Free Range Parenting: Crazy or Amazing?

Would you ever let your kid decide what he or she wants to learn? Would you let them opt out of learning science and maths if they said they were more interested in art? Well, that’s what free range parenting entails. Along with letting them choose their own bedtime and schedule, it’s sort of the anti-helicopter parent movement. Is parenting kids less better for them LiveTribers? Are parents overprotective of their kids these days? What do you think about “free range” parenting?

Posted by on 01 May 2020

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    Children have a limited concept of long term effects, they will always opt for inst gratification.

    Posted by Neil on 25 May 2020

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    Iggy's mum

    Children need boundaries and rules so that they learn to be respectful of others plus learn self discipline, restraint and patience. A Montessori style education suits some children but not others. When it comes to learning there is no 'one size fits all'.

    Posted by Iggy's mum on 24 May 2020

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    No I think children need boundaries. That makes them feel safe and secure. They are way too young to be making such decisions. We teach them all this along the way until they are old and responsible enough to make those themselves

    Posted by Libby on 24 May 2020

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    This style of parenting has its pros and cons. On one hand, giving a child what it wants obviously leads to a more happier child as its not being forced into anything. The child can grow into a well adjusted adult or grow into a person who is not used to conforming to rules, regulations, boundaries etc as adult life is very different and we cant just chop and change or do what we like when we like as adult life has more repercussions. My friends daughter ended up dropping out of school due to this style of parenting and then on the dole for 10yrs. When centrelink gave her a choice of 2 different jobs as part of the work for the dole, she simply said she wasnt into one of the jobs & she was concerned the other job might make her get sweaty. So at the end of the day i think its a hard balancing act with kids. My parents were strict and i had little choices. I hated it then, but am glad now that they made me see things through as it has helped me be more resilient in some difficult situations in my life.

    Posted by T33 on 24 May 2020

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    Allowing children to make age appropriate risks and choices in safe controlled environments promotes personal growth, whilst allowing risk assessment, awareness and accountability skills to grow. Free parenting in certain situations can be beneficial to grow however placing all decisions in the hands of children can lead to overwhelming them and not providing support required in formative years.

    Posted by Brad on 23 May 2020

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    Children should not be forced into something they are not happy with

    Posted by Mervyn on 23 May 2020

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    Protective,parents are awesome,they protect their kids against harms

    Posted by Randy170 on 22 May 2020

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    Yes. It is the childs decision what they want to do when they finish schooling.

    Posted by Lynne on 22 May 2020

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    Young people need some level of guidence and discipline otherwise they grow up to be spoiled little brats. When or if they start work they'll be told what, where and when to do things, so they better get use to the idea of taking orders. This does not mean that children should not be allowed to think for themselves and be creative. .

    Posted by Ralph on 21 May 2020

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    Totally agree. Its when they enter the work force that it really shows. Once they have management telling them what to do, it all becomes too hard.

    Posted by T33 on 24 May 2020

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    I would let them to choose their own way but will help them for better option and according to their age and need

    Posted by laijina on 20 May 2020

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    Life is the best form of education after the basics are learnt.after yr6 it's all sublimanale conditioning for sheep!

    Posted by Otherwise on 20 May 2020

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    Parent - the word means teacher - left to their own devices most kids would choose a chocolate versus a healthier food. Lessons most kids would not make the right choice - kids need the basic reading writing arithmetic to get on in life and those things are learnt by repetition and practise. Schooling and lessons are also learning commitment, order and timeliness so they learn to solve problems, do things they may not always like and orderliness being on time for lessons etc: This idea of them choosing everything I don't think is good - maybe make a choice between a subject to study as in one of the subjects they can choose as an extra but everyday basics - no they have to be taught and learned. Otherwise in the real working world out there, they will not be able to keep a job when someone asks them to do something they might not like what are they going to say - no I don't like that not doing it. The world is already full of too many people who just want to do what they like and not follow any rules or guidelines - thats why there are so many unhappy kids - they are not happy unless they get their own way. No this is a stupid idea born of wrong thinking.

    Posted by caperteewaratah on 20 May 2020

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    It would depend on the age of the child and if it is a realistic opportunity for future employment within that field

    Posted by ibby on 20 May 2020

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    Yeah Sure To a Certain Extent!! But Obviously Maintaining the Basic Guide Lines Still, at the Same time!! I'm all For Inhancing One's Talents From an Early Age BUT!!! Again there has to be Some Sort of Structure or Outlay!! Some Sort of a Plan, to Maintaining the Principles of Discipline from an Early Age which is a Vital part of Learning Process About Life & Growing & Evolving & is Essential Part of Learning!! I Don't Honestly Believe that if they were Able to Choose their Own Learning Path they Would be Very Discouraged & NOT as LIKELY to Push Themselves to Even Get too Those Conclusions!! lol

    Posted by Jasmin on 19 May 2020

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    Madness Learning isn’t only about facts and figures. It’s also about organisation, providing a variety of experiences and understandings, responsibility, role modelling and discipline. Free range parenting may be great In theory and may work for a very small percentage. Very risky for the rest of the population.

    Posted by Jared on 18 May 2020

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    Legend 1st

    I would entertain the idea as long as my kid is intelligent enough and time to do anything he wants to do

    Posted by Legend 1st on 18 May 2020

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    Posted by Superstar209 on 17 May 2020

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    Great Scott

    I wish this was available when I was wasting Time @ School, Once I was Taught how to Read, Write & Add up, I was Pretty Much Done with School!

    Posted by Great Scott on 14 May 2020

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    No way. Simple as that.

    Posted by Tiffany on 13 May 2020

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    I have not kids but still In future when i have I don’t want give them freedom before age 16 .... because in this age they don’t know anything properly but after this age let them free and tell them that they can do do whatever they want because after all they need freedom in their life too. But side by side parents need to take care and need to check that they are good in their life or if they do something wrong don’t shout at them but help them to avoid mistake Thank you

    Posted by sukhbir on 11 May 2020

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    I've got two adult kids who still don't know what they want to do with their lives, so how would they know what they wanted when they were younger. I'm old school and that means all kids should be taught the basics to help them later on. Education should be education, teaching them to read and write, teaching them to add, subtract multiply and divide, teaching them history to make them understand the sacrifices those before them have made. Add to that basic skills in common sense, learning from making mistakes, thinking, communicating, common decency, and last but not least discipline.

    Posted by Bob on 09 May 2020

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    Well I think every parent should let their kids to decide for themselves whatever they want to study. That makes our kids more happier.

    Posted by Ruby on 07 May 2020

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    The biggest problem with this discussion is that most commenters are treating "children" as a homogeneous group whether they are 1 or 18. No-one has discussed child developmental let alone differences between the sexes. Perhaps it's because of the poorly worded question. Would you ever let your kid decide what he or she wants to learn? Not when he's 6. I'd like him to be taught reading, writing and arithmetic but if he's 16 and wants to start an apprenticeship who am I to insist he becomes a doctor? Is parenting kids less better for them? What does this even mean? By definition if you're raising a child you're parenting and you'll be somewhere in the myriad of styles but whether it's "less better for them" you'll never know because you aren't their sole developmental influence. Are parents overprotective of their kids these days? Most definitely!!! This is why we have an excess of spoiled, self obsessed snowflakes in the younger generation.

    Posted by Peter on 06 May 2020

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    No everyone needs boundaries and children need to know as this gives them a sense of security also. Choosing their own bed time etc. is utter stupidity. You are the parent so be one. A child has no sense of right or wrong unless taught. If a child has a special interest then this can be incorporated into their daily life but not at the cost of learning their maths, english, etc. Common sense approach is the best way to go. I think some parents are over protective these days but then in my time we could roam around the streets and parks etc. and be pretty much safe but not so much these days. I watched my kids but never suffocated them.

    Posted by coaster on 06 May 2020

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    God NO! Kids are bad enough as is with parents not giving a rats what their kids get up to! Seriously some people just shouldn't be allowed to breed!

    Posted by SongSparra on 06 May 2020

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    No I would never think about letting any child make up there own mind. What would the world be like.

    Posted by Tania on 06 May 2020

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    I am not in favor of free-range parenting, I think that having good overall skills in all areas will enable the child to decide when they are at an age at least 16 yrs of to take up the subjects they would need for their chosen career. All the standard subjects of learning are imperative for all children to have some knowledge for all areas of their lives. I agree with Zuzka more learning about life skills, fairness, kindness, mediation learning to chill out so that they understand emotions and behaviour. It would be good even from an early age for schools to have some sort of support worker/counsellor to be available to talk to if the child is struggling so that early prevention of things like social awkwardness, bullying etc can be prevented so that he child has a fun time at school in their early years to prevent any trauma presenting itself in later years.

    Posted by Purplefire16 on 05 May 2020

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    I think learning math and science is important but these subjects should be secondary if my kid loves art or isn’t good at math then yes Il all for free gangs parenting! I think they should learn more about social awesome, meditation, yoga, life coaching etc... these are more important skills today!!

    Posted by Zuzka on 05 May 2020

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    Old Man

    As a Parent your job in life for your Children is to develop them to cope with the needs of life, Their Education is most important, they do need the 3Rs to start with, without these how are they to Read/Write and use Maths. The First 6 years the basics then open the scope of learning. They the Children are like a building if it does not have a good foundation it will crumble and fall so in life they will do the same. Footnote/ In Art there is Science and Maths required. How do you develop colour/ what blends/ Size/ angle it's all there in Art, but you need to know your Science and Maths to create in Art. Free Range foolish path.

    Posted by Old Man on 04 May 2020

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    Yes definitely

    Posted by Robert on 04 May 2020

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    Angela Phillips

    Sure thing

    Posted by Angela Phillips on 03 May 2020

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    If you allow free range parenting you will end up in a worse situation than we have now,ie stem subjects. If you ask them if they want the easy way, with basically very limited future potential, or a challenging subjects with a bright future, where they willhave to work hard over many years, ofcourse they will say easy. The parents need to guide them, for their own good in the future as well as for the country as a whole.

    Posted by David on 03 May 2020

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    I believe that all children need the essentials of reading wring and arithmetic but as they get older they should have more choice in choosing what subjects they want to focus on

    Posted by Susan on 03 May 2020

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    I believe that all children deserve the rights that we had as children an education But at least one thing that we shouldn’t do as parents is criticise other people or people’s choices on any parenting decisions we are all human we all make mistakes as long as our child/children are happy and healthy when they are adults we have done our job I only have a daughter I’m her mum her best friend and I will always love her unconditionally that’s how I know and feel good about me as a parent

    Posted by Danielle on 03 May 2020

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    Kids have personalities, talents and challenges-ideally they need a good all round education to function well in our world. They also need to discover where their strengths, skills and passion reside because doing a job we value benefits the worker and all he/she works with.. So yes we need a flexible educational system to account for all types of learners including those w mental health issues & or disabilities-such a system would ultimately serve the social and economic needs of the community

    Posted by sallyann on 02 May 2020

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    Yet another b/s, woke , chattering class fad. Already Aussie kids are dumbed down by soft education standards. Despite buckets of money going to our so called education and tertiary system it's fast losing credibility. If we continue down this path those with a strong basis in reading , writing and arithmetic with strong results in STEM subjects will overwhelm our dumbed down society. Mind you once the idiot politicians and bureaucrats faceup to their flawed policies the tide will turn. Too bad for the poorly educated idiots left on the welfare scrapheap then !! Never mind.....they can dose up on medicinal THC to assuage the heartache!!

    Posted by mact on 02 May 2020

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    They probably want a dumbed down society, with a handful of intelligent ones. Easier to control.

    Posted by T33 on 24 May 2020

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    You are soooooo right.

    Posted by Ulysses on 05 May 2020

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    I agree with most of what you said. My two boys are both adults now in management. They had a good education and I encouraged them at every turn. They are 7 years apart and the older boy noted at age 17 that his brother was being taught less than he was at the same age. This was in the late 1980s. I went to school in the 1960s and I even noticed what my kids were not taught. To enable my younger boy to have a better education, both myself and his older brother each gave him extra tuition at home. One is now in his 40's and running three businesses in Broome and his brother is in his 30's and managing a warehouse in Adelaide.

    Posted by Robyn on 04 May 2020

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    it's this kind of parenting that is raising the current generation of disrespectful spoilt little turds. Kids need scipline, they crave it, this nonsense is just robbing them of one of life's greatest skills..self-discipline.

    Posted by hardbags on 02 May 2020

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    LOVE. I am a teacher aide, I couldn't agree more.

    Posted by Ulysses on 05 May 2020

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    How about "crazily amazing"? :-) What we don't want to be seen is parents being vilified or being forced to tow the line by either economic coercion, shaming, threats, bullying or outright force. Nor do we want to see the State remove kids from their families for any of these reasons. This style of education has happened for decades in high schools anyway. I'm thinking your question is 'at what age should this style occur?'. There's plenty of maths in art, for example - so why not focus more on geometry for a bit and show them how relevant and useful its many applications are. And why not change the teacher while we're at it, from a run-of-the-mill public school text-book style to a total Master on the subject or a specialist or private tutor?

    Posted by vegandelight on 01 May 2020

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    When children reach a suitable age and know what they want to do when they leave school I'm all for letting them, with their career adviser's assistance and parent's input, decide what they want to learn, but still within reason. It's important to have a well rounded education to cope with everything that life can throw at you. Free range parenting just means another generation of feral, selfish, and entitled children growing up without a thought or care for others and an expectation that they can do no wrong and everything is always someone elses fault and not their problem..

    Posted by ere on 01 May 2020

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    Fully agree with you.

    Posted by Robot37 on 12 May 2020

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