Does Sleeping Less Affect Your Heart Health?

Adults who sleep less than 7 hours each night are more likely to say they have had health problems, including heart attack, asthma and depression. Some of these problems may raise the risk for heart disease, heart attack and stroke. What do you think LiveTribers, does sleeping less affect your heart health?

Posted by on 12 Nov 2021

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    Sleep needs change with age, people between 18-35 tend to need 7-8 hours sleep, however, as one gets older, one sleeps for shorter periods, so at 60 on many healthy people get by on 5-6 hours a night ,plus a "power nap"mid afternoon for 20 minutes or so. Infants sleep 12 hours a day. People with Chronic Airway problems may have difficulty sleeping well due to respiratory problems and this can affect their heart health.

    Posted by Fourskin. on 18 Nov 2021

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    Supposedly lack of adequate sleep is a problem next to type 2 diabetes as a cause of ill health and mental stress in Western Society. So enough sleep is very important for many people.

    Posted by mact on 17 Nov 2021

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    For someone who suddenly has a change in sleep pattern, it does but if it's regular to sleep less, then I think the body adjusts to it besides the body has ways of making you pay for the time without sleep

    Posted by Emm1 on 14 Nov 2021

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    I have had poor sleep pattern since i was around 12 years old. I sleep 2-3 hours at a time. rarely go to bed before 1pm but I do sleep in a bit in the morning if nobody wakens me by phoning, outside noise, etc. Over the night I might sleep anywhere between 2 - 8 hours but usually around 5 hours. my heart is fine as is my cholesterol etc. I think heart health also has a lot to do with genetics.

    Posted by coaster on 13 Nov 2021

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    I'd like to see real proof of that. I often sleep less than 7 hours a night and after my latest medical my GP says that I am in perfect health.

    Posted by ere on 12 Nov 2021

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