How Can Computer Modelling Predict Climate Change Causing Cascading Animal Co-Extinctions?

Computer modelling has shown the variety of vertebrate animal species found in locations across the globe could be cut by 27 per cent by the end of the century. The simulation conducted on one of Europe's most powerful supercomputers also found that one extinction caused a cascade of extinctions that have been coined "co-extinctions". The tool found that under the worst climate change prediction, 34 per cent more species would become extinct than would be predicted when not considering co-extinctions. What do you think LiveTribers? How can computer modelling predict climate change causing cascading animal co-extinctions?

Posted by on 17 Jan 2023

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    Computer modelling can be useful. However, it requires good past data to train the models. And also, the future is changing rapidly with lots of external and newer factors which is not taken into account.

    Posted by TonyLT on 13 Feb 2023

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    Well with something like this we would have to start by seeing the computer and software used as a starting point, The algorithms are pretty accurate these days generally speaking but the prediction of 34% is really extreme i feel and i would like to see how they came to that conclusion. So in summary it can be useful but i would to see and know more but this ,may be useful in future.

    Posted by TheSurveySlammer on 13 Feb 2023

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    They have "MODELLED" doom and gloom since the sixties, huess what NEVER comes true. Constant fear mongering to drive an agenda nothing more, and the useful idiots help drive it all.

    Posted by Steve on 13 Feb 2023

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    Computer modeling is only as good as the person entering the data. Garbage in equals garbage out. It's like the weather forecasts, we get computer modeling of what they 'guess' it will be and a few hours later it changes to something else. Climate change is a natural occurrence that's been happening for millions of years with different species going extinct and newer and better ones rising. There's fossil proof that climate change and animal/plant extinctions have happened before and will inevitably happen again and all the computer modeling and gnashing of teeth will never make one iota of difference.

    Posted by ere on 24 Jan 2023

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    Great, someone with common sense, the data that is entered for modeling can be biased to achieve the desired outcomes that they want. This is prevalent in climate change modelling. 2022 had the lowest number of cyclones in 20 years which goes against the modelling, you will never hear about this in mainstream media, doesnt suite the alarmists.

    Posted by Brett on 31 Jan 2023

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    Most people just will never take any notice. We can present provable facts showing the effects of droughts, bushfires, floods, famines, freezing weather along with the effects of deforestation, mining, massive building projects, construction of motorways and industrialisation in general - but people say "Why doesn't someone do something?" The horrendous bushfires of 2019/2020 killed at least 61,000 koalas. Please say it out loud."61,000" That number can never be reproduced. Who is this magical "SOMEONE"? As a member of the Queensland Koala Crusaders and in the past many other environmental and animal welfare groups. No I am not a Vegan, Vegetarian or political demonstrator. I am almost 80 and born overseas like most of our members. Australians can't be bothered enough to join us, help with rescues, care for orphaned joeys, help us plant food trees, contact politicians or organise fundraisers to help pay our carers and vets. I and others continually try to raise public awareness that by 2050 unless you all wake up there will be absolutely only stuffed, toy koalas left and also thousands of other precious creatures in this world will be gone. They have a right to live here too. Who reads or even cares about statistics? We can't even get people to keep their dogs on leashes when out, or slow down when driving at night through koala habitats, to even report a dead or injured one which we might have saved. Denialists about climate change are just those who don't want to care or feel guilty about the world they are leaving behind. They don't care that at least THREE BILLION Australian creatures suffered those Bushfires alone. The Ancients knew what was happening. They left behind warnings but only a few have cared to decipher the codes and messages left behind before they vanished during the centuries of Ice Ages, leaving only the ignorant to start all over again destroying the new creation and its wonderful wildlife and environment. The ignorant are still with us waiting for "SOMEONE!"

    Posted by Eileen on 22 Jan 2023

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    It may give us some indication. No, I don't think it can actually give an accurate prediction. In Victoria during the pandemic, we were given computer modelling about the corona virus, how many people would be affected by this virus and how many people would die. It was very wrong. It just shows that computer modelling by itself is not reliable.

    Posted by tassiegirl on 22 Jan 2023

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    I studied a unit in genetics and we used a program which basically calculated estimated population size over time considering the genetic diversity of the population and things like natural selection, so I guess they would just need to factor climate change into it somehow.

    Posted by Ally42 on 22 Jan 2023

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    No cannot predict what nature is doing, too many variables. Climate change is a hoax. I used to believe in it until I got educated to know the real truth. It is a cover up for geo engineering.

    Posted by LeafyGreen on 18 Jan 2023

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    It can try but often Computer modelling is dead wrong. It's only as good as the quality of inputs. And inputs can be manipulated by people with agendas.....just like Global Warming.!!!!

    Posted by mact on 17 Jan 2023

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    Yes it is a valuable tool and can show us different scenarios to think about not the current thinking of just lets wait and see what will happen. It is almost too late for some, what will we be eating? Sea moss? That's if we haven't killed the oceans as well.

    Posted by Aliki on 17 Jan 2023

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    Of course computer modelling can predict change; but only we can change the trajectory.

    Posted by Spiderwoman on 17 Jan 2023

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