Do You Think Everyone Should Live Abroad At Least Once In Their Life?

Spending a month or two abroad (or indeed moving somewhere new permanently) will inspire lifelong wanderlust that no amount of passport stamps will ever satisfy. It will also prove to be a life-changing experience, fundamentally different from just visiting a new place for a few days or weeks.

The whole process of adapting to a new place and finding new routines in your new home challenges you in a way that ensures that life will never be the same again. What do you think LiveTribers? Should everyone live abroad at least one in their life?

Posted by on 13 Jul 2021

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    I think everyone should travel as it is a wonderful learning experience and especially seeing sites you learnt about in school. I often watch shows and see where I have walked or sat etc. Unfortunately, my travelling days are over and I did not do enough. I travelled around Australia first which was wonderful then I did across America in my early 40's and in my 60's I did over 25 countries in Europe split over two trips of 6 weeks duration each. Got lost a couple of times in Paris which was fun as the people were lovely and so helpful. I also took a wrong turn in Denver and again people helped and in New Zealand I asked directions and this man walked with me to where I had to go. You can meet terrific people and some I have corresponded with since. If you get the chance, go travelling. It opens your mind and your soul.

    Posted by coaster on 13 Jul 2021

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    Depends on the individual. I've done a lot of travelling but other people I know haven't and they are no better or worse off for this. IMO we should be exploring Australia more and going overseas less. We have a great country that has a lot to offer.

    Posted by ere on 15 Jul 2021

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    I always say check out Oz first and then travel overseas. Yes Australia is beautiful and offers a variety of scenery but that does not mean other countries do not offer beautiful landscapes etc. Australia is my home and I would live nowhere else but if I was younger I would love to live in Paris for 6 months and travel from there if I could. Just a dream now though.

    Posted by coaster on 25 Jul 2021

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    My sentiments too. Most who return from overseas continue to say Australia is still a great place to live and be relatively free! Cheer's Mact

    Posted by mact on 16 Jul 2021

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