How Can AI Be A Powerful Tool In Treating Male Fertility?

Infertility affects 7% of the male population. Now artificial intelligence (AI) may help solve the problem. Dr Steven Vasilescu says that the AI software developed by him, and his team can spot sperm in samples taken from severely infertile men 1,000 times faster than a highly trained pair of eyes. "It can highlight a potentially viable sperm before a human can even process what they're looking at," he says. Dr Vasilescu is a biomedical engineer at the University of Technology Sydney (UTS), in Australia, and founder of medical company NeoGenix Biosciences. The system he and his colleagues have developed is called SpermSearch. What are your thoughts LiveTribers? How can AI be a powerful tool in treating male fertility?

Posted by on 17 Nov 2023

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    AI can play a significant role in treating male fertility issues by providing efficient and accurate analysis of sperm samples in terms of precision and Accuracy, pattern Recognition, personalized Treatment Plans.

    Posted by Jay on 13 Dec 2023

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    Might be useful though fundamentally nature decides these things

    Posted by stratman on 13 Dec 2023

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    It can be helpful but should be properly studied and examined first.

    Posted by Maryam on 20 Nov 2023

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    I think it could help to identify and categorize the genes for those affected. So the treatment could be more precise.

    Posted by XIAOYANG on 20 Nov 2023

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    AI can have positive and negative effects !! Not something that we should be rushing into

    Posted by Jigsaw on 20 Nov 2023

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    I can only comment on AI interactions that i have experienced and I find all of them very limiting in what and how they can decipher the messages/information sent to them and even more limiting on the information/messages they send back, so i think it a big challenge that AI can detect and solve anything. Information and feedback would have to be very limited. A very narrow path and very specific.

    Posted by Carol on 20 Nov 2023

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    We need to wait and see how it will help, I assume.

    Posted by bmlglp on 20 Nov 2023

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    Machine learning algorithms and related AI tools can definitely assist in this 'simplistic' task of detecting and counting. I would anticipate the sensitivity and specificity of such technology would be verified (ie. rates of false positives/negatives) but fundamentally we have to remember that AI is a tool to aid the expert at the receiving end, not a replacement. These tools can flag a test result in one aspect of a disease for further investigation, but we can't rely on them to account for other symptoms and test findings.

    Posted by vic.kyl on 20 Nov 2023

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    Definitely helpful, but not a complete solution on its own

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 20 Nov 2023

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    AI can detect problems faster than humans, but human input is still needed for cures.

    Posted by merryl on 20 Nov 2023

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    wrestling collector

    I don't object to using this method as long as it doesn't give false hope.

    Posted by wrestling collector on 20 Nov 2023

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    AI can help to resolve the solution but it can not be only cure

    Posted by eric on 20 Nov 2023

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    it can be very helpful

    Posted by Daniel on 20 Nov 2023

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    this has been an ongoing problem in society for many decades any research and possible help for fertility issues should be welcomed and hopefully help those experiencing this issue

    Posted by mary on 19 Nov 2023

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    I have absolutely no idea.

    Posted by Paula on 17 Nov 2023

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    It can detect the problem faster but I don't think AI can cure it. I don't believe there is a cure at all for this problem.

    Posted by sulter on 17 Nov 2023

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    It might be of use but I've heard the problem is increasing, especially in western nations, same with many females. People need to look at their lifestyles as that is the major cause. What you put into your body. And many now have poor quality sperm which is a risk for birth defects. It was rarely an issue several decades or more ago, so you reap what you sow! I'm just a bit concerned about research and money being spent on this when there are more important health needs being neglected. It's not a issue that personality concerns me.

    Posted by MS on 17 Nov 2023

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    It'll take more than AI to make a person more fertile. IMO it's Nature's way of saying that low fertility rates are just a natural occurrence and our time on this planet, like many extinct species, is not infinite, and the human race will eventually cease to exist.

    Posted by ere on 17 Nov 2023

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