Do You Follow The Royal Family?

Netflix series The Crown has reinvigorated interest in the Royal Family and introduced younger audiences to Princess Diana. Decades later, people are still invested in the Windsor’s. LiveTribers, are you a royal watcher? Do you think they still deserve to be in the spotlight? Have you watched The Crown?

Posted by on 02 Dec 2020

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    No no and no!

    Posted by Michelle on 23 Jan 2021

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    Even though I grew up with an Anglophobe mother, I have come to realise that the Royal Family of 2020 is a bit of an anachronism and probably the major benefit to the UK is as a tourist attraction.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 29 Dec 2020

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    Only as a curiosity

    Posted by Fiona on 19 Dec 2020

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    I am extremely interested in our Royal Family. I have watched some episodes of 'The Crown' but with the full knowledge that it is a fictional story, written for television and is very loosely based on fact. It uses our Royal Family as the basis for characters, and real history for some events, but it must be remembered that the majority of it is made up and not true. More notices etc. explaining this need to be attached to avoid having some people think they are hearing and seeing true facts.

    Posted by Tyke on 14 Dec 2020

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    I havent watched The Crown,Im not that interested in the Royal family.

    Posted by Jannette on 12 Dec 2020

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    I love the Crown series, not so much about the Windsors, though the insights have been quite funny. For the way in which history and politics unravel and how they link up. The acting and cinematography is superb. I am not a Royalist but I appreciate excellent theatre.

    Posted by turtle38 on 12 Dec 2020

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    Really, they're just ordinary people (1 head, 2 arms, 2 legs etc)... who live an extraordinary life! Born into privilege and who either appreciate it... or abuse it. I've just a passing interest in the Royal Family, but don't watch The Crown.

    Posted by DebNev78 on 11 Dec 2020

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    We like the Royal family, but no, we haven't watched the series, we rarely watch TV, so it's doubtful we will. We take our hat off to them for all the public appearances and charity work they do, we wouldn't want to be them as they are always in the spotlight and being constantly judged. deserve it or not, they're in the spotlight! Good luck to them!

    Posted by Carollene on 11 Dec 2020

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    I don't follow it. I did however watch an interesting documentary a few nights ago on the royal family and the Nazi involvements. Apparently the Queen Mother was intrigued by facism and they showed a photo of her and her brother-in-law Edward teaching the young Elizabeth to do a Nazi salute.

    Posted by Nanday on 11 Dec 2020

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    pink flamingo

    I haven't watched The Crown because it doesn't interest me. I have lived through many of the events since Diana and to be honest, am bored by it all. I know lots of people are fans of the British royals and of the movie but I'm not a royal watcher at all. But to those that are and like it all, enjoy!

    Posted by pink flamingo on 11 Dec 2020

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    flower lover

    Yes always have, it's interesting to follow them over the year and see the changes in their relationships and what they're up to. The crown Netflix show of course has shown many hidden sides of their characters, even if it's not all completely true

    Posted by flower lover on 11 Dec 2020

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    Fiction to make it more interesting so I am not interested. Would prefer it real as in a doco. Do watch it now and again when there is nothing else to watch!

    Posted by Debbie on 11 Dec 2020

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    only some of them have no interest in the queen at all

    Posted by KATHY on 11 Dec 2020

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    I don't find the Royals relevant today so have no interest in watching

    Posted by tutti_cutie on 11 Dec 2020

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    I am loving The Crown and like how it focuses on world events, not only the dramas of the Royals!

    Posted by kasm on 11 Dec 2020

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    why anyone would want to follow this dysfunctional family is beyond me

    Posted by Acid-Rain on 11 Dec 2020

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    I do not watch The Crown, but I am amazed at how many people think this is history/documentary. It really needs a disclaimer at the beginning and end of the show to state that is is mainly fiction based on SOME real events. Personally I think they should leave the Royals alone and let them get on with their lives and doing the good work that they do.

    Posted by 3jays on 11 Dec 2020

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    Heartly agree with you . There are so many lies printed on a weekly basis in magazines and then people watch the Crown and think it's real. The money which is made from making up stories about the Royal Family must run into the billions.

    Posted by KGF on 11 Dec 2020

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    I don't have pay tv so miss out on a lot of these shows.

    Posted by Dusk2dawn on 11 Dec 2020

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    Never watched The Crown and really have no interest in it - or the royal family for that matter.

    Posted by neenie on 11 Dec 2020

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    I am up to the latest series of the Crown and am not comfortable watching it as I liked Princess Diana even though I did not like other Royal family members. They do however play an important role to the British public from my point of view. Now, I am interested in Or ij nice William. I think Diana would be proud of the man he has become. He is the saving grace of the Royal family today.

    Posted by Ahshara on 11 Dec 2020

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    You would think that with my surname I would have a familial interest in the royal family, but to be honest they bore me witless so I ignore any mention of them and will not bother watching or even talking about the Crown.

    Posted by Windog on 11 Dec 2020

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    I don’t think they deserve the spotlight. I don’t agree with royalty passing down through bloodline. I also haven’t watched The Crown.

    Posted by Lexus on 11 Dec 2020

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    Yes, I love the Crown. Very entertaining show.

    Posted by Jenisweet on 10 Dec 2020

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    Have just started watching and love it. Find it interesting

    Posted by Tracy on 10 Dec 2020

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    I am very much an admirer of the royal Family and am in awe of the hard work they do about which most people have no idea. They just think of them as sitting in a castle and occasionally waving hands as they pass in a limousine. However the Queen puts in an almost 8 hour day as does Charles who has created wonderful opportunities for thousands of people through his Duchy of Cornwall projects and his concern especially for poor youngsters has seen thousands get training and work. Princess Anne never gets acknowledged for the incredible work she does for charities and spends weeks on end visiting remote places in the world ensuring women and children especially get education, healthcare and food. Diana became brilliant at playing the victim and manipulating her staff to keep quiet about her aggressive behaviour towards them, her incredible demands and her own illicit affairs while the Media were informed where and when she would be to take a photo which showed her as she wished to be portrayed - the fairytale Princess or the tragic , lonely victim of the Royal family. She was NOT alone at the Taj Mahal. She often deliberately refused to be with Charles and the others but would set up with her 'favourite " photographers to be at a certain place at a certain time and she directed the shots. How do I know? I was a journalist at the time and covered the royal tour of her and Charles in Australia. I heard so many tales from British colleagues but was not allowed to divulge at that time. I love The Crown and of course much of it is just assumed or even fabricated to make good viewing. None of us were actually there all the time.

    Posted by Eileen on 06 Dec 2020

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    Love the crown and also Victoria on the abc. It's a good way to learn about the history of the royals and their daily lives as well. (not so much about Dianna, she should be left to rest in peace.)

    Posted by lauraineo on 06 Dec 2020

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    Yes I cannot watch The Crown but thoroughly enjoying Victoria on the ABC also. Not sure how accurate it is but good viewing if you take it as a grain of salt

    Posted by coaster on 07 Dec 2020

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    Yes, indeed, I'm a royal watcher ,Princess Diana made a big impact on my young heart and her death debated me but interest in her kids are still the same..

    Posted by Rani on 05 Dec 2020

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    Everyone discusses their wealth and privilegesbut none mention the political system of the UK. The crown is the head of government but has no say in the running of government this is done by the peoples representatives. Who would want a democracy such as the USA where the president can veto bills passed by the peoples representatives and pass legislation of his own choosing. The Queen nor any of the royal family are able to do this.

    Posted by socker on 05 Dec 2020

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    No I do not have cable / pay TV. I think they live a very privileged life but living in a goldfish bowl is the price they pay. The Royals are a historic family of some interest and is great for tourism dollars. A lot of people malign the Royals saying they do nothing for society but this is very wrong. One should look up all the good deeds they do get involved in but that they do not yell about from their castle walls. Of course, their homes, castles etc. are a sign of extreme wealth but I think they bring in much more than what they cost the UK people. At times I feel very sorry for them the way the papers go after them printing trash a lot of the times and when the Royals do get something wrong there is no forgiveness. I think the world would be a bit of a dull place without them in it to be honest and no I am not a royalist.

    Posted by coaster on 05 Dec 2020

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    Not often. Though in my opinion the British Royals are an anachronism one has to admire the resilience of the Queen. Considering her family despite all the privilege and wealth they have all the warts and all foibles of us lowly subjects and are not installed by God....just money and power and ruthless battle wins!

    Posted by mact on 03 Dec 2020

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    The only advantage I can see for the UK to retain the Royal is as a tourist attraction. Just think what could be done for the most needy in that society with some of their wealth. I The many palaces and residences could become very high end hotels. In their defence, I think that the idea of the Royal Family has given the UK a sense of identity for many generations.

    Posted by Mustang6000 on 02 Dec 2020

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    You obviously do not know just how much they do 'silently' for the needy through various charitable organisations they have begun or assist. Charles alone has created and assists thousands through his Duchy of Cornwall organisation. he has saved hundreds of farmers from bankruptcy, has built two whole towns for those who would never otherwise have a home and he has a foundation which ensures impoverished black children are educated. He is now showing Prince William all this and he has begun to take over a lot of this work. So very few people even bother to learn what they do as it is rarely publicised until a documentary like the recent "The Duchy" series was screened about the incredible work and heavy workload they do.

    Posted by Eileen on 06 Dec 2020

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    I believe the monarchy is an outdated institution , the family themselves are very self centred , sickeningly wealthy and do nothing to the worlds plight of famine , dictatorships , homelessness , poverty or enhancing livelihoods of others . The main purpose it would seem is to feed the world's media with gossip , lifestyle , fashion to sell magazines . The media is awash with paltry facts of " What They do not eat " , " What Meghan drives " , " the number of cars the queen has at her disposal " . Le'ts do without them and distribute their collective assets for the good of the people . They have no political influence and one wonders what is it that they do ? Even the US president has to pay for his meals , and he has the button . Perhaps it's pointed in the wrong direction !

    Posted by robert on 02 Dec 2020

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    Multimillionaires who still leech off the public. I'm sick and tired of hearing about what they have done, are doing, and will do. They are a relic of the 18th century and should be treated as such. They serve no useful function.

    Posted by ere on 04 Dec 2020

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