Euthanasia for Terminally Ill Children, Is It Morally Right?

The Dutch Government announced its plan to back a change that would allow terminally ill children under the age of 12 access to euthanasia. It would mean around 5 – 10 children and their parents each year in Holland would be given the option for voluntary euthanasia as opposed to prolonged suffering. LiveTribers, how do you feel about this? Is under 12 too young? Should terminally ill children be given this option?

Posted by on 16 Oct 2020

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    The kid and the I'll have the right to live a special place should be built for them

    Posted by Anne on 29 Jun 2021

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    While I fully agree with euthanasia in a terminally ill adult I don’t think that a child under the age of 12 would really comprehend what euthanasia is.

    Posted by Dianne on 13 Dec 2020

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    Nobody should have to live with insufferable pain waiting to die. These children are terminal so why prolong their agony any further. I feel it's the friends and family who are upset most but the child would be thankful.

    Posted by purplesp8y on 11 Dec 2020

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    My auntie died from breast cancer years ago and we went with her while she when through the chemo treatments, it was horrible to see her in such pain and the only thing we could do to help her was to hold her hand and talk to the nurse to get my aunties mind off the pain she was feeling, she went though with this treatment for sometime a year and then when we thought the cancer may have been under control it came back worse than before and took her life. I neve wanted my auntie to suffer like that and I thought it was so cruel, people and children shouldn't suffer like that, they don't let animals suffer, so why do they let human beings suffer it is not murder it is cruelty to let them suffer. Please change the law here and allow the people/children suffering to be euthanised it is not murder, it is an end to their suffering.

    Posted by wendles on 09 Dec 2020

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    Euthanasia is never right, that is my opinion. I do not think children should be given this option.

    Posted by chocogirl21 on 21 Oct 2020

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    While I realise that 12 is awfully young to make such an horrendous decision, waking up daily in pain, knowing that it is never going to get any better would be even worse. Greatest sympathy to anyone in this position, obviously the parents would also have to be included in such a decision, but I think the person suffering, regardless of age, should be the main decision maker. Hurry up Australia, and get on board with this sensible attitude to the terminally ill.

    Posted by Joyce51 on 21 Oct 2020

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    I believe they have that right , if it eases pain for the patient or the family . Each day they wake up , they know the circumstances that they have to face , The pain for the child and the stress , expense of prolonging the inevitable . This is a family tragedy , concern , decision and should be kept in the family without any government intrusion . Is it morally right to keep children confined to a bed , hospital , life support and no future ? As gut wrenching that decision would be , and would not wish it upon anybody , but as long as there is moral , mental , grief support and these options should be sought before any decision is made .

    Posted by robert on 20 Oct 2020

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    I dont believe children under the age of 12 are mentally capable of making this decision, therefore it would be the parents decision, and since the parents are influencing the children I dont agree with this. However I am not a nurse, I do not work with the terminally ill..maybe if I did my view would be somewhat different, a one person has previously commented.

    Posted by Marion on 20 Oct 2020

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    Absolutely, Kids are people. I was choofed of to boarding school at 12 .... I was in charge of my life. I imagine a kid with a terminal illness knows their mind.

    Posted by Ulysses on 19 Oct 2020

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    This is an extremely sensitive and heart wrenching decision for any family to make. I work in the Health Sector and I see constant pain and suffering from the young and the elderly. I feel any person who is terminally ill, whether it be a child or an adult should have a choice for the option of Euthanasia, aa opposed to prolonged suffering.

    Posted by Diane on 17 Oct 2020

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