Do you think the government has handled the COVID-19 pandemic well?

This week the WA Premier locked down over 2 million people because of 1 case of community transmission. Some critics have called it “overkill” while others have praised the swift actions of the WA government. Meanwhile QLD’s stop-start border policies have caused controversy and anger throughout Australian. LiveTribers, do you think Australia has handled the COVID-19 pandemic well? Do you think Perth needed to go into lockdown or was it too much?

Posted by on 03 Feb 2021

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    Poor job in NSW-Lazy fairs. Federally, we could have respond faster and earlier if the PM was not blinded by WHO-China's propaganda of 'covid racism'.

    Posted by June on 14 Feb 2021

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    I think we have done very well. Take a look at America and their fatalities because of their policies

    Posted by Frank on 09 Feb 2021

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    Yes I think government has done a brilliant job

    Posted by Corinne on 05 Feb 2021

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    Unfortunately not in Victoria where the incompetence of our Premier largely lead to the death of a large number of senior citizens in nursing homes. The hotel quarantine debacle where guards were having sex with people in quarantine caused another large outbreak of Covid 19 and the little known fact that millions of dollars were wasted on hotel quarantine staff when there was no one in quarantine and the Army was available to do the job for nothing. While other states have handled the situation fairly well it was definitely not the case in Victoria.

    Posted by ere on 05 Feb 2021

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    You can't blame the Premier. He acted in good faith. How was he to know the guards would behave in this way. Incompetent guards, not incompetent Premier! Who were the guards having sex with? Yes, incompetent people who don't care about the safety of others. How do you know that army personnel would not have behaved in that way too? Give the Premier a break. Daniel Andrews has done a great job in Victoria. Unfortunately mistakes happen sometimes, no matter how good the intentions are. I wish everyone would stop whingeing and just obey the rules. Yes, it's hard, but it has to be done.

    Posted by Annbee on 05 Feb 2021

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    Agree completely. In the beginning they were unaware of all the scenarios and possibilities of how this virus would behave. They now know for instance to shut down the nursing homes etc. and no staff is to travel between any of the homes. They have learnt from their mistakes albeit some are still occurring but as you say these are individuals behaving selfishly. In all, Australia has so far come through this past year well when you compare us to most of the rest of the world. I don't believe we should be bringing in people from countries over run with the virus and then just lock them up for 14 days and hope all will go well as it has shown it hasn't. I hear they are now thinking of opening up the flights to a number of countries which scares the heck out of me. Let's hope business people do not get in the head of our leaders and convince them to go against health advice all in the name of corporation profits.

    Posted by coaster on 09 Feb 2021

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    Most definitely yes up until then we were living a nearly normal lifestyle so no mater how many it was the right thing to do.Some people were becoming complacent so this has hopefully reminded them that the virus is still out there and mutating.Hopefully everyone will take note.

    Posted by Oz on 05 Feb 2021

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    I would rather have overkill than people dying like the rest of the world is experiencing. I always believe in nipping something in the bud rather than the wait and see scenario. This new variant is nasty and 70% more virulent so coming into contact with a person who has you have a higher risk of getting it. Keeping anyone who has the virus contained and any area they have been in contained is working so everyone should chill and just accept these lockdowns . Victoria now has a case of the new strain and he has been out and about. Caught it apparently from the tennis crew that flew in. My opinion is these people should not be coming at this time until we are all vaccinated and they are also and time to see how it is then being controlled. The hotel quarantine is working but it seems the breakouts are also coming from this so perhaps the quarantine out in the desert in the mining camps is the way to go. In the old days, they had quarantine stations miles from everyone else or with the ships taking so long to get here whatever disease had run it's course but still they had to quarantine to ensure the safety of everyone.

    Posted by coaster on 04 Feb 2021

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    Overall .... YES .......compared to most of the Western World we've all done very well!!! Bid bouquets to most Aussies.....well done all!

    Posted by mact on 03 Feb 2021

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