Freedom of speech – how far is too far?

Freedom of expression is believed to be an advancement of democracy and liberty of human progress. However, some may argue that at times, it is abused or simply taken too far. Recently British journalists, author and politically alt-right associate Milo Yiannopoulos is causing a stir. His recent private speech seminars in Australia have caused an abrupt response from both supporters and protestors. Milo is well known for using his platform to advocate racist abuse, anti-homosexuality (despite Milo being openly gay himself), free speech warrior and sexist provocateur. Let us Know LiveTriber’s, is this a case of abusing the right of freedom of speech?

Posted by on 06 Dec 2017

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    Use free speech until it starts getting racist but say what you want if it brings out the wrong in someone or want to prove something

    Posted by Zack on 13 Dec 2017

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    Don't you get it? His stance is aimed at undermining the right wing. Tongue firmly in cheek. I think he's ve ry clever and truly funny....

    Posted by Alyson on 13 Dec 2017

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    Well said in all posts, especially Karel. Freedom of speech means exactly that - freedom to speak your mind. 'Abuse' of freedom of speech is nearly always someone spouting bullshit for profit or power. It's our job to recognise it for what it is and - as Vegandelight so eloquently states - starve it of oxygen.

    Posted by BADWOLF on 11 Dec 2017

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    Freedom of speech must be absolute and cannot be abused. However, every freedom or liberty must go hand in hand with responsibility. Personal responsibility! If somebody causes damage by use of some own freedom or liberty, then must be personally responsible for adequate compensation. Remember Ronald Reagan saying: "Every human right ends at that point, where somebody else's human right gains the same value." Governments limiting or controlling freedoms and liberties lead to hell. I lived in hell for long (over 40 years behind barb-wire fences). I know Nazis from first hand testimonies and communists and "democratic" inquisition from own experience. Their danger isn't in their abuse of freedom of speech by preaching bullshit. Mein kampf or Communist manifesto or Quran or Bible or whatever must be publicly available right for the purpose to allow everybody to read and recognise lies in it. The danger in ideological (religion is a form of ideology and vice versa) IS NOT in preaching nonsense, but in imposition of totality and limiting freedom of speech of others. Silencing others is totality. Let Milo speak out, but if he causes damage to anybody, take him responsible for compensation. Freedoms and liberties must not be "controlled". We must impose JUSTICE and fight for our freedoms (even with guns if necessary). Take false preachers RESPONSIBLE for damage they cause individually.

    Posted by Karel on 10 Dec 2017

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    I really feel freedom of speech in Australia is being abused by minorities, and that our politicians are allowing this to happen. Sharia law is one in particular that is getting out of hand. I feel a lot of broadcasting isn't being monitored. I have to agree with the post by NMK27.

    Posted by theresa on 09 Dec 2017

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    Freedom of speech is often abused, like milo does. The ones who cry their free speech is being removed are usually the ones who its hate speeches they want to dish out again milo a prime example. Hell the guy has a video where he defends pedofiles

    Posted by squeekums1 on 08 Dec 2017

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    to squeekums1 can you provide the said video???? uncut and unedited????

    Posted by Not_A_DoDo on 12 Dec 2017

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    Freedom of speech should be protected unless it is hate speech or libel. Offensive, rude, aggressive, sick, ignorant, opinion etc have there place and that doesn't mean a blanket right to air in mainstream society. Public broadcasting rules should still apply so people don't have to see/read things they don't want to. Laws cover discrimination etc FREEDOM OF SPEECH BUT NOT FREEDOM FROM RESPONSIBILITY OF WHAT YOU SAY

    Posted by NMK27 on 08 Dec 2017

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    Take a closer look... an openly gay person speaking against homosexuality means they are PAID to do this!!! The topics & positions he takes on them are ALL in common with those of the Money Power & those who (think they) control us. This guy is here to force us into restricting freedom of speech, freedom of association & many other freedoms we now seem to take for granted. If we had a say, this individual should have had his paymasters investigated & be refused entry here. However, this sort of thing has happened too often before & the best thing to do is ignore it & not act on it. Deprive it of oxygen or 'air time' & it'll die off.

    Posted by vegandelight on 08 Dec 2017

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    Guess you must be easily indoctrinated,,, or you watch this guy,, Milo I presume, a lot.... if you dont like it.. you have the freedom not to watch, there is an OFF BUTTON.... DUH :)

    Posted by Not_A_DoDo on 12 Dec 2017

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    "is this a case of abusing the right of freedom of speech?" Yes. Freedom of speech does not give anybody the right to discriminate and/or tell lies based on racism, bigotry or just plain nastiness. And what most spiteful people forget or choose to ignore is the right of everybody else to reply. Freedom of speech is not a one way street.

    Posted by Pesty on 06 Dec 2017

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