Do You Care About Indigenous Deaths in Custody?

Since George Floyd’s devastating death in the US sparked protests and riots around the world, Aussies have been angry along with everyone else. But many have pointed out that here in Australia there are issues with how our police handle Indigenous Australians in custody. Since 1991, 400 Indigenous Australians have died whilst in police custody and only a couple have ever been investigated. LiveTribers, do you care about Indigenous Australians dying in custody? Do you think there needs to be more investigation into these deaths? What can we do to help this?

Posted by on 05 Jun 2020

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    Yes I do as they have rights just like every other Aussie I'm not a xenophobe as I have many Aboriginal friends so yes I would say their lives do matter when they are in custody and they they happen to pass away whilst that happens we are all human so we all have rights we should all be treated the same way with respect

    Posted by Nicole on 01 Aug 2020

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    I am appalled that the recommendations of The Royal Commission into Aboriginal Deaths in custody have not been fully implemented. What is wrong with us that we allow this situation?

    Posted by mapache on 03 Jul 2020

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    Yes I do care but we all have needs and should be treated the same. Thank you

    Posted by Libby on 29 Jun 2020

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    Suzanne Day

    I'm a little over hearing about how hard the Aboriginal people have it. They get more handouts than any white person I know. We have acknowledged them and continue to acknowledge them and their land at every meeting we go to. When are we going to acknowledge ourselves. Yes, it's very sad about the death of George Floyd but everyone is getting out of hand. Their are deaths of white people in custody as well as blacks. Any death is wrong and should be investigated black or white. We have the same red blood and breathe the same air. Come on people, when are we stopping the handouts to Aboriginal people and treating everyone as equals?

    Posted by Suzanne Day on 19 Jun 2020

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    A Statement by Briggs. I empathise with the presters in the U.S.A. I watched the video of the Police Officer flagrantly killing George Floyd in front of an audience. I empathise with the protesters because Australia has it's own history of Police brutality & Indigenous Deaths in Custody. There have been more than 400 Indigenous Deaths in Custody & not a single Conviction. I empathise with the orotesters because, like America, Australia, was founded on White Supremacy and built it's wealth ion the murder, rape & slavery of it's Indigenous People. Australia parades this idea of a "Lucky Country"; but their Luck, is our dispossession. Their Luck is our Trauma. Their Luck is our Grief. No Justice. No Peace. ype=3&theater

    Posted by Digitz on 14 Jun 2020

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    You need to check your stats I work in the prison system and there are more white deaths in custody and the indigenous incarcerated numbers far outnumber the whites incarcerated, pretty simple really do the crime, do the time, same as everybody else, white, black or brindle. That cop that killed George Floyd deserves the full force of the law, that was one of the most disgusting things I have ever seen however George Floyd has been made out as some sort of hero, he had quite a lengthy violent criminal background, something the media haven't made public but this Murdering Cop has opened up the floodgates for a whole lot of radicals to create havoc and destruction in other countries, including here. I am over the Black Lives Matter, so do whites, every life matters - as far as I am concerned this is just typical of the radicals and indigenous whinging and whining about how tough they have it, they have more benefits and financial assistance and they still want more. What white person gets paid a benefit because their kids go to school, can get into Uni on lower marks, can get paid traineeships etc., etc., if anyone should be shouting discrimination and hard done by it should be us whites.

    Posted by dih on 16 Jun 2020

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    Posted by Shane on 08 Jun 2020

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    Was I the only one that l was taught Australian history in High School in 1962. We read books on Aborigines studied where they lived, We even had to sleep out in a humpy that we made of wood ,leaves ,& bark. Studied what they ate, how they found their tucker, how it was cooked, stored.. The Aborigines were still going walk-abouts then. We were taught about all our explorers, how transportation was decided , who went where

    Posted by joybell on 08 Jun 2020

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    Of course we all have the same color blood or is there something I don't know

    Posted by pinkf on 08 Jun 2020

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    Yes of cause The indigenous in Australia are in the same boat compared to the black community in America. Many to this day get raped, beaten, murdered and etc; in which only a few makes it to the media on the deaths that have occurred within the hands of racist police. It's no different to the case of George Floyd if there are offending police that kill indigenous members within custody then they should do be charged for murder. The police themselves should be treated the same as everyone else regarding to crime.

    Posted by Kelleb on 08 Jun 2020

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    No Australia is a whole different situation. Are you saying that the rapes, violence, incest etc. is perpetrated by the white police. Check your facts. More black police have killed more black people. I agree there is racism everywhere - white against black and black against white. However the hysteria that is occurring is so out of control with banning of names, bringing up things that were spoken or happened years ago. We cannot change history but we can ensure it is heard and not bias one way or the other. The Australian people have handed out billions of dollars to the indigenous and it is being wasted or misused. They have issues with their eyes - channel money directly to that problem and fix it but stop the wishy washy efforts and the stupidity of just chucking money into useless areas. Health first, then education, etc. Start to fix problems one at a time and eventually we shall see a huge difference. Also one needs to check how the black deaths in custody occurred. Were they all in jail, in police cars etc. What did they die of. Natural causes, suicide, or as it seems to be implicated - police brutality. There are some bad police out there as there are bad people in all walks of life but to brand the whole department is a disgrace. These people put their lives on the line daily with domestic violence, murderers, drug users, etc. They deal with the worst of humanity but have become the focal point of these protesters. Perhaps they all need to stand down and I bet people would be screaming for them to return quick smart. Lets show respect for the force and if there is a bad egg then that has to be dealt with . How George Floyd died was horrendous and the policeman should be charged with murder but he should not be put up as some wonderful human being either as this would not be the truth. I can only hope everyone starts to take a deep breath and work towards solutions and not just become part of the problem.

    Posted by coaster on 18 Jun 2020

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    A very emotive and complex subject . Any death in custody is tragic and serious. I grew up fairly poor with basic home life and a single Mum and 4 siblings. But we were taught early that if you break the law there are consequences, if you abuse drugs there will be consequences. So don't break the rules and avoid drug abuse. So what's the real problem??!

    Posted by mact on 07 Jun 2020

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    yes the policeman is a criminal and must pay the penalty, but that does not mean the sympathizers can rampantly behave behave like degenerate scum. change the behaviour of the police/laws. fine all the protestors fo scum behavior as criminals.

    Posted by shrott on 07 Jun 2020

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    Very good point

    Posted by Nathan_xx on 08 Jun 2020

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    Don't let one number get you down.... there's books full of them. And don't just look at deaths in custody; look at their lives - it's a living hell. Too many live in absolute squalor, made much worse by those in 'authority'. You claim they get so much in welfare handouts, but how much actually gets to where it's needed? What can you do to help? I'll tell you where you can start looking, then it's up to you what you're actually going to do about it. The most thorough, on-the-ground reporting ever done on the matter & continues to be done, are the works of John Pilger. You need to see all his documentaries & read all his articles over many years. You should have subscribed to New Matilda long ago if you give a damn. My guess is is that you're too addicted to your 'free' stream of propaganda-ridden mass-media, owned by the world's richest who want you thinking only what they want you to think & see things the way they want you to see them, to even care about small independent investigative journalism media outlets in this country. If you want the truth, many of said deaths have been investigated as far as was allowed & the results never been aired in your convenient media channels so they are conveniently outside of your narrow line of vision. And you are to blame for this - nobody else. Be very careful what you support. You can choose to make the good even better, but you keep choosing to make the evil even worse. So is it any wonder it has all come to this?

    Posted by vegandelight on 06 Jun 2020

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    In the late 1980's I read news for an ABC regional radio station. One story I read remains indelibly imprinted in my mind. As culture dictates I won't identify the names or location. The story started, M--- A------ Q----- aged 24 of the (address) ........ It went onto name a Nurse S----- who lost her registration and job as a result of this death in custody even though it did not occur in the hospital where was the only one on duty. But in a lockup some kilometres distant. Seems she was lowest on the pecking order far below doctors and police. Destruction of both these lives and their families brings me to tears even now as I write, thirty-two years later. The most difficult story I ever read and most devastating for a whole community. It was made so much more so because I knew most of those involved.

    Posted by OpalOne on 06 Jun 2020

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    The human rights commision has available a number of reports about this issue. Reading the statistics regarding lack of or slow medical response (time to call/provide medical assistance) is pretty depressing. It's saddening for me that we are more aware of US deaths in custody, but not of indigenous deaths in custody here. I'm wondering if because the majority of deaths in custody here happen within goal is the reason so little is mentioned? As Maggie K said - no body has been charged... EVER. That is over 430 deaths. No closure for family, no international press coverage, no challenging of events. I agree with more thorough investigations, and that means transparency ... of all involved. But in 1991 the humans right commision presented about 300 recommendations most weren't implemented. Apologies for the length of this. I'm struggling with how we (all Australians) can help with this issue.

    Posted by aliotako on 06 Jun 2020

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    Maggie K

    I certainly do care. there are too many Indigenous Australian who have died in police custody & no one has ever been charged. Maggie K

    Posted by Maggie K on 06 Jun 2020

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    Any death in custody needs a thorough investigation. Black or white. We are all part of the human race.

    Posted by michb on 06 Jun 2020

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    None of Australia or Australians concern. It is a US matter! Australia has its own issues, but you do not see the US sticking thier nose in! Im tired of the US get bad image. I lived in the US for 17 years and became a US citizen. Dual citizenship. Though back here in Au for a few years

    Posted by BuckEyeDuo on 05 Jun 2020

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    Umm yes we are m8 there’s massive riots in every state of Australia

    Posted by Kelleb on 07 Jun 2020

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