risk of death if the person slept more than six hours per night. Daytime napping is common all over the world and is generally considered a healthy habit. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? How can long naps be bad for your health?

Posted by on 08 Jun 2023

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    I never had any issues with over sleeping. Sometimes I just over dream. Lol

    Posted by MS on 14 Aug 2023

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    A short nap actually works very well, it would help you be refreshed and stay focused. on the other hand, if I had a long nap, I often find it makes me not feel good at all. So I do agree with the conclusion above.

    Posted by Jay on 23 Jul 2023

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    There's nothing quite like a nap when you're feeling tired. Always makes me feel better!

    Posted by Bellxchat on 26 Jun 2023

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    Busy Bee

    I feel refreshed when I wake up from a short nap whereas a long nap has the opposite effect.

    Posted by Busy Bee on 26 Jun 2023

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    my partner has narcolepsy, and it is said he should nap but only for 20 minutes so as to not reach REM sleep.

    Posted by tamara on 26 Jun 2023

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    I don't see any problems with having naps. If I have a bad night's sleep and feel tired the next day, I will always fall asleep at some stage in the afternoon or evening while watching TV. It might only be for 15 or 30 minutes but obviously my body needed that nap.

    Posted by vlee on 26 Jun 2023

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    providing you have a diet and exercise that supports your wellbeing then the body should be the best indicator to how much sleep it needs.

    Posted by Michelle on 20 Jun 2023

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    I suppose long naps can interfere with sleep hygiene and possibly contribute to insomnia which has been linked to having a poor diet and cardiovascular disease.

    Posted by Ana on 20 Jun 2023

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    I'm nearing 51 now and need naps more often. It is so tiring working and doing housework now, would love to sleep until 11am.

    Posted by Christine on 20 Jun 2023

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    A short nap is fine but its easy to feel very groggy and out of it with a long nap.

    Posted by Seshachalapathi on 20 Jun 2023

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    It disrupts the normal sleep pattern and the brain thinks its getting a disrupted sleep

    Posted by Jigsaw on 18 Jun 2023

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    wrestling collector

    I feel that life is very busy for all ages & takes a toll on people over 50.At 65 I only work 10 hours a week,however need a nap each day usually after lunch.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 18 Jun 2023

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    I think we should ditch the studies! Never a week goes by without a new cause for concern about what we can eat or do. Perhaps it's the studies that are the biggest risk - making us all stressed about just about everything we do

    Posted by sandra on 15 Jun 2023

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    Not sure I agree with that. if you wake up during the night to go to the toilet how long do you actually stay awake.My relatives who took naps had less / no heart. The others has heart problems and died at a younger age.

    Posted by DDTT on 14 Jun 2023

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    Depends on the lifestyle induced on your body. If you feel tired and can not get forward for the day have a rest . Depends on your age and health how long your need to sleep or rest , is all part of life listen to your body ....M.P.

    Posted by MICHELE on 12 Jun 2023

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    I think napping is okay. I think the recommended sleep for adults is 7 to 9 hours per day. Apparently if you sleep more than 11 hours per day, it is good to get it investigated (as you may suffer from sleep apnoea).

    Posted by tassiegirl on 11 Jun 2023

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    Lying down for longer periods ruins your diurnal rhythm, wreaks havoc on you lymphatic drainage system, causes muscles to start to atrophy, causes changes in you brain chemistry. My child is the perfect example. They are paler than a sheet constantly have fog brain, have no muscle to even open a jar, they can't even lift 1 kg without complaining. They are constantly in pain and complaint of disiness daily I've watched my once happy highly active considerate child turn into a complaining abusive lump. It's devastating and I've tried everything to get them to move and get up. They refuse to go study to improve their job prospects they should be on red p plates not still on their l plates, they make one attempt to get work and give up, they have zero motivation. Keep in mind they did suffer 2 bouts of chronic fatigue and were diagnosed with general anxiety disorders 2.5yrs ago, and they use to be in soccer and karate. So as someone living with this and a single parent for 19.5yrs, I agree. I see my child dying daily and nothing seems to work, even my parents are trying to help. My child does go with them for a few hours but then comes home and goes back to bed. They sleep a whopping total of 19 hrs per day, 7days a week for the last 2.5yrs.

    Posted by mousey1973 on 10 Jun 2023

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    Your body will always tell you what it needs with you crave a certain food it's usually your body telling you you need in the vitamins

    Posted by Tanya on 09 Jun 2023

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    As a person who is lucky if they get more than 5 hours sleep a night I would think if you need more than 6 hours of sleep a night then another hour or so through the day you have a medical problem and should consult a doctor.

    Posted by Paula on 09 Jun 2023

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    Can't beat a short 'nanna nap' through the day. Recharges the batteries and refreshes the body. As long as it's short 30 minutes or so it can only do good.

    Posted by ere on 09 Jun 2023

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    Loner wolf

    Short naps are ok for us older folks as we need to catch up on snooze time if ailment keep us awake at night.

    Posted by Loner wolf on 08 Jun 2023

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    Long and frequent naps can be a sign of depression

    Posted by Marge on 08 Jun 2023

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    I don’t nap as I then can’t sleep at night. I feel that it’s better to get a really good nights sleep. If I feel tired during the day, I go for a walk or have a swim. That would have to be better for my health, both physically and mentally than having a nap.

    Posted by Yingtong on 08 Jun 2023

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    I had a nap yesterday of over 3 hours as I missed a lot of sleep during the night. I guess it depends on the circumstances. If you need sleep then you need it but if you sleep too much time to get a check up I guess.

    Posted by coaster on 08 Jun 2023

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    It's not good if you make a habit of it.

    Posted by sulter on 08 Jun 2023

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